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Bisexuality “not a phase” conclude researchers

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  1. Someone did ten years research to show that bisexuality is “not a phase”? As Basil Fawlty once observed: specialist subject, the bleedin’ obvious.

  2. What about monosexist arrogance stupidity? Is that just a phase? Or will Bi people have to endure it to the very last syllable of recorded time?

  3. I’d like to find a bi lady that enjoys her bisexuality and likes a man to be orally bisexual as well… it sure makes a great situation for two people who love sex and enjoy bisexual aspects of their sexual life. I love sharing my bisexual side with a woman.. it’s so satisfying for both of us. Most bisexual couples (m/f) are very happy in their relationship and knowing they both can be honest and open with each other..

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