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Christian registrar refuses to perform civil partnerships

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  1. Nobody is forcing her to do them, she can opt out by resigning. Perhaps she could find more suitable employment – washing nun’s knickers or treading grapes for communion wine.

  2. Vauxhalldave 7 Jan 2008, 1:06pm

    Bet she is prepared to marry heterosexuals who do it before marriage or who blaspheme or lie or do a million other things her religious beliefs disaprove of. I’m with Keith get another job making hair shirts or re-tarmacing the road to salvation. I must say that I’ve been to two gay weddings at the Islington Town Hall and the registrars were incredibly professional and even expressed their own humanity joy and happiness in relation to the couples getting married. They were fab. Now that’s a good and professional service.

  3. How sad is that? She doesn’t want to be a part of two peoples happiest day. I hope to God she doesn’t have children that may be gay. The hypocracy of what is deemed ‘christian’ is laughable. Surely she should be sacked for being homophobic?

  4. Gino Meriano 7 Jan 2008, 1:13pm

    I read this article with interest, while i am pro Equality and have worked in fighting for our rightsIn 2005 I did alot of training across the UK for the registration service about the forthcoming Civil Partnership and felt that with such a great team of people within the registration service, Superintendant Registrars should shuffle the work load around to suit the person, which some have done. I knew many people with over 10 years experience resign because of the Civil Partnership, is this fair?Civil Partnerships were never in the orginal job spec so some thoughts and help should go to both parties. Gino Meriano Founder Pink Weddings

  5. quote: Civil Partnerships were never in the orginal job spec so some thoughts and help should go to both parties. No they should not, when you start a career in the civil service, you know that govenment will change and as such you job discription willl change with that. If you dont like that sort of outlook then by all means leave. That is where a person equailty stands on this matter. It does not stand when officals of this counrty , be is civil toilet cleaner of judge can start to decide who they deal with. If a rulling is made in favour of this person , then where will it end? A BNP member with thier own particular axe to grind. NO , if you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Because before you take the job in the first place, look into more. All the clues were there that things could and would change, not only on this but many other policies as well. Its like the police officers that has been in the service 25 years will only put into place and act on laws that were there when they first joined. I say disnmiss this person and employ some one who wants the job and can leave their grips and groans at home.

  6. This women mistakenly believes she is a Christian – in fact,of course she is not.She is merely an old fashioned bigot who has fallen victim to the usual Bible-wrapped faggot-bashing prejudice imported from the United States that is now being peddled also by the Nazi Pope Benedict.How lucky they are that Gay Liberation has never yet resorted to the bomb and the bullet…

  7. David Griff 7 Jan 2008, 8:04pm

    The fact is civil partnerships should have been in place a lot longer than they have been, it’s a basic human right, if a registrar doesn’t like them they can get lost, no other professions would get that kind of freedom, Barristers don’t get to pick and choose their cases, Judges can’t ignore laws they don’t like, registrars should be treated equally and also get no choice, then deal with and stop whining so much about their precious religion.

  8. She is a public servant: in these situations she representents the Registrar General. In no other area of diversity and equality have we allowed bigots let-outs: the LGB community has all these conscience caveats to get passed for equality in jobs services etc.I wonder how she gets on with gay or lesbian colleagues? If she has hte same attitude I think she’s breaching the employment law.There seem to be a number of Xians being to stand up for their right to be bigots vis a vis LGB rights. Do you think the fundies are beginning to organise, or is that a paranoid thought?

  9. I was under the impression that a ‘Civil’ ceremony – or any registry office wedding for that matter had to be ‘GOD’ free……..what on earth is happening when Chritianity is brought into the equation….they can be refusing to marry Muslims and Hindus next.Get a grip Islington Council!

  10. There is only one option for this woman: resignation. An important part of her job involves helping gay and lesbians affirm their relationship, legally, and she clearly despises that, because of her ridiculous beliefs. Whatever the ruling I do not think this woman can be trusted to carry out her job properly. Most importantly, if a registrar can refuse to do her job based on religious beliefs, why shouldn’t a plumber, electrician, a bus driver do the same? In fact why shouldn’t a muslim supermarket employee refuse to sell its customers alcohol? And so on. Civil unions are important for those who either reject ‘God’ or are rejected by those that claim to represent a Supreme Being. So ‘God’ should damn well be kept out of it!It emphasises why we should suspect, not respect, religious beliefs, yet faith schools are sprouting all over the country like a malignant cancer.

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 8 Jan 2008, 3:50pm

    Antler, you’re so right. If these morons can’t understand the civil component of civil marriage and civil partnerships, ergo the absence of any religious reference in either ceremony, the better of she and others like her will be, otherwise, find another job. Why should our tax pounds support her bigotry anyway? Actually, someone else who posted on this site regarding this woman suggested that she should also not perform civil marriages because most straight couples today are having sex and living together long before they marry, among other things that are in conflict with religious beliefs. This is nothing more than a doublestandard, straights are notorious for that even those in government, so its not surprising. In any event, she should resign or be sacked. How would she and others like her react if they were discriminated against because of their religious beliefs that clearly have absolutely no right to be in the workplace?

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