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Comment: The maverick Presidential hopefuls

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  1. “The key to Paul is his absolute fidelity to libertarian principles…”ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME WITH THIS?You are either completely unfamiliar with Dr. Paul’s actual VOTING record or you have absolutely NO idea what libertarian principles are.Either way the following link will very clearly show you that Dr. Paul, once you scratch the colorful candy coating, is in reality NO libertarian:This man PROPOSED, SPONSORED, supported and/or voted for OVER ONE HUNDRED extremely non-libertarian pieces of legislation.Now, we can start the countdown to see how long it takes before swarms of Paulbot flying monkeys descend on this site to attack me and anyone who tells the truth about their lord and savior. It’s what they do. They’re like brownshirts

  2. Another link to a site that explains why Ron Paul is NO libertarian:

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