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Barrowman: closeted actors are “just sad”

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Reader comments

  1. BrooklynNellie 7 Jan 2008, 2:07pm

    John Barrowman was turned down for the roll of Will Truman in Will Grace because he was “too straight”. The role was given to hetero actor Eric McCormack.

  2. How much longer is Pink Paper going to persist in referring to people as ‘openly gay’ – it irritates me intensely – surely, if they’re ‘openly gay’ everyone knows – so why mention it.I’ve been ‘out’ all my life and I’m 61 but I do NOT want to be referred to in this way. Everyone who knows me or of me knows I’m gay but presumably Pink Paper would refer to me as the ‘openly gay’ car worker. Come on Pink, get into the 21st century.

  3. Scott Matthewman 8 Jan 2008, 11:38am

    If you read the original interview (instead of relying on skewed extracts that have come via the tabloid press), you’ll see that John does NOT criticise gay stars at all. Rather, what he describes as sad is the situation where people think they need to hide their sexuality in case it affects their employment chances.

  4. “I don’t think sexuality matters at all. I am proving that with what I am doing, as are others, like Graham Norton and Paul O’Grady. “I know people who lie about being gay because they think it will affect their work chances. And that is just sad.”Seems pretty clear to me.

  5. JoeIf you have comments about the Pink Paper then I suggest you visit their website. While as delighted and intrigued as everyone else to read about your personal circumstances, there still exists a situation where people are known to be gay but have not publicly declared their sexuality. Hence the use of the phrase “openly gay.” Please do not link to your Gaydar profile – this is not a dating agency. Tony Grew.

  6. blacknight 8 Jan 2008, 4:09pm

    Such selective editing makes me furious. What he really said is nothing that he’s not been open about before – is this really news!!Guess it get’s peoples reactions though if that’s what you’re looking for *sigh*

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