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Diana witness: Queen disapproved of AIDS work

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Reader comments

  1. Isn’t it about time that we got rid of Betty von Battenburg Saxe Coburg Gotha – to give her her real name – rather than Elizabeth Windsor the false colours under which she sails.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 10 Jan 2008, 5:42pm

    Neville, here, here! Its anachronistic, irrelevant in a supposedly modern 21st century “democracy”. Let them go out and earn a living by getting real jobs instead of sponging off the state. While we’re at it, ditch the House of Lords once and for all and replace it with elected officials, we need more democracy, not less.

  3. A verdict that could have been reached by anyone with a grain of common sense on 1st september 1997, a complete waste of money.Diana Spencer’s was a miserable life, a sacrifice to keep the lineage nice and smooth, and she knew as much as she was being led up the aisle. While that doesn’t take away the fact she was a good woman, the whole sordid, wretched affair highlights the obscenity of hereditary monarchy mixed with celebrity culture, and it’s time we got rid of both.

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