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Erect Jesus statue stirs controversy among Christians

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Reader comments

  1. Can’t wait to see what he does with Mohammed – snigger.

  2. Vauxhalldave 7 Jan 2008, 12:47pm

    MMhmm lends a new interpretation to come eat of my flesh and drink of my blood or am I just obsessed with sex.

  3. Gene Touchet 7 Jan 2008, 1:14pm

    Back at St. Anthony’s Parochial School in Beaumont, Texas, one of the good nuns would tell my class that Jesus was the “perfect human being.” His eyes delivered perfect sight, his nose perfect detection of odor (although she talked about “sense of smell). Later, as a teen aged boy, I wondered how on earth the rest of the body survived the shock of the first nocturnal emission–not to mention subsequent similar experiences.

  4. The most important point surely is not that anyone might or might not be offended by this depiction of Jesus but that the Baltic Centre would not dare to display a similar statue of Mohammad. I’m neither a Christian nor a Muslim – indeed I do not have faith in any God – so I do not care how Jesus is depicted but I am sick and tired of the special privileges afforded to Islam – a ‘religion’ incidentally, which treats gay people far, far worse than any other.

  5. Malcolm Lidbury 7 Jan 2008, 5:52pm

    Good Grief…if that Artist had exhibited in Cornwall(UK), the Cornish police would have been down on him like a ton of bricks.Don’t believe me…then watch this, TODAY’s YOUTUBE video.

  6. David Griff 7 Jan 2008, 8:00pm

    I love him, if Jesus was real then he must have been a sexual being as he was human, beautiful.

  7. I think Koh is just being provocative for the hell of it and insulting to the Christian as he knows there will be a minimal backlash;now if we were in an Islamic country…..He does the Gay cause a big disservice and antagonises people out of hand.

  8. I’m queer and also a Protestant Christian with a strong practicing faith. I think it is outrageous that such a statue can possibly be called ‘art’ and put on display. There is no call for this. What’s the guy obsessed with statues like this for? Mickey Mouse with a hard on? I hope at least Jesus was modelled a big one.If any of this stuff was tried with the Muslim faith, it would never get off the ground. They’d be too scared and there would be complete carnage. I’ve been wanting to stage a production called “Gay Prophet Muhammed – The Musical” but no one will help back this. I wonder why? yet it seems acceptable to attack and offend the Christian faith with no comeback? Maybe Queer Christians should be out there burning effigies in the street and issuing death threats. That would certainly stop these insults and blasphemies.Do us all a favour eMister artist eh? Go back to Hong Kong and stay there. We don’t want your sensationalist smut in Newcastle or anywhere else for that matter.

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