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Huckabee says gay people chose their own behaviour

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  1. Acquafortis 30 Dec 2007, 8:32pm

    Well I think Huckabee should meet Senator Paolo Binetti. She equates homosexuality as “an aberrant, unnatural and sinful lifestyle”.

  2. Acquafortis 30 Dec 2007, 8:34pm

    Sorry her name is Paola Binetti!

  3. havent we all just had enough of these ill inform ingnorant a***holes

  4. they are dangerousthey may get powerthey are a threat to us or ours.I would gladly take a spade to them – they would gladly fire the ovens up for us. And don’t be fooled by emollient statements. These are our enemies: they hate us; they don’t want us except for what we can give them(eg Alan Turing); if they can remove us they will.I live in fear as to what a fundie president will do to the US and its relationships: it will at least be more difficult to visit there

  5. as all fundies, he labels homosexuality as a choice. He also excludes us from marriage (the Xian sacrament to enable and legitimise even secular marriages (by some remote blessing!!)we’re sinners because we have sex outside marriage: we’re gay so we can’t marry. Soour option- unlike staights- is celibacy. Fuck that

  6. Bill Perdue 31 Dec 2007, 4:44am

    The Democrats presidential clown car is full of slick, slicker and slickest versions of the usual suspects. They’ve all cemented their connections to big business, lack the courage or the ability to end the war and they all pander to bigots. The conservative Republican clown car is different; its occupants are sick, sicker and sickest. Sickest of all is Giuliani, connected not just to big business but to more ominous types through his gangster friends. John McCain, who is panting to pay back the Vietnamese by murdering Iraqis falls into the ‘Sicker’ category. John McCain was shot down over Vietnam and handled roughly by them, He’s the only Republican candidate who opposes torture. Huckabee is somewhere between sicker and sickest. An article by Matt Taibbi, a writer for Rolling Stone, describes Huckabee as representing “… a marriage of Christian fundamentalism with economic populism. Rather than employing the patented Bush-Rove tactic of using abortion and gay rights to hoodwink low-income Christians into supporting patrician, pro-corporate policies, Huckabee is a bigger-government Republican who emphasizes prison reform and poverty relief. In the world of GOP politics, he represents something entirely new — a cross between John Edwards and Jerry Falwell, an ordained Southern Baptist preacher who actually seems to give a shit about the working poor.” Taibbi is wrong about the last part –Huckabee cares about their votes, not them. Politicians like Huckabee abounded in the 1930’s depression era and were a sign that politics were being realigned along the lines of class against class and profoundly shaken up. Today we’re in the very early stages of a similar development. In the depression Democrats Father Coughlin and Huey Long both combined religious superstition and populist demagoguery and attracted large followings. They were budding fascists, One of Huckabee’s worst taints is shared with Hillary Clinton – both are deeply religious, i.e., irrational and superstitious. Matt Taibbi again. “He believes the Earth may be only 6,000 years old, angrily rejects the evidence that human beings evolved from ‘primates’ and thinks America wouldn’t need so much Mexican labor if we allowed every aborted fetus to grow up and enter the workforce. This God stuff isn’t just talk with Huck. One of his first acts as governor was to block Medicaid from funding an abortion for a mentally retarded teenager who had been raped by her stepfather — an act in direct violation of federal law, which requires states to pay for abortions in cases of rape. “The state didn’t fund a single such abortion while Huckabee was governor,” says Dr. William Harrison of the Fayetteville Women’s Clinic. “Zero.”Huckabee, a southern baptist, worked for gay basing evangelist James Robison who claims that ‘gays seduce and kill children’. He supports the FairTax plan which would abolish progressive income taxes and replace them by a very regressive 23% federal sales taxes. The rich would get much, much richer and the poor would get poorer. Rightwing populists like Huckabee are not yet able to moung a force that could overthrow the Constitution and establish a rightist theocracy. However, any number of uncontrollable events could send the US economy and our standards of living into a steep nosedive. That and the economic and human costs of losing in the Middle East are potent destabilizing factors. What we can say is that sometime during the next administration American political life will begin to shift and buckle in earnest. By that time the GLBT communities will have to have an independent political voice and a party in place to prevent an out of control rightward shift. Right now both those requirements can be met if GLBT folk join and build the labor union founded and funded US Labor Party.

