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Why women and gay men could drive you round the bend

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  1. what absolute rubbish! and based on only 140 volunteers !!! Ha, how rediculous!

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 4 Jan 2008, 3:12pm

    David, it is indeed rubbish and I smell a rat! They should conduct a larger study of entirely straight men to find out what the ratio is between them compared to straight women and gay people. Maybe fewer straight men showed up for the study, who knows? I suspect the study is flawed and the researchers’ mindset biased.

  3. This looks like another boll***s “study” showing how gays are more like women. Absolute crap. Why do they waste money on stupid research like this?!

  4. Rahman has long since been discredited – his past ‘research’ work “proved” there was no such thing as bisexuality a while ago. I would expect better editorial control at PinkNews than to report his findings as if they were real science. Worse still, didn’t he publish this one about two years ago ( attests)? So: probably untrue, hardly news and barely science…

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