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Poll exposes Hungarian hostility to gay relationships

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Reader comments

  1. 60% condemn homosexuality and 30% disapprove of gay people? Is that the Hungarian form of “love the sinner, hate the sin?”And with all this disapproval of gay people and condemnation of homosexuality how is it that there is widespread support for civil partners having the same rights as married couples? Is it that they support the rights it conveys to straight unmarried couples so much that they are willing to overlook or ignore the gay rights?

  2. I don`t quite see why this story`s headline was spun negatively. 71% are in favor the equal rights law (no doubt even higher among the young} and the article calls that “little support.“ And less than 1 out of 3 disapprove of gay people. These stats sounds to me like some of the more promising numbers you would find in Eastern Europe. And no doubt, things will get better as Hungarians see over the next few years that these laws have helped many couples and no one was harmed by them.

  3. Zeke, those numbers make sense to me. For example, I disapprove of Catholicism but I accept Catholic people and their right to equal rights under the law. If someone `disapproves` of homosexuality just enough to let it affect their own sexual choices, that`s fine with me (so long as they are not against others` rights to do otherwise.}

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