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US gets first black lesbian mayor

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Reader comments

  1. This story should read:US gets first black, OUT lesbian Mayor.or;US gets first black, OPENLY lesbian Mayor.I really wish writers would understand the distiction and the importance of the distinction between FIRST gay/lesbian and first OPENLY/OUT gay/lesbian.Writing the headline and story the way PinkNews did, it is most likely inaccurate.I live in a city in America with a lesbian mayor who is a personal friend of mine. She is not out publicly. Fifteen years from now we may have an out lesbian mayor and the headlines will read “City Gets First Lesbian Mayor” when in fact that will not be the case.

  2. ihateidiots 17 Jan 2008, 7:29pm

    then she doesnt count then does she? hiding in the closetgrow up you idiot

  3. Ryan Haynes 18 Jan 2008, 1:08pm

    Bless she’s ticking the boxes…what next – she breaks her ankle – woohoo – disbaled too!

  4. Carrie Saxon Perry is a black lesbian she was mayor of Hartford 20 yrs ago

  5. I like the current mayor! Why? Cambridge Ma « I See Social Justice 5 Jun 2009, 8:21pm

    […] This slipped passed us, but last week Cambridge, MA voted in it’s first black lesbian mayor, making her the first in the country. The city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has made history after the city council chose Denise Simmons to serve as the first black lesbian mayor in America.Gay political activists in the US praised Ms Simmons’ selection by her fellow city councillors. Her predecessor, Ken Reeves, was also gay and black. […]

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