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Toilet sex carries “expectation of privacy” says ACLU

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 20 Sep 2007, 4:33am

    Craig shouldn’t resign because he likes sex in airport toilets with strangers. However, Craig and all those who oppose full equality, like the policymakers of the Democratic and Republican Party are bigots. Craig’s different but a lot worse; he’s a two-faced homophobic rat. None of them are fit to serve. As his toe tapping saga got feverish and the bigots furious scolding rained down on Craig it produced an unexpected effect. For some in our community it evoked a barely suppressed fear of being branded a faggot, someone who likes unpopular sex, i.e., gay sex. A nervous impulse caused some to join the bigots in denouncing Craig’s cruising and casual sex. Those who criticize him as a deceitful self loathing fake are, if anything, too kind. But those who ever so primly applaud the blue laws he was charged with are wrong. We’re taught, by a steady torrent of negative remarks, sermons, editorials, jibes and bigot jokes to fear being who we are. Homophobia is not really an accurate description of bigots. Except for closet cases they aren’t afraid of gays and gay sex; they hate gays and gay sex. They’re deeply entangled in the ignorance and superstition of catholic, protestant, mormon and muslim cultists who coach them to compulsively hate us. Their illness is vindicated by politicians like Bush and Clinton, who stubbornly refuse to support equality. That empowers their dangerous impulse to punish and then people get beaten and killed. It happens every time bigotry makes headlines. The people Gays who attacked Craig’s sexual habits were instinctively trying to ward off that punishment. That’s understandable given the reach and intensity of the bigots’ hatred and violence, but it doesn’t come to grips with the problem and doesn’t really deflect it from our community.