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Gay hate bill returns to Commons

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Reader comments

  1. “In The Times last month Mathew Parris said that if homophobic insults were to become unlawful, “why should we remain free to sneer, in ways inciting hatred, at a person’s being Welsh, or Irish?”Becauae Matthew, not many people are beaten to death for being Welsh or Irish….

  2. I wonder if the noble baroness would be content if the laws against incitement to hatred on the grounds of race were removed from the statute book?

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 26 Nov 2007, 5:49pm

    apYrs, you’re right. If they don’t want to enact a new hate crimes law, then race and religious affiliation should also be subject to the same action. Why should those two categories receive special protection and not us? Its either all or nothing, fair is fair, all things being equal, but obviously its ok to look the other way and allow incitement to commmit violent acts or murder against someone simply because of their orientation, perceived or otherwise. To many doublestandards if you ask me.

  4. Vauxhalldave 27 Nov 2007, 10:25am

    We will have the obscene situation where those who incite the most homophobic hatred or work tirelessless to maintain and exacerbate a climate of homophobia, disresepct and discrimination (organised religion) are protected in legislation from incitement to hatred but are free to do unto others. The legislation is about protecting individuals by protecting groups they belong to or are precieved to belong to. Gay men and to a lesser degree lesbians suffer ridiculously high rates of verbal and physical abuse. If any group should be protected from incitement to violence or hatred then it should be gay men and lesbians.

  5. quote “For the first time in our history you can have a policeman knocking on your door not for something you have done but for an opinion you have expressed and that should be totally contrary to the British way of life.”Dear stupid misinformed Anne, we have had this for years in this counrty, its called being a racist love. Now all we want is the same afforded to us, respect, safety and adknowledgment.

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