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Pope addresses ‘family’ rally in Madrid

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Reader comments

  1. William - Dublin 31 Dec 2007, 4:08pm

    I love the pope’s expression “privileged environment”. Just sums it up his bigotry nicely: one rule for the some that he thinks are “privileged”, but not for all.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Jan 2008, 7:32pm

    This evil, former nazi called Ratzinger, who is he to make pronouncements on “family”? What does any catholic priest know about family since they shirk traditional family by having to remain celibate and hiding behind a collar that at one time was the perfect ruse to hide your sexual orientation while indulging in sins of the flesh with other males as they were once called. What a f–king hypocrite. He should clean out his own house of filth and scum starting with the high ranking prelates within his clergy, the paedophile supporters and philanderers, never mind the witch hunts in the seminaries. A fish rots from the head down, about time he went after his cardinals and bishops instead of using seminarians as the scapegoats, evil piece of shit that he is.

  3. Once a Nazi always a Nazi!Seems the catholic church is using the same tricks learned by the Nazis to demonise and condemn Jews against the LGBT community.I lose count of the sheer number of Gay clergy I know, have met or remember from the past. Priests and Bishops – they’re all at it.

  4. Homophobic statements decoded:”It is not part of God’s plan.” – You should not exist.”Just don’t flame so much” – This means shut up before we kill you.”Gay rights are special rights” – The right not to be hit with a shovel and left tied to a fence.”If you don’t like it here, just go to San Francisco” – We want to get rid of you.And the Pope’s latest: “The traditional family is the basis of peace in the world” We will move against anything that disturbs us. If there is violence, so be it.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 3 Jan 2008, 12:45pm

    Kudos, bravo to the wonderful, handsome Prime Minister Zapatero of Spain for taking on the Catholic church and the rest of their bigoted followers. About time Gordon Brown and David Cameron did the same with Rowan Williams and the other piece of shit, O’Connor of Westminster Cathedral. Stand up Brown and Cameron, each of you should grow a pair of balls and spell it out for them, spineless bunch of cowards.

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 3 Jan 2008, 12:54pm

    Equality California’s website link is as follows: However, I see no link to who the staff are, so I’ll just wait and see if they respond to my email requesting confirmation of Tomas K. I’m not hopeful it will yield anything.

  7. Bill Perdue 4 Jan 2008, 12:03am

    Robert, ex-pat Brit On the Equality California home page, on the left and under the EQCA logo is a drop box. The first item there is “About EQLA” and holding you cursor there will bring up another series of boxes on the right and the fifth one down is locations and staff.They are being kept fully informed of the illegal use of their name in pinknews forums.

  8. The protestors just don’t get it. They’re not marching because their rights are being in any way threatened – that might be a legitimate reason – but quite simply because their primitive beliefs mean they don’t like what they see. Well tought shit: it’s not about what you like, it’s about what’s fair and just. Gay marriage etc. in no way ‘threatens’ straight marriage (it hardly needs help from us to fail…) and it doens’t affect the conservatives’ lives either way, but they’re still stuck in some medieval mindset that says their prejudices ought to be pandered to because they’ve slapped a Jesus-sticker on them.”The Pope told the crowd that the family is “based on the unbreakable union of man and woman and represents the privileged environment where human life is welcomed and protected from the beginning to its natural end.” “Nothing like that old Papal bastard for making empty, baseless assertions without no thought or intelligence behind them eh?

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