  7. Tomas K Equality California 31 Dec 2007, 11:51am

    Folks, thanks you for accepting and reading my previous posting. Some of us in the mainstream gay organisation have agreed together to make an concerted effort in exposing Bill where ever we go, and I thank you for allowing me the time to set the record straight on this person.Like other gay support organisations, we have suffered a focused, vicious and sustained attack by Bill over the last few months on many gay internet sites. The reason for this is that we would not distribute Bill’s communist organisation’s agenda. As we are not affiliated with any one political group, we would not distribute the political aims of one party or, in this case, one person. After that incident, we were accused of being “conservative homosexuals with fundie bedfellows”.I have changed my name (I’ve used my middle name, Tomas), but I do work for the Equality California Organisation. The reason I have had to change my name on these sites, is due to the personal witch-hunts by Bill Perdue against some members of the gay support network who have opposed his political agenda in the past.Certain people in my organisation, and other support groups in California, have been targeted and accused of being paedophiles, “boy-abusers”, and “conservative donkeys” by Bill Perdue. These vicious kind of statements and slur campaigns are normally associated with right wing evangelicals, not by someone who claims to support gay rights like Bill Perdue.Please do not support or engage with Bill. By supporting people like Bill Perdue, you support people who attack the very support groups we have all worked so hard to put together. RainbowRed is not a gay rights organisation, its a one man political adenda group who’s aims is to slur all opinion that opposes its sole member and founder, Bill Perdue.Equality and gay rights are not the domain of one selfish and despotic man, its a fight that belongs to all of us.Regards,Tomas K,Equality California

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 31 Dec 2007, 2:53pm

    Thank you for the information Tomas it reinforces what a number of us have been thinking for a while anyway. I hope you’re shot of him now, and I hope we will be soon.Cheers

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 31 Dec 2007, 6:12pm

    Huckabee and all the other pieces of christo-fascist shit in the republican and democratic party are what’s wrong with America. For a country that professes a separation of church and state in its consitution makes one wonder why the dumbest electorate in western history could go on supporting these clowns and insist that religion is a litmus test for candidate to run for the highest office in the land. I know of no other country that does this in the western hemisphere. I have no objection to what people believe in, but don’t ram it down my throat and leave it out of the political process altogether while keeping it in the privacy of your own home where it belongs, not in the public arena where it has never belonged. I’m sick and tired of them all. As for the Church of England, about time we in Britain pushed for the abolition of state religion once and for all. Its an anachronistic, undemocratic institution that has no relevance and is in decline anyway. The sooner we get rid of it the better. Who are they to say who gets rights and who doesn’t? F-ck that and f-ck them too, excessively!

  10. William - Dublin 1 Jan 2008, 1:33pm

    Tomas, thanks for your comments on Bill Perdue. To be honest, I’m not surprised. Most of us suspected him to be unbalanced. His tirade is more about repression of free speech than gay rights, and I’m glad you folks in the US have made some moves to combat this kind of lunatic extremism in our own ranks. Gay rights doesn’t need or want the likes of Bill Perdue and his May Day Parades.And to Robert, I totally agree. Why do religious types miss the irony of ramming their doctrine down everyone’s throat, but get upset when someone else disagrees with them? Personally, I think people who are “deeply” religious are compensating for a weakness in personality, and in order to validate their choices, they are only happy when others agree with them even if that means forcing others to believe what they do.

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Jan 2008, 2:15pm

    William, thank you. Actually, these religious bigots are all part of the monkey-see, monkey do syndrome, all a bunch of sheep. Its part of the herding mentality much like the electorate in the U.S. They can’t think for themselves and come to any logical or rational decision about anything. Religion is the refuge for the desperate when everything else in their lives fail but they end up as empty shells anyway. Religious fanaticism is borne out of desperation, something that has gone wrong in a person’s life. It usually finds fertile ground in poverty and lack of education. These are very seriously damaged people and they are to be pitied.It would be interesting to see how believers would react if Rowan Williams and the Pope tomorrow did an about turn and accepted same-sex equality, they’d all have their knickers in a twist for sure, but I think they’d all cave-in and reverse their hypocrisy. It would prove the point though, nothing more than a bunch of sheep.

