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English Cardinal attacks gay people in New Year message

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Reader comments

  1. How dare this ignorant savage blame the LGBT community for drug and alcohol abuse! This is outrageous and borders on the criminal.For a start I (personally) do not take drugs neither do I drink alcohol. I know many who do and many who don’t but certainly no more than a comparitive sample of straights.This wicked man is using the same tricks used by Hitler and the Nazis to demonise the Jews etc. They justified their hatred of Jews by talking of (non existent) conspiracies; spreading disease et.It seems then that this “catholic” is doing the same to justify his hatred against the LGBT community.Frankly he should be totally ashamed of himself for peddling hatred at the most basest of levels!Ignorant savage!

  2. the “Church” in most of its many manafestations is our enemy. There will be good people in holy orders and the laity, but systematically the Church is anti-us.They can quote their bronze-age stories at us until we die of old age: they see these as eternal and immutable. We will never be on the inside track while this remains.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Jan 2008, 1:28pm

    Our own evil piece of home-grown shit should be taken to task. Quite revealing isn’t it that no one takes these bigots to task? They’re all holding their balls because they don’t have the guts to do the right thing. Time for the disestablishment of the church of England and the funding of catholic schools, charities and adoption agencies. Our hard earned pink tax pounds support these institutions of bigotry and hypocrisy. Its time it ended once and for all. They want our financial support, then let them earn it and stop denigrating us and taking cheap swipes at our lives. They need to get their own house of corruption in order before pointing fingers at the rest of us. Evil bastards! They know NOTHING about family or what it means to be a family with or without children. What does he say to straight married couples who can’t have children or don’t want them? Their lives and relationships are less significant than those who do?

  4. World of Twist 2 Jan 2008, 1:40pm

    Is it just me or is there something of the Larry Craig/Pastor Ted about Cormac-McMurphy and Ratzinger?A wide stance taken by both of them here.Whether it’s a personal little psycho-drama they both have (gays a threat to wolrld peace? Gimmme a break here) or something cynical and a lot more sinister this “scape-goating” ploy I think is beginning to back fire.Whenever the non Catholic public are lectured at by the RCC folks just think about kiddy fiddling priests and dogma in aids strewn Africa and dwell on the hypocrisy of it all..

  5. Omar Kuddus 2 Jan 2008, 2:22pm

    I am shore a few Hail Mary’s and confessions and absolution will do the trick, for any wrongdoings or upsets caused.Forget about his stance on homosexuality and equality, god after years as the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales he will need to book the confessional for a few years!!!Pope Ratzinger(the former Hitler youth, ex-Nazi ) who has told the world’s catholic politicians that if they espouse rights for gay people, Artificial birth control, among others they will be in direct conflict with church teaching and may face excommunication, as it too is also against church teaching so one can hardly be surprised in Rome the Pope used the feast day to attack same-sex marriage.Pope Benedict XVI was more direct in his comments, alluding to gay and lesbian marriages and unions as a threat to peace The appointment of Rev Joel Edwards, general director of the Evangelical Alliance, who has been appointed to serve as one of the commissioners on the new Equalities and Human Rights Commission of the newly founded (EHRC) was an indication of things to come and was now in hindsight, swift and predictable.He (Joel Edwards) himself confessed that; “I believe homosexuality is sinful,….. relationships outside marriage are sinful, the gay community must not misrepresent the proportionality of what we call sinful we are not raising the level of the sin and sometimes it sounds that way because people up the stakes on the gay debate.As usual we, the gay community, like sheep will still accept things and keep quite forgetting its not the after life, but how we live and make a difference now that really matters.

  6. In publicly putting us down as being less than and not equal to heterosexual people in this country, Murphy-O’Connor has BROKEN UK LAW! Let’s take him to the cleaners! Let’s do something to have him questioned by the police, and at least cautioned if not bloody well arrested! Come on, Pink News. Can you organise something for us, please? How about a Downing Street website petition against Murphy-O’Connor?Not much we can do about that evil man in Rome.Dai.

