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Facebook “exposes” bisexual, boozy friends of Bhutto’s son

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Reader comments

  1. Surely there would need to be a lesbian involved somewhere for the two bi women to have a “lesbian relationship”?

  2. Nice to see the “‘Hate’ Mail on Sunday” keeping up the gutter traditions of the daily version.They quickly jump on any hint of homosexuality and parade it forth as investigative journalism. If Bhutto had made a thing of condemning lesbians and gays, while mixing socially with them, that would be one thing, but the lad has only just been thrust into the political arena! It’s also the case, I hope, that people still go to univerity for more than study, but also to learn about being grown up: that includes making friends with nice people.Would the Mail had made this an issue if it hadn’t had the “kinky” sex element? I doubt it; they appeal to and pander to readers who enjoy the frisson of prurient disapproval – while savouring every detail.nasty, nasty, NASTY

  3. He sounds fun…but more to the point the poor boy’s mother has just died and the Mail is dragging up his drinking because it’s against Islamic law…are they an Islamic newspaper…no…so why do they care…oh that’s right there was a same sex relationship involved how awful…bloody Daily Mailists and their racist, puritanical, sexist, homophobic, heterosexist “journalism”.

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 7 Jan 2008, 5:30am

    The hatchet job they did on Kevin Greening on Saturday was also absolutely disgusting.

  5. This story is wrong and out of dateWhy was it included in todays pink news email?

  6. ayesha bukhari 22 Feb 2008, 6:17pm

    its all fake things about him just to make ppl hate him but it doesnt work sorry!

  7. may be these pics r dumb or fake god knows&bilawal knows

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