  12. Tomas sums it up: ignore the destoyers either in or outside our LGBT community. That goes for the religious fundies, people like Bill who is now exposed to have a track record, and indeed anyone else who tries to take over a discussion.We all have views, that, when stated properly, have the right to be aired. Personal abuse, thread hijacking, and destructiveness don’t help advance debate. Admittedly there will be times when an individual loses it. However when someone systematically tries to undermine things, then they don’t belong here.To all a happy new year, and let’s hope things continue to get better for us.

  13. William - Dublin 1 Jan 2008, 2:44pm

    Well said apYrs.

  14. Bill Perdue 2 Jan 2008, 5:03pm

    Huckabee, like other conservatives is opposed to samesex marriage and takes a hard line against The Iraqi struggle to expel the oil pirates. The disgraceful and frantic tactics of the troy trolls who infest the pinknews site just keep rolling on. After abusive and insulting remarks addressed to Malcolm Tidbury, Shawn of Canada, Zeke, Roberexpat, MarcoMilano , myself and many others now Omar is getting the troll treatment. See . Pay particular attention to how Sister Mary Clarence, aka Mother Superior raises false charges against asylum seekers, parroting the racist Conservative Party line that Middle Easterners are a ‘threat’ to English soldiers. Mother Superior wants to divert attention from the fact it’s only because of the presence of English soldiers in Iraq that they’re getting shot and killed by Iraqi patriots. When they withdraw the killing will stop. They’re infuriated with Omar because he ‘dares’, in spite of the threats of Mother Superior, to join the vast majority of honest gay activists who demand samesex marriage. The only ones who oppose it are the pathetic few ‘homosexual’ Conservatives and Republicans who want to fit in so badly they’d betray the rest of us. They’re particularly angry with him because he dares to fight back against the bureaucratic homophobia and islamophobia of the Home Office. Omar’s legal interventions have been very effective in exposing the antigay and racially motivated maneuvers of various agencies. He managed to get the courts to strip away their ability to hide the facts. Most of us wish him and his partner the best of luck but these Tory trolls seem intent on supporting the laws that would deport Iranian gay folk to their deaths. They can deny it all they want but the fact is that gay and lesbians sent back will be murdered by the Ayatollahs government. Mother Superior argues for the islamophobic and antigay exclusionary rules of the Home Office. So do other Conservatives like Ron Paul, Luke and the islamophobes at the Policy Exchange? The Policy Exchange along with the BNP is responsible for emboldening the skinhead thugs who murder and beat non-Europeans according to Seumas Milne at the Guardian. You can read all about it at What are these Conservative homosexuals up to? The Tory trolls want a base to organize gay support for themselves in the next general elections. Obviously they’ll never get it from honest GLBT groups because of their history of gay bashing, i.e., Section 28. Zeke pointed out that Sister Mary Clarence, aka Mother Superior began posting just as a campaign of Conservative Party ads ran in pinknews . He and others have pointed out that when Sister Mary Clarence runs out of supporters he just posts under new names, like steve, William or Wsilliam, and now Tomas. Tomas is another fictional person; ‘he’ has no connection with California Equality or the truth. Like other fictional posters the Tomas persona has the job of spreading conservative disinformation. More below about the mysterious and now frightened Tomas. Anyone who supports samesex marriage, opposes police misconduct, defends asylum seekers, opposes racist islamophobia or complains about the gays bashers in the Conservative Party gets the ‘treatment’.The good news is that these troy trolls are self isolating. They’ve been exposed time and time again as handpuppets of the Conservative bigots at the Policy Exchange, who are in turn tutored in misinformation tactics by the US Republicans. None of us are going to give up on the fight for equality; We’ll continue to support samesex marriage, complain about police abuse, condemn harassment in schools and violence when it occurs. And we’ll continue to do what we can to protect our brothers and sisters in places where they lives are endangered by bigots and those who arm and train them. In the meantime don’t worry about the Tory trolls. These self loathing types who want more than anything to bury themselves in cozy little closets. Be patient. For anyone who wants to get in touch with the real Equality California you can send them a message or a question at or write them at:California Equality, Capitol Office: 1127 11th St. Suite 208Sacramento, CA 95814or call them at 916.554.7681or fax then at 916.442.4616 And be sure to include a contribution if you can. Like all honest GLBT groups they’re for samesex marriage, oppose racism and don’t get along with the Republicans or their Conservative lapdogs. Oh and don’t forget to ask if Tomas K. is real.

