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Orthodox bishop links homosexuals to paedophiles

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder what this nasty piece work did before perestroika?

  2. lynne bryan 17 Jan 2008, 6:29pm

    this article proves this man is not very well read.because research has proven that there is a great differance between homosexuality and paedophilia. in fact a large percentage of paedophiles,are in the family.shouldnt he be preaching to them.and maybe he could go to the library and learn a little bit about the things that he preaches.

  3. OMAR KUDDUS 17 Jan 2008, 9:51pm

    Doubt that Kirill has ever heard the saying that people in glasshouses should not throw stones.Once the church gets its own house in order, then perhaps they may cast the first one.Being uneducated and ignorant is no excuse to draw the conclusion that Homosexuality links to paedophiles, as statistics prove otherwise, and have for decades.”It vitiates public morality. The task of the Church is to say that sin is sin. Otherwise, the Church is not needed.” The only true thing he said, for no one needs to be told how to live his or her lives.

  4. Another idiot cleric.1. According to govermnent statistics 98% of sexual offences against children are committed by heterosexuals (usually the parents. In other words, gay people, who make up around six per cent of the population, are responsible for only two per cent of sex crimes against children.2. Paedophillia is sex with people who society has decided are too young to give meaningful consent. What two consenting adults do to each other, regardless of their sexuality, is another matter entirely. 3. Religion and morality are two entirely separate matters. One is a fixed position based on ancient literature and the other is based on rational thought and a commonly arrived at consensus based on facts and ever developing knowledge.

  5. quote:”Morality is either absolute or it does not exist. If you excuse homosexuality, why not excuse paedophilia?” he saidwell considering that paedophilla exsists in the straight world as well, if not more. Should we all start considering banning this as well. Hey better stil lets stop shagging full stop.

  6. Bill Perdue 18 Jan 2008, 4:15am

    This bigot, who’s undoubtedly pigheadedly opposed to samesex marriage as well ought to get together with Der Pope and ask Ratsi if it’s true that celibacy makes the church grow fondlers. The catholic clergy are experts about pedophilia and have paid billions in lawsuits for the right to be considered so. The Russian state, whether it’s Tsarist, Stalinist or bureaucratic always strengthens the orthodox cult when it’s time to drum up support for antidemocratic measures. Putin, who is determined to reintroduce dictatorial methods, is doing just that by encouraging the antigay bigotry of figures like bishop Kiril and of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov.

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