  7. Wonderful! A threat to peace? This from the man who welcomed to the Vatican those well-known peace-loving folk, Tony Blair and George W. Bush. This is the man who has also just welcomed the said peace-loving Blair into his church. This is the man who specialises in reviving long-forgotten disputes with other religions. We are a threat to peace? Give me a break!

  8. I have it on authority that the Pope himself may well be Gay and has had a relationship with a man – so I am informed by a Roman Catholic.If it’s true then it says much about his nasty vindictive crusade against the LGBT community!

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Jan 2008, 4:17pm

    Omar and Dai, I totally agree. Ratzinger the “rat” is a hypocrite. Since his church does not believe in equality, then he had no place allowing Blair to be received into his cult, since everything Blair did with regard to equality is against catholic teaching. But then, I suppose Blair confessed all and repented before he was allowed to convert. The hypocrisy is mindboggling.I think we in the UK should and must go after the bigot in Westminster Cathedral and have him prosecuted for incitement to hatred of LGBT people by his words and deeds, ditto for Ratzi the perv. What kind of christians do they call themselves, denigrating and villifying our brothers and sisters. I despise him and all he represents. He is scum.

  10. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Jan 2008, 4:24pm

    World of Twist, I echo your comments. This piece of filth should be booted off the planet altogether and all his followers, the sheep that they are. They’re all suffering from a mental illness, lets face it.

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Jan 2008, 4:35pm

    Roberto, it would not surprise me if he were gay. What can you expect from a religion that believes in a celibate clergy, same-sex religious orders, is it no wonder? Its a religion of oppression and hatred that engenders guilt and self-loathing. Ratzi should begin by looking closer at the sexual antics of his clergy in the Vatican for starters, cardinals, bishops, monsignore, priest philanderers/paedophiles, you name it, some of them living in palaces along the lives of the rich and famous.

  12. OMAR KUDDUS 2 Jan 2008, 5:13pm

    Perhaps someone should remind Cardinal Cormac Murhhy-O’Connors that The Human Rights ACT 1998, (which applies to him under statutory parliamentary law ) which states; 1. Article 5: RIGHT TO LIBERTY AND SECURITY: Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. No one shall be deprived of his liberty.2. Article 8: RIGHT TO RESPECT FOR PRIVATE AND FAMILY LIFE: Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.3. Article 12: RIGHT TO MARRY: Men and women of marriageable age have the right to marry and to found a family, according to the national laws governing the exercise of this right. These are qualified rights as the state is expressly given wide berth to regulate the exercise of the rights. Whilst bearing a superficial resemblance to Article 8, Article 12 is a distinct provision and is of much narrower scope.4. Article 13: RIGHT TO AN EFFECTIVE REMEDY: Everyone whose rights and freedoms as set forth in this Convention are violated shall have an effective remedy before a national authority notwithstanding that the violation has been committed by persons acting in an official capacity.5. Article 15: PROHIBITION ON DISCRIMINATION: The enjoyment of the freedoms set forth in this convention shall be secured without discrimination on any grounds such as sex, ace, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, property, birth or other status.

  13. I’ m surprised that you follow the lead of The Daily Telegraph in reading into the Cardinal’s Pastoral Letter such an attack. As an openly gay Catholic, both in my parish and throughout the Diocese, I heard the Letter read in my local church last Sunday. While I am the first to criticise him when necessary, it was the Cardinal at his most bland, and goodness can he be bland! Expecting some reference to the gay adoption issue,for example, there was nothing! You’ve fallen into the fundamentalist Catholic trap, promoted by so-called Catholic journalists linked to the Telegraph, Catholic Herald, and various right-wing web-blogs. These are the people who attack him and LGBT Catholics for celebrating regular Masses in Soho. Read the actual texts not other newspapers’ headlines!

  14. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Jan 2008, 6:04pm

    Omar, we should all mail a copy of that to O’Connor to remind him that he’s in violation of the law. I don’t want any of my tax pounds going to this bigot and his equally bigoted cult in any way, shape or form. Time to bash back!