  15. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Jan 2008, 6:00pm

    Bill, I just emailed EQCA to find out who Tomas is. If I receive a response, I will post it here for all to read. Thank you.

  16. Comrade Bill is now using “we” in his bring-on-the-revolution rants. Is this:1) A reference to the Royal “We”. Could Bill have blue blood? (and not just because he can’t afford central heating)2) Another desperate attempt to convince everyone there is more than one member of his Communist club?3) Caused by his eyes seeing double in the mirror after overdosing on $1.99 a litre Proletariat Vodka?I see you’re still referring to the Grauniad while shrieking “Islamophobe” at anyone who objects to the mad mullahs wanting us dead. The same paper that was stupid enough to employ a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, an extremeist islamist organisation that openly advocates killing gays.Never mind Bill, I’m sure the Ayatollah of killthequeersistan will be very sympathetic that your Republican civil union/marriage certificate is not quite the right shade of pink. Well sympathetic until he realises he has the power to chuck you off the highest building in town, or stone you to death in which case it’s bye-bye-Bill.Incidentally, Bill, you say that Sister Mary has 4 other aliases, but don’t mention me as one of them! Did you just forget or have you realised we’re not the same poster?I really can’t be bothered taking too much issue with the idiotic points you just posted. But just to highlight one, I think everyone is well aware of the barbaric treatement of gay people in the islamic paradise of Iran. No one is “denying” gays are murdered there. Go on, call me an islamophobe again, you know you want to.I think we’ve lost count of the number of posters who’ve seen through you Bill. Is it 5 or 6 now? Do let us know if you think I’m the same as Sister Mary or William is also apYrs; it helps clarify things.Anyway, I’d better go and put the finishing touches on my latest dastardly plan to thwart the marxist revolution.Lots of love

  17. William - Dublin 2 Jan 2008, 7:47pm

    “And be sure to include a contribution if you can.”Right, Bill. And you are terrorising people lie Tomas K and calling the members of Equality California paedophiles again because….?Please, you’ve been exposed as a charlatan, a fraud and an enemy of gay rights, don’t try this crap with us.

  18. William - Dublin 2 Jan 2008, 7:50pm

    “Bill, I just emailed EQCA to find out who Tomas is. If I receive a response, I will post it here for all to read. Thank you.”Robert, Tomas mentioned that he used his middle name, because Bill has been witch hunting his organisation for not promoting communist manifesto. I doubt you’ll get a response that will prove or disprove Tomas’ existance. However, given the appalling bullying that Bill does here, his unbalanced point of views, I for one am more included to believe the more articulate Tomas than the offensive Bill.

  19. Anonymous 2 Jan 2008, 8:01pm

    William, we’ll see what EQCA tell us if at all. Who knows, maybe Tomas is not his real name though if it is, why would he want to keep it bogus if he truly works or is connected with that organisation or a representative thereof? It will be interesting to see what ensues from my email to them. In any event, it would be up to the editor of that website to respond on Pink News’ website don’t you think? Most American companies don’t divulge the identity of employees in certain circumstances so I’d be very surprised if they make an exception.

  20. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Jan 2008, 8:13pm

    William, that previous posting about ECQA from “anon” is me, I forgot to include my name, sorry for that.

  21. Bill Perdue 2 Jan 2008, 10:11pm

    Tomas mysteriously showed up when the Tory trolls had definitively lost the debates about equality and same sex marriage. Their attempts to smear people, i.e. marcomilano and shawn of Canada didn’t work and more and more people expressed their support for GLBT equality and against the second class citizenship inherent in civil unions. The ‘Tomas’ persona made several accusations, the worst of which was ‘poverty’; poverty is only a ‘crime’ to a bloated Tory pig. In the first posting by Mother Superior writing as ‘Tomas’ the accusations were that I was mean. No mention was made of threats dire enough to cause ‘Tomas’ to go underground. That ‘explanation’ came after it became apparent that Mother Superior had been too lazy to actually examine the Equality California site – her story and the ‘Tomas’ persona were exposed as lies and died as soon as it was became clear that Tomas was a forgery. The sudden emergence of repressed memories of terrorist threats won’t bring poor ‘Tomas’ back. If you remember, it’s been said several times that Mother Superior was fired by Labour for being, well, the word is dense. Now we know why. None of us are going to give up on the fight for equality. And until we win the struggles for equality don’t worry about the Tory trolls. These self loathing types want more than anything to bury themselves in cozy little closets. Be patient while they inter themselves. And for the story on their tactics, from English sites that specialize in the unwelcome task of examining Tory slime trails, please link to Robert, ex-pat Brit – as a public agency, Equality California probably has to publish the names of its staff. The ‘Let California Ring’ units refer to wedding rings. Unlike Tory trolls, most Republicans and many Democrats Equality California supports GLBT equality 100%. And operating in the most diverse state in the Union they oppose racism, including the virulent islamophobia so typical of Tories. The staff can be found on the left, naturally, under the EQ CA logo in the first drop box under ‘locations and staff.’

