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‘Jesus is a fag’ controversy raised in House of Commons

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Reader comments

  1. World of Twist 31 Dec 2007, 8:27pm

    So now the boot is on the other foot, for a while now Christian ‘phobes have bleated about their loss of freedom of speech well basically their right to say inflammatory and derogatory thinhs about gay people, now we will have the very same people (more than likely ) whining about people being allowed to express opinions however unpalatable about them.Cue yet another bucket load of hypocrisy from the usual suspects.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 31 Dec 2007, 9:16pm

    World of Twist, the christo fascists have the monopology on hypocrisy and bigotry, they more or less invented it and developed it into a fine art. They think they have the moral authority and superiority over us but now we’re fighting back. They’re days are numbered and they know it. If I had it in my power, all religion would be abolished. Its mostly about cultism, brainwashing, crowd and mind control, power and money. Its as corrupt as most governments and corporate conglomerates. They contribute nothing to society. The RC church for example forbids the distribution of condoms by its missionaries in Sub-sahara Africa and elsehwere to slowdown the HIV pandemic; forbids birth control because its numbers are dwindling fast and they have the gall to ask the public to make donations to catholic charities when the Vatican has a vast amount of real estate, stocks, bonds, options, and one of the greatest art collections in the world that if it were truly christian, would do as their follower admonished…to sell everything and give to the poor. Its disgusting! We are just a distraction from the real problems going on in the world, the last scapegoat to blame for the world’s ills.

  3. non believer here , hates the one sided outlook that the church has towards us. But has always considered that two wrongs dont make a right. Lowered standards never work as a point of argument. I dont argree with the use of this placard at all.

  4. World of Twist 1 Jan 2008, 2:31am

    Well said Robert ExP,I think it is interesting that the Church is more and more being called on it’s scapegoating of gay people from within the Church and without. About time. You can some of the people….Ratzinger is just pure evil, I didnt think much of the Polish one. Dogma over humanity everytime with these guys.

  5. World of Twist 1 Jan 2008, 2:33am

    Sorry that should say some of the people ,some of the time…etc.One too many sherries this evening.,,hicHappy new year everyone.don’t let these bastards grind us down.

  6. paul richard rowlatt 1 Nov 2008, 2:23am

    These politicians and religious people have to understand that Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland are modern countries inside europe.If I believed in god I would thank him for living in the 21st century in a free western country where the religious nuts have no right to tell others what to do.
    Henry the v111th didnt go far enough.We need religion confined to churches mosques and temples and homes and a few outdoor festivals .Let em go and help the needy at STOP MESSING IN OUR PRIVATE LIVES!

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