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Pride London parade to take place in July

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Reader comments

  1. Malcolm Lidbury 11 Jan 2008, 1:12pm

    Where as in Cornwall (UK) the homophobic conduct of Cornwall police has caused the disbandment of the successful 2007 Cornwall gay pride group out of fear of yet further homophobic conduct practises of the Cornwall police force!PRIDE:- Not in Cornwall with a DEEPLY homophobic police force!

  2. OMAR KUDDUS 12 Jan 2008, 5:06pm

    Malcolm. Take them to the cleaners if not only for your sake but for Peter’s too.They deserve everything they get and the offer still stands.

  3. OmarFor the third time I’ll ask you, why now challenged about it do you not care? You have been very keen on a number of ocassions for me to reveal my true identity. Why?The Times October 18, 2006Man has throat slashed in ‘web rage’Police have warned chat-room users not to include personal details after a poster was tracked downBy Fran Yeoman POLICE warned internet users to protect their real identities after a man was convicted yesterday of Britain’s first “web rage” attack. Paul Gibbons, 47, of Bermondsey, southeast London, attacked John Jones with a pickaxe handle and knife, slitting his throat, after tracing Mr Jones to his house after an argument in an online chat room. Gibbons pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to unlawful wounding yesterday in what police said was the first conviction of its kind. The court was told that Mr Jones, 43, had posted personal details about himself online and used his real name when participating in a Yahoo! chatroom dedicated to Islam, where he met Gibbons. These details allowed Gibbons, who has a string of previous convictions for violence and weapons offences, to locate his victim’s home address in Clacton, Essex, using electoral records. Gibbons, who used the username Pastordevil, argued about Muslims and the war on Iraq with Mr Jones through the chatroom. He then accused the father of three of being a paedophile, and told other chat room users of his plans for revenge. Ibitayo Adebayo, for the prosecution, told the court: “There were exchanges of views between the victim and the defendant, which were threatening on both sides. Certainly there was some hostility.” The lawyer said that on Boxing Day last year Mr Jones asked Gibbons “to attend a place near Tower Bridge in order to sort things out. The victim attended with his sister. The defendant did not.” Gibbons, 47, then arrived at Mr Jones’s house on December 28 carrying a pickaxe handle, together with an unnamed accomplice armed with a machete. “The victim was working on his computer,” Mr Adebayo continued. “His two elder children were just outside playing. His wife was taking a bath and the youngest child was asleep. “The victim heard his name being shouted out outside and he heard a knock on the door.” Mr Jones opened the front door carrying a knife for protection, but was soon pushed to the floor. “There was a scuffle on the landing between this defendant and the victim. The victim ended up on the floor and was beaten with the pickaxe handle,” Mr Adebayo said. Mr Jones tried to protect himself with the knife, but Gibbons managed to take it from him and then attacked Mr Jones with his own blade. During the assault, Mr Jones’s throat was cut from his Adam’s apple to his ear, narrowly missing the jugular vein. Mr Adebayo said that Gibbons told him: “Jones, if you carry on, I will f***ing kill you.” Mr Jones’s wife, Deborah Andrews, emerged from the bathroom and called for help, causing Gibbons to flee. Doctors later noted that Mr Jones had further cuts to his head, neck and hands. Police arrested Gibbons on January 11. They also seized the computer from the flat where he lived alone. It then emerged that he had boasted about his violent plans to another chatroom user called Angie, who has never been identified. On December 23 he wrote: “I am a law-abiding person but I’ll make an exception for Jones.” Another message, sent the day before the attack, read: “He’s going to regret it tomorrow. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.” Hours after the assault, Gibbons, who also used the user names Exudes, Devilishness and Pastordevil-tard-killer, logged on again and told Angie: “I had his knife at his throat. He was screaming in fear. He never stood a chance. Jones was freaked.” He later added: “It went perfectly to plan.” After his guilty plea, Gibbons was remanded in custody by Judge Richard Hawkins, QC, to be sentenced on November 7. He has previous convictions dating from 1975, including for assault and carrying weapons. A charge of the attempted murder of Mr Jones and four charges of online threats to kill four other chat room users were left to lie on the file. Sergeant Jean-Marc Bazzoni, who led the investigation for Essex Police, said his advice was: “Never put personal details on the web if you are using chat rooms. It was easy for Gibbons to track the victims down because he built up a picture of personal details they had let slip. And people need to make sure they know what their children are doing when they are on the internet.”I’ve now sought clarification as to whether you are making threats against me and you appear to threaten me with libel in return and suddenly are no longer interested in who I am, after pestering me repeatedly to find out.I think if I am misunderstanding your words the obvious solution is for you to explain exactly what you mean rather than avoiding questions and cutting and pasting text you have googled from the internet.Sister Mary Clarence | 01.06.08 – 11:36 pm | # Please explain what legitimate reason you have for repeatedly asking me for my real identity.

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 13 Jan 2008, 12:19am

    Sorry – omitted name from last posting

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