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42-year-old builder guilty of harassing gay teenager

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  1. Curious, this makes me wonder whether the builder doth protesteth a little too much perhaps?Douglas Inskip, or maybe Dorothy perhaps?

  2. World of Twist 9 Jan 2008, 5:30pm

    Hehe my thoughts exactly Roberto,I can just imagine him now on the site,flexing his Homophobic muscles and burnishing his “straight” credentials in front of the Lads. Poor sap cos we know what usually lies underneath all that homopobic crap don’t we people?.Notice how they always go for the perceived weakest,in this case a seventeen year old (my what a big macho man that builder must be). Only this time one of us fought back and good for him.My Blessings to that gay teenager.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 9 Jan 2008, 7:39pm

    Inskip and his ilk are usually insecure about their own sexual orienation so they project their homophobia on the most vulnerable of us. The truly well-adjusted straight male wouldn’t feel threatened by another’s sexual orientation, gay or otherwise. I suspect this man is a deeply closeted gay man who has never accepted who he really is. Anyone can hide behind a marriage and kids, nothing new there. There is a lot of truth in the old addage in regard to people protesting too much. The religious bigots come to mind too, always obsessing over same sex activity and never about their own orientation or inclination.

  4. Malcolm Lidbury 10 Jan 2008, 11:24am

    In Cornwall when a gay man was subjected to verbal homophobic abuse screamed at him in the street rumours spread he had HIV/AIDS (He did not had to get a letter from the GU Clinic to prove it).He complained to Cornwall police.Inspector Bolt of Devon Cornwall police wrote back that (screaming of homophobic abuse spreading rumour a person had HIV/AIDS) was not harrasement.Cornwall Police refused to do anything about the homophobic abuse…as did the IPCC when the complaint was taken to them. Devon Cornwall police:- Probably the MOST homophobic police force in Britain.

  5. It could of course be that our butch builder, “Dorothy” Inskip has a crush on the 17 year old?Nothing worse than a “woman” scorned!


  7. William - Dublin 27 Jan 2008, 10:37am

    Tim, few small pointers:- turning off the button labelled “CAPS LOCK” on your keyboard will help you “write with tiny letters”, and punctuation will allow your threats to whomever they’re aimed at to have more impact and sense of literacy.

  8. OMAR KUDDUS 27 Jan 2008, 2:27pm

    William, I just wish that others would follow your subtle manor of delivering a ton of bricks!It is nice to see that we are, actually sharing our views and opinions, instead of getting at each other, personally. Bill will come round, but has been the subject of rebuttal and personal vendetta, by certain people, for quite a long time and thus still has some pent up anger in him, to vent, and feel that if you look back at comments over the last six months, you can ,see perhaps, why.One also has to understand (and forgive) that in the States, laws though principally similar (which causes the confusion) are different and the actions, consequences and results are not the same as in Europe.Here we are only in this century coming to terms with the understanding and principal of liability and consequence for our actions, either as individuals or institutions and the principal of vicarious responsibility. And that such action, can be challenged, by law, either in civil or criminal courts and thus to be wary of such actions, due to the consequences, that may arise.However in the States, the principal has been common for decades and individuals know the consequences of liability, and so do Cooperation’s who would avoid such situations at any cost.

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 27 Jan 2008, 3:33pm

    Omar, in the United States, LGBT people are far more vocal and proactive when it comes to workplace discrimination and in other areas too such as housing, health care access, adoption rights etc. Most encouraging is that the majority of the Fortune 500 companies are offering benefits, incentives and protections to LGB employees and their partners, unprecedented a decade ago, truly amazing when you consider that there are no civil partnerships in place at the federal (national) level yet, just four states including one that offers marriage. Its quite an achievement and its growing. It has been harder in the U.S. to achieve equality because of the federal system of government where 50 states have their own internal governments and each of them have different laws in some areas, sort of like independent countries within a country. When you have centralised government as we have in England, it is often easier to achieve those goals. In California for instance, domestic partnerships are statewide allowing both hetero and gay couples to form unions with some of the rights of marriage. California by the way passed full marriage legislation for same-sex couples twice, but the conservative Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed both bills.

  10. i think this inskip man should hang his head low and be ashamed of himself my blessings too the 17 year old teenager.i wonder how his wife would feel if someone did the same thing to one of there kids!!! she must be so proud lol!!!!!

  11. what a pink pity every father is proud of there sons. i can just imagine how this father feels knowning what his son is.

  12. thats a sick thing wat you have done should be ashamed of yourself.i do think sometimes i wonder whathis wife fort if some one did it to there kids they are probly proud lol!

  13. Hi im colin dafydd partner
    And were still having problems to date with harrasment abuse woke up thos morning to £5000 car damages
    We dont know what to do any more

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