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Huckabee compares gay marriage to bestiality

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Reader comments

  1. elizabeth veldon 18 Jan 2008, 2:36pm

    “I think the radical view is to say that we’re going to change the definition of marriage so that it can mean two men, two women, a man and three women, a man and a child, a man and animal.”—*rolls eyes heavenward*There’s somethng wrong in American politics when a man like this isn’t laughed at and looses his standing in the polls overnight.

  2. Sister Mary Clarence 18 Jan 2008, 3:28pm

    “There’s somethng wrong in American politics when a man like this isn’t laughed at and looses his standing in the polls overnight.”I’m with you right there – what sort of a f**ked up country is he living in.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 18 Jan 2008, 4:02pm

    Huckabee is a christo-fascist, one of the neo-conservatives that have taken over the republican party. The more this man speaks, the more damage to his campaign. He lost the primary election in Michigan this week, an important election for him to win to be taken seriously. Having said that, Romney and McCain both neocons too are not much better. The republican party engenders hatred, intolerance, bigotry, hypocrisy, homophobia, inequality and self-loathing. Its goal is to privatise the military, the police, the media, ban any form of universal health care and give carte blanche to the military industrial complex, prolong the absence of habeus corpus from the legal system and sanction torture. If that’s not fascism, I don’t know what is. Their party is in disarray, they have no viable platform, no cohesion. Any of the three democratic contenders though I don’t much care for them are far better than anything the conservatives have to offer. Edwards would have been my reluctant choice since he is not tied to the corporate conglomerates and has run a cleaner campaign and the only progressive out of the three frontrunners. The uber-progressive and the one I love more than any other is Dennis Kucinich, but nobody is paying attention. He’s a true progressive and the only one who could substantially affect real change in American politics and he’s not afraid to speak the truth.

  4. It’s simple. This country is full of radical mindless religious fanatical morons, you’d be appalled with how many would actually agree with him.

  5. Well what can one say other than point out what a horrendous mess both at home and abroad the half-witted Bush has made and God only knows what this moron would do if he got into the White House.Christo-fascist? ..mmm maybe – Bible-wrapped Nazism more like just as there is now in the Vatican ..”Gott mit uns!”..Google it for images.

  6. William - Dublin 19 Jan 2008, 6:24pm

    If Huckabee compares gay marriage to bestiality, I would be asking the question if he’s been recently diagnosed with dementia or acute head trauma.

  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 19 Jan 2008, 8:34pm

    William, I’d be surprised if Huckabee receives the nomination for the presidency. As for his ridiculous charge that gay marriage can lead to bestiality, then I’d have to ask him, where’s the proof? He needs to ask the governments of Belgium, Canada, Holland, South Africa and Spain to back up his assertion but then none of them would be able to provide any statistics because everybody but Huckabee knows that the results would yield a big fat “zero”. Its classic conservative gay baiting. They do it all the time, people see through it. He’s nothing but a sycophantic, bible thumping bigot, and most of them are found in the conservative party of republicans.

  8. Bill Perdue 20 Jan 2008, 7:23am

    Robert, When you say that “I’d be surprised if Huckabee receives the nomination for the presidency” I agree with you but its way too early to say. The Republicans are having major problems using diversionary ‘wedge’ issues like same sex marriage to hide their reactionary politics behind and that will have a lot to do with who gets nominated and wins in November. Republican attempts to pass anti same sex marriage laws failed in Massachusetts, Arizona, and Oregon and just this week in Indiana and Florida (where Zeke was active in organizing groups fighting against such an attempt). In Canada the Conservatives decided that the better part of valor was to drop their attempt to repeal same sex marriage because it’s supported by a solid majority of voters. In the US the polls are steadily, if slowly swinging our way. If samesex marriage laws are passed in California, New York and New Jersey and if we can get one or two of the anti equality laws overturned they we can say we’ve turned the corner.When you call Huckabee’s pigheaded opposition to samesex marriage using gutter attacks on us “classic conservative gay baiting“, I couldn’t agree more. The problem for conservatives is that their diversionary tactics don’t work as well as they did a few years ago. The US economy is going into a nosedive and the coffins and body bags from Iraq show up every day. People are sick of it.

  9. Bill Perdue 20 Jan 2008, 7:28am

    Do Huckabee, a Republican and Cameron, a Conservative, both obstinately oppose samesex marriage? Yes. Is it because they’re opposed to full equality for GLBT folk? Yes. Are Huckabee and Cameron both pigheadedly opposed to declaring that their nations are an open sanctuary for GLBT asylum seekers, especially brutal antigay counties in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean? Yes. Do they understand that people denied asylum or deported will be murdered? Yes. Does that bother them? No. Is it because they’re antigay? Yes. Do they share their antigay politics with Der Pope and Peter Akinola? Yes. Is it because their politics are driven by the same superstitious, backward view of civil rights and liberties? Yes. Are they all fu**ed up reactionaries? Yes. Are they all enemies of GLBT equality? Yes?

