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Interview: David Heath on incitement to homophobic hatred

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Reader comments

  1. Stephen Gash 3 Jan 2008, 8:34pm

    Quote: “The one thing I would rule out and our party rules out is an English parliament. “No you rule out two things David, the second being democracy. Never has a party been more misnamed than the “Liberal Democrats”. Illiberal Undemocrats would be closer to the truth.When English people are asked what they want then we will arrive at some political, social and cultural harmony with the rest of the UK and the rest of Europe.Regions are political artifices drawn up to satisfy party political expediency. You say you are a West Countryman, whatever that is. I’ve not heard any sane person describe themself as a North Westerner, North Eastener etc etc.Attitudes like yours David have accelerated calls for English independence, let alone an English Parliament.Will a West Country Assembly ensure no top-up fees for “West Countryers” or cancer drugs, free prescriptions and so on? Devolution has bust up finished the UK and there are plenty of us who are determined to stop people like you busting up and finishing England.The whole devolution project was founded on deceit and dishonesty and the debate on English governence is continued in the same vein by the three largest parties.Let the English people decide via a free and fair referendum, or is that too democratic for you David?

  2. I agree with Stephen Gash. The NE referendum on Prescott’s regional assemblies showed by a whopping 4:1 they weren’t wanted. When will the likes of David Heath comprehend that? An English Parliament is the only solution to the W. Lothian and other issues relating to England’s democratic, financial and cultural deficit resulting from devolution. Heath says an EP will be dominated by London and the SE. A properly constituted EP need no more be so dominated than the Scots Parliament is dominated by their Central Lowland conurbations; Shetlanders and Orcadians would have much more reason to fear the SP than Heath’s west country should fear an EP, which needn’t even be in London, and which could allocate regional funding far more fairly than the UK govt does.

  3. So a vote for the liberal democratsmeans no English Parliament?Are the lib/dums actually challenging the English public to choose between them and England?

  4. Ian Campbell 5 Jan 2008, 10:33am

    David, how you reconcile your suggestion that we should have PR for UK Parliament elections as better reflecting the will of the people with your ruling out an English Parliament? Polls since 2006 have repeatedly produced 60% plus majorities for some form of EP. Moreover, several of your party’s leading members, to name but Ming Campbell and Charles Kennedy, signed the Claim of Right for Scotland, in which they recognised the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of government best suited to their needs. Surely the English nust have exactly the same right? Where do you stand on this?In the 21st century, for any democrat, one would think the Union itself must rest on popular consent. It is not for you, or Gordon Brown or David Cameron to say that the Union is sacrosant and that any extension of democracy that, in your view, might weaken the Union must be ruled out. By all means campaign for the Union as a Unionists but do not tell the people of England (or Scotland, Wales N Ireland) that they are not entitled to change the form of government if they see fit. Othewise you are just an old-fashioned imperialist.

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    […] with David Heath MP, Lib Dem shadow secretary of state for justice, in Pink News – you can read it in full here. Around half of it is devoted to exploring the Lib Dem stance on the proposed new offence of […]

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