  22. OMAR KUDDUS 2 Jan 2008, 10:46pm

    Thank you for Contacting Us.We will respond to your inquiry quickly.Below is a copy of your message:Your name: omar kuddus Your email address: Your comments: Dear Sir, Could you please inform or confirm that you have an employee called Thomas K who keeps coming up on the UK website claiming to represent yourselves and be employed by your organisation. Your assistance would be much appreciated.

  23. William - Dublin 2 Jan 2008, 11:24pm

    Hi Robert, well, lets see what comes back either way. To be honest, I have done a little research myself but I can only find fleeting references to this “Rainbow Red” Organisation. It does indeed seem to be a VERY small organisation, no website, and only referenced on many US blogs. And, yes, I have seen first hand myself the bulling tactics Bill used here on other people who have expressed an opinion.Personally, no matter what comes back from email, it wont stop our friend Bill bullying people on this site. Sister Mary seem to be the main focus of his paranoid attacks, anyone who does not agree with Bill seems to be Sister Mary. I find that disturbing in itself. Sister Mary, as well as EVERYONE here, is entitled to an opinion without having their country or race attacked.Basically, I find Bill to be an ignorant bully, with nothing of consequence to say. I find his raciest attacks on Ireland and your home country, England, to be ill-informed and very ignorant…especially as this chap has neither the intelligence or the money to visit these countries to see for himself what’s going on. Any free thinking European would be deeply offended by Bill’s irrational hate of England.And OMAR KUDDUS, I find your support of Bill to be somewhat disturbing, given you are quick to point out YOU are being victimised. How can you justify supporting a racist and someone with communist political ideals when those ideals have nearly destroyed many of our LGBT brothers/sisters in communist oppressed countries? Do you think you’d fare better as a homosexual under Stalin or Pol Pot? I doubt it. You should be careful in resolving your difficulties not to be blinded by those who claim to support you…. accepting the backing of racists does not shine a favourable light on your plight.Either way, Robert, I am beyond caring, and I for one will believe what Tomas (or what ever his real name is) says about Bill because I can find no reason to doubt it and a lot to support what he says. Bill is no better than the conservatives he claims to be our enemy, and I abhor his abusive rhetoric. Racist fools like Bill are an affront to all liberty and freedoms, has no place here when we are fighting for our rights, and never deserve to be let away with what they do.

  24. Sister Mary Clarence 3 Jan 2008, 12:00am

    I see he’s managed to draw us all in again.I can’t help but feel we are going over old ground here.I’m afraid though Bill has seen through my tissue of lies and deceit. Bill, you’re right, I am everyone else on this site. Its only you and me that us it, the rest are just a figment of my fertile imagination.Like you I have nothing whatsoever to do but fiddle with myself while watching porn on the internet and post inane ravings on here, and to be frank, I’m usually touching myself while I’m doing that as well. The day you tripped over this site was like a gift from the God’s for me. I’ve actually been posting on here for years using a host of different names, just endlessly arguing with myself, going round and round and round, arguing, touching myself, arguing, touching myself – an endless cycle of abuse (of one sort or another). To have someone else similarly four cans short of a four pack was a dream come true. I was immediately drawn to you deranged ranting like a fly to shit (no pun intended). Your inciteless grasp of everything delivered with such conviction is second to none. I can hardly conceive how much lysergic acid diethylamide it must have taken to reach such dizzy height of delirium. Can you tell us all Bill (by ‘all’ obviously I am referring to my many alternative personalities), what is your secret? Is it copious amounts of LSD, or mushrooms? Is it mushrooms? Is it both? Do you sit there for eighteen hours a day intravenously ingesting LSD whilst gorging yourself on magic mushroom in order to disengage yourself from reality to the extent that you clearly are, because really Bill, its like a gift you’ve got. Its like nothing I have ever seen before. An ability to spin absolutely anything into utter, utter shite. You truly are a space cadet.

