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David Starkey: The Queen is uncultured and poorly educated

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  1. Sarky old queen – sounds like sour grapes to me – he should concentrate on what he does best – bringing our history to life – and refrain from such intellectual snobbery and bitchy outbursts about our Queen. She is an inspiration to us all and has held this nation together for over 50 years with truly remarkable strength and dedication. I think she should take his snide comments about being merely a housewife as a compliment – she is far more in touch with her people than he is, notwithstanding his undoubted talents as a historian.

  2. I’m not particularly a fan of royalty but find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with “eddy”.David Starkey is as you say really good at bringing history alive but to attack the Queen in the way he does just makes him look like a bitchy old queen – which he is!I think though in the Queen’s defence she is a product of her time and generation and it’s hardly her fault royals in the past did not have formal educations.I think she’s far from thick and her life experience must earn her huge credit.

  3. In the interest of full disclosure, as an American, the British Royal family holds no sway with me and I find them a remnant of the past and I wouldn’t want to have my tax dollars support that industry. (Anymore than I want as many of tax dollars going to support that dolt sitting in our White House, but I digress and this tread has nothing whatsoever to do with our Idiot-in-Chief, although like all good American’s I’m ashamed every time he opens his mouth in public)But, I am as fascinated by them as everyone else. The fact that they still exist, and by exist I mean still live in castles and perform these ancient rituals in full pomp and circumstance — it is after all just what an old drama queen like me lives for … I mean really.And I was and still am an admirer of Princess Diana. I mean after I skipped school and got up at the crack of dawn to watch that dreamy fairy tale wedding back in the early 80s, then in all of it’s daily soap drama in the afternoon melodramatic fashion – we find the marriage is a sham and always was … and well, then of course to present day with a real life Greek tragedy. It’s real life. Besides, the royals, and here is the interesting aside, historically the trials and tribs of a country’s royal family used to be the soap opera’s of their day, right? … speaking of Liz the 1st – I mean who back in her day wasn’t chatting up the fact that the ole virgin queen had to be getting some from someone … and who was in her favor and who wasn’t in this regard. Are you kidding me? Every pub had their own version of Kathy Griffin doing stand up every night skewing the members of the Liz and her court. But, what surprised me about this article the most, was Elizabeth II’s statement in her second Xmas broadcast… regarding her *forebear*. Unless it was a some sort of stroke of genius “political marketing ploy” to better sell “family values” or cast herself as “mother” and “wife” to her subjects, who after all pay for her and her baggage’s upkeep — I’d say it demonstrated a serious lack of education to call Elizabeth I a despot and to attack her for the lack of modern conveniences, oh I don’t know like jet airplanes or seafaring pleasure yachts or the fact that the Season hadn’t been established in Saint Moritz or Cannes yet. Yes, it did seem to come from someone who has no ability to pair historical significance with perspective … and the fact that Liz I cleverly wielded her virginal *available* status to better her position in the world politic of the time and did tremendous good for her country during her lifetime because she *sacrificed* herself for her country … and let’s not forget she was capable of all of this because she had a world-class education, and well yes she was after all Henry’s daughter … she was no dolt and certainly not a despot.

  4. The Queen does a good job of entertaining foreign heads of State when they visit. Which sounds more glamerous: a royal dinner at Buckingham palace with all the trimmings of history or steak and chips with Cherie “post box gob” Blair at that terraced house with cyclops in attendance trying to steal your pension?In all her years as Queen, she’s barely put a foot wrong in dealing politely with all manner of people.And most importantly, she’s preventing jug ears Charlie from becoming King.

  5. Heck, that last post didn’t have my name appear at the end!

  6. Robin Gordon-Walker 23 Dec 2007, 2:43pm

    I am sure our highly cultured and educated Queen would knwo it was Goering not Goebbels who said “When I hear the word culture I reach for my revolver” – unlike aparently David Sarkey!

  7. elizabeth i was better than henry viii who was blood-thirsty despot.i think it interesting, and sort a feminist, that the best british monarchs are all queens, elizabeth i (the great), victoria, and now elizabeth ii who has done, on the whole, a very good job. apparently there was a poll back a few years ago that said most brits would prefer Princess Anne over Charles as the next monrach.i think that says something about women and also that the british, oddly, really like be ruled by a queen! they like their women in charge!

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