  15. For those who (like me) want to make up their own minds the entire statement is here: We do not follow anyone’s lead and I resent the implication that we do.Murphy O’Connor’s comments have been widely reported and are linked with the comments of your Pope on Sunday when addressing a protest in Madrid and on New Years Day and the comments of numerous other RC bishops and archbishops about the family and the “threat” from gay eqaulity. It’s a bit of a theme at the moment.Here are some other news sources who also thought that your Cardinal was talking about gay people. That would be the Cardinal who regards you as intrinsically disordered.”His remarks will be crticised by those who will see them as, in part, a thinly-veiled assault on equality legislation for homosexuals and others, which the Church has rigorously opposed in 2007, claiming that they undermine marriage – a contention rejected as simplistic and one-sided by many others, Christian and otherwise.””LONDON, Jan. 1 (UPI) — England’s senior Roman Catholic leader used his New Year message to criticize the British government’s gay equality laws.” UPI International. I suppose in your version of reality the Telegraph is the source for all these stories too.Tony GrewEditor

  16. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Jan 2008, 6:12pm

    Martin, with respect, the fact of the matter remains that the RC church, formerly my own, has not and never will accept gay and lesbian people as long as they engage in an intimate relationship with another of the same sex. They’ve made it quite clear. They will accept us as worshippers but we are not entitled to receive the sacraments as long as we remain sexually active. The church officially regards our “sexual activity” as being “intrinsically evil”. How could anyone support a church that clearly doesn’t want us? Why would anyone in their right mind go on supporting it while it persisently villifies our lives and tells the world that our lives and whom we love is less than the rest of society? By what authority do they judge us and what do they know about love or what constitutes a family?

  17. Come on Gordon , laws plaese to stop comments like this!!!!!

  18. OMAR KUDDUS 2 Jan 2008, 6:52pm

    Robert, ex-pat Brit, I wish everyone would, but lets face facts, no one but a few of who really care about the welfare of the gay community and don’t like upsetting the institution.People tend to forget or remind bigots that we too pay our taxes and have just as much a right to the protection of the law and that it applies just as much to us, as to the rest of society.But then religion has always been a topic I try and avoid for none really accept us for who we are.No one in this country is exempt from the EUCHR and sometimes need to be reminded of that for if the boot was on the other foot they would be crying for our blood.As I have said before its not how we die and the afterlife, but how we live our lives and make a difference in the worlds now that counts.The “time to bash back” has been long over due.

  19. Regardles of faith, belief and circumstance, surely understanding is the key to unlocking bigotry, hatred and ignorance? Rather than fight and argue over feeling wronged, maybe an attempt at understanding that people act out of only 2 emotions (love and fear), may shed some light on the subject?Talk rather than shout.Question rather than villify.Times are changing. Slowly, maybe, but they ARE changing.xx

  20. As a gay man I have to say that I sadly fit into at least two of the categories to be scowled upon by Cardinal O’Connor.I am drunk now as I type and I am not within a family unit (ie marriage).On the plus side, I am in a very loving relationship with a beautiful person with which I would love to spend the rest of my life. We have no plans to have a Civil Partnership as we don’t feel it necessary to validate our relationship with a legal ceremony.Both of us are only interested in peace between ourselves and the world around us and, yes, we get it wrong sometimes but we always approach each other and resolve our differences – even if this means we agree to disagree.It’s sad to see that this unfortunate gentleman is blinded by the ideal of marriage rather than love. It is all too common a story to hear about the ‘happily’ married couple who endlessly argue and beat each other (not to mention the effect on their children).But I guess to His Holiness this means very little in comparison to having the family unit realised?I suppose it keeps more counsellors and therapists in work, eh?C

  21. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Jan 2008, 5:23am

    “Rather than fight and argue over feeling wronged, maybe an attempt at understanding that people act out of only 2 emotions (love and fear), may shed some light on the subject?”I’m afraid you’ll get nowhere on here with an attitude like that Colin, the only acceptable view on here at the moment it appears is that we are a downtrodden underclass and that the straight world is all out to get us.I’ll be popping down the army surplus store in the morning to get a tin hat. Apparently we’re expecting a siege and all good homosexuals will be manning the barricades.

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