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Christian pastor plans Microsoft takeover

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Reader comments

  1. Even more stupidity from the heads of ignorance themselves…the evangelicals. And people WONDER why I want to leave the US.

  2. It may be paranoia, but they are out to get us.For certain Xians (fundie end), gays (rather more than lesbians) are the sole cause of the fall of western civilisation. While the say “they love us ie the sinner”, some would be equally happy to exterminate us.This is why we have to push for removal of “faith” influence in politics; do something about “faith” schools; scrutinise the activities here and abroad of evangelising Xians; and generally distrust them. The same goes for certain Muslim groups: they too consider us an abomination.We’ve come a lomng way in the West since the 2nd world war: we mustn’t allow ourselves to be swept away just for asking for equality.Sorry: that was a bit of a rant, but I do fear for our children – the boys and girls following us.

  3. This, will have no effect whatsoever on Microsoft Corp, but I am concerned that this is a religious nutcase getting far more exposure than he deserves. Nonetheless, I am more determined to donate to worthy causes such as Richard Dawkins Foundation and Truth Wins Out after reading this.

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