  25. Sister Mary Clarence 3 Jan 2008, 12:30am

    Thank you for your support William – to be honest I’d rather Bill was having a go at me that some other poor sod who just happens to say something he takes umbrage with.The only reason I started kicking off at him in the first place was because I disliked the way he was running people, who had done nothing wrong, off the site with his bullying. If he’s preoccupied with me, hopefully it will save others getting a mauling.

  26. Robert, ex-pat Brit 3 Jan 2008, 12:50pm

    William, thank you for your comments. Bill actually responded saying that as a public company, Equality California, a legitimate company with a website does publish the names of its staff. So I’ll have to go back and see if I can find out if Tomas is who he says he is. It is of course possible he is using an alias anyway, so it may be difficult to figure out if he is genuine or not. But, failing that, I’m not going to worry either. Thanks again.

  27. Bill Perdue 3 Jan 2008, 7:01pm

    Tory trolls will admire conservative Republican Huckabee even more. The AFL-CIO trade union newsletter says “Huckabee Will Cross Picket Line to Appear on Leno by Seth Michaels, Jan 2, 2008Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) will be among the first to cross the television writers’ picket line when Jay Leno goes back on NBC’s ‘Tonight Show’Huckabee, who’s seeking the Republican presidential nomination, will go ahead with a scheduled appearance when Leno returns to the air tonight. TV writers have been on strike for the past two months for a new contract that includes a fair share of revenues from Internet and electronic distribution of material they’ve written.”After I submitted my origianl post on Huckabee the tory trolls went bats**t trying to divert discussion away from his conservative Republican politics becasue they agree with his opposition to samesex marriage and his isloamphobia. They hurled their usual barrage of personal insults. But my criticism of this conservative toad was proved correct by this latest expose of his union busting, reminiscent of another conservative union busting antigay reactionary named Thatcher.

  28. Bill Perdue 4 Jan 2008, 2:26am

    More big trouble for the Tories. Read all about it. I’ve shown the posts from the fake leader ‘Tomas” who’s been made to say that he represents California Equality to many people here in the US. After we had a good laugh some of the members noted that not only was the Tory Troll who invented ‘Tomas’ inept (which is why Mother Superior was fired by Labour) but that Mother Superior is terminally stupid. The invented persona ‘Tomas’ uses the word ‘organisation’ several times and the also the word ‘paedophiles’. Mother Superiors insularity and lack of a proper education betrayed him this time. In the US the spellings we use are ‘organization’ and ‘pedophiles’. All real Americans would use these spellings unless quoting from an English source. Mother Superior, Wsilliam and Luke the racist made a big mistake when they invented ‘Tomas.’ Perhaps even a big legal mistake.

  29. William - Dublin 4 Jan 2008, 10:41am

    “Perhaps even a big legal mistake.”Oh, Please! Don’t make me laugh! What are you going to do, have Tomas “charged”? Ha Ha! Oh, I’m sure Tomas is shaking i his boots, as are we all! What are you going to do Bill, use capital letters to do a citizens arrests? You fool!You are an idiot, but your a comical idiot. And Bill:(1) There is NO Tory party in the Republic of Ireland. Calling me a “Tory troll” only shows your inept lack of geography and political knowledge of Europe. Must be all the false degrees. Mine are better, you see, because they’re real.(2) “After I submitted my origianl [sic] post on Huckabee the tory trolls went bats**t trying to divert discussion away”… really? I couldn’t care less if Genghis Khan himself gets elected in that country of yours. America is not the EU, and it never will be. Your error by assuming we give a fuck.(3) ‘Tomas’ say that he was a ‘leader’ of California Equality. Really? When did Tomas claim that? I think you’re lying again, Bill. Oh, sorry, I just remembered that’s all you do. You’re nothing if not consistent, I’ll give you that.Now, run along, no one here cares about you, you ill-conceived proletarian uprising, or your mad little rants…….I wouldn’t mind, but if your rants were even remotely intelligent, at least then you’d get some respect.You bore us all, you humourless cretin.

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