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Muslim leaders back Ken for third term as Mayor

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Reader comments

  1. background 3 Jan 2008, 7:02pm

    The wide majority of the signatories on this letter belong to the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK, and are followers of Sheikh Qaradawi.The British Muslim Initiative (BMI) which initiated this letter is operated by the younger generation of the Brotherhood in Britain.

  2. If he’s got the Muslim vote, he’s just lost mine!

  3. Mash, Tory 5 Jan 2008, 10:58am

    Absolutely. The re-election of Ken Livingstone as Mayor of London is in not in the best interest of Muslims, or as a matter of fact, any community in London. The statement penned by certain organisations are not reflective of London’s richly diverse Muslim community. Nor do many of them even know of MCB or any of the other organisations. A reality on the ground. The Mayor’s opinions on Palestine or Iraq is both irrelevant and clearly not related to London. How has Palestine or Iraq contributed to the governance of this city? As a British Muslim myself, forty or so of disgruntled Muslim men and women will have minimal influence in a city of six million. What is even more harrowing is that their Muslim colleagues who have never resided in London support Ken Livingstone. Yet again, their views on London is irrelvant, as they have never lived in London.Henley MP Boris Johnson, the Conservative candidate, correctly pointed out, nor he or Brian Paddick, need to look to “so-called community leaders” with a pinch of salt. The MCB did not endorse the petition, but it seems their individual members were happy to endorse it. Ihtisham Hibatullah from the British Muslim Initiative, told The Guardian:”He supports religious freedom.”So does Boris and Brian Paddick. What is your point? “He’s committed to developing the skills of alienated communities and he’s doing great work on social cohesion. And so is Boris Johnson and Brian Paddick and probably Sian Berry? What is his point? Maybe they should endorse all the candidates. They cited the Mayor’s support for the Palestinian people and opposition to UK policy in Iraq as key reasons to back him. What a bunch of sad twats! One issue people, an issue completely irrelvant to London.

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