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Gay Christians warn of evangelical commissioner’s anti-gay crusade

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Reader comments

  1. Is it possible that this Joel bloke has an unhealthy agenda which, if allowed to run unchecked will, in time, lead to the breaking of every race and gender law that has been created to protect victims of race and homophobic prejudice?If this is so, can we forestall the hate and prejudice he will “overtly or covertly” create by dismissing him from all positions of influence that require honesty and integrity.Or are his sponsors and bigoted friends covertly tarred with the same brush?I think we should be told.Robbie

  2. I think it’s important that we are objective about this. The LGCM report does not tell us anything new about this man’s attitudes to GLBT people, and many of his protestations were made prior to him being appointed as a commissioner. The Pink News article did not make this clear, and it would have been easy to make the assumption that he attempted to frustrate the work of the commission (as indeed I did – I had to read the article twice).Edwards should not have been appointed to the commission. I have emailed them, and copied it to my MP. I certainly wouldn’t co-operate with the EHRC as a citizen. Why should I when some of its member commissioners appears to have views that, if enacted, would be against my interests? Of course, we don’t yet know Edwards’ record as a commissioner; he has yet to be of any real influence within this body.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 21 Jan 2008, 7:37pm

    Clearly Edwards is grossly unfit to be involved in equality issues. Whoever appointed him should be talem to task and Edwards should be demoted or kicked out altogether. His right wing antigay stance is incompatible with the task at hand and it is obvious he is not going to be unbiased because of his strong religious bigotry. If he can’t separate himself from his personal views, then he is unfit to continue as is. He is a detriment to equality.

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