  10. As usual comrade Bill rants about conservatives and Catholics while refusing to address the core reason why gays are persecuted in the Middle East.It’s because of Islam. That’s why gays are persecuted in every Islamic country. It’s why we have imams in the West openly and brazenly calling for our deaths. It’s why there is barely any gay rights movement to speak of in the Islamic world.He’s obvioulsy blind to the Far Left/Radical Islam alliance that has developed in the West over the past few years. Are these people so stupid that they think Ken Livingstone’s chum, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and his ilk, will give a damn for any of their Socialist agenda when the demographics kick in and they can start imposing Sharia in the West?Fortunately, more people are waking up to the fact that bigots who oppose gay marriage are not as big a threat to gays as murderous nutters who want to stone us to death.But Bill, please feel free to go to any Islamic country (rather than the safety of the Capitalist West which you so despise) and admonish them on their gay rights record. Let us know how you get on.

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 20 Jan 2008, 1:52pm

    Bill, yes, I agree with your response to mine. Now that Huckabee has lost South Carolina, I don’t think he’s going anywhere. McCain, the lesser of the two evils will probably receive the nomination, although I think it will be a tight race between him and Romney, but lets face it, the GOP is in disarray. They really have no platform to speak of. They can use wedge issues all they like including marriage equality, its not going to work this time around. The neocons days are numbered and you’re right, things are beginning to swing slowly in our favour. We’ll get there, I think its inevitable. If New Jersey ditches civil unions for marriage, I think at that point we will already be turning the corner. If NY state can seize control of the state senate from conservatives of the ilk of Joe Bruno, then the state stands a good chance of passing Governor Spitzer’s marriage equality legislation. It is however going to be difficult for those states, I believe 27 of them,wherein there are already bans on marriage equality and in some even civil unions to make any significant gains.

  12. elizabeth veldon 20 Jan 2008, 9:38pm

    Bill:Much as I’m not a hudge fan of Camaron I’d have to pint out that he atended the Civil Weading of a Gay friend and was photographed doing so.

  13. Omar Kuddus 20 Jan 2008, 10:02pm

    Luke, but the Home Office states that all Islamic States are safe for LGBT’s as long as they are “descreet”, as they do “have parks” .Islam does forbid homosexuality and sharia law punishment is severe for it as demonstrated daily in Iran, but untill the western governments acknowledge this fact , what is the point in mentioning it. It tanamountly resorts to the same pholisophy and statement by the Iranian President that “we don’t have homosexuals in our counry”.

  14. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Jan 2008, 10:13pm

    According to the House of Commons voting record, David Cameron voting in favour of Civil Partnerships on 12 Oct 2004 and in favour of consequential amendments on 9 Nov 2004.With regard to immigration most of the EU treaties that shape the asylum and refugee policies in this country and the rest of the EU, where actually signed by Conservatives governments. Notable the most recent treaty extending rights of those living in the EU has been signed our government (not David Cameron) has opted out of its responsibilities.Perhaps Bill you could explain why GLBT, in particular, asylum seekers should receive preferential treatment over straight asylum seekers?Equality is about treating people equally (the clue is in the name). Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people face persecution, torture and death around the world. Any claims for asylum wherever they may be should be based solely on the facts of the case. To my knowledge David Cameron has never suggested otherwise.Once again you have attempted to pass off your twisted view of the world as fact.

  15. elizabeth veldon 20 Jan 2008, 11:15pm

    Only one word on the Islam and it’s evils’ rant:What’s it exactly got to do with this story?

  16. Robert, ex-pat Brit 21 Jan 2008, 1:19pm

    Omar, yes, Sharia law does outlaw homosexuality and in many cases it results in execution for anyone caught having sexual relations with another of the same gender. Even if one is perceived to be gay, there are repercussions for that too which include but not limited to incarceration, public flogging and other means of torture and/or reparative therapy to make them straight. Most western governments are aware of this but the majority if not all of them would rather believe the leaders of those countries, even if one in particular states there are no gay people in his country, though he later recanted that statement. In any event, any western government that deports an asylum seeking, gay islamic citizen back to their native country facing possible imprisonment, harassment, torture or execution will be complicit in that person’s punishment and in the case of execution, murder. I find it hard to believe that anyone would risk their life to get out of Iran or anywhere else where they are persecuted to come to the west for asylum and have to prove that they are gay. Since when does an heterosexual have to prove his or her orientation in a similar situation or at any other time in their lives. This IS about homophobia, no question about it.

  17. OMAR KUDDUS 21 Jan 2008, 1:51pm

    The outrage to prove one is “str8” would be humongous.This is Sharia law.Iranian Regime Today! Iran is Paradise …

  18. dudelookslikeachimp 6 Feb 2008, 1:29pm

    What your problem with necrophilia? Pure religious discrimination. Unlike gay sex, necrophilia can never hurt another living person. Gay sex can accidentally transmit VD, etc. In necrophilia the risk is all on the doer.Or are you arguing over what type of PUBLIC sex is most disgusting? In that case only model quality sex might pass. All sodomy or “red dates” or necrophilia is going make some people puke.

  19. Robert, ex-pat Brit 6 Feb 2008, 2:43pm

    dudellookslikeachimp, drink some more koolade! STD’s are overwhelmingly transmitted by straights, you idiot, since there are more of you than us. Who do you think is getting herpes and human papilloma virus? Straights, you dumbass! Go check the statistics at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA.

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