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Tory MEP: US HIV rules are “double discrimination”

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue 19 Dec 2007, 8:37am

    Thankfully not all Conservatives are rightwing apologists for bigotry. Reading the comments section of pinknews and many of the news articles could give you that impression. Conservative MEP Dr. Tannock is clearly the better sort of Conservative and he’s doing us all a favor by standing up to the cruelty of this policy. It’s a refreshing change from the grubby toadyism of Tony Blair, Bushes lapdog. This antigay immigration ban has been in place under both Democratic and Republican governments for decades. People with HIV/AIDS are brutally treated when they attempt to enter the US illegally. Recently an inmate at the San Pedro, CA. border patrol station died as a result of being denied proper HIV/AIDS treatments. Victoria Arellano, a transgender person whose given name was Victor died on July 20 of this year. She was detained in May for entering the country illegally for a second time. “During detention in San Pedro, attorneys said, her AIDS treatment lapsed. As she vomited blood, fellow inmates cared for her in vain. She was eventually taken to a San Pedro hospital and died while shackled to a bed, an attorney for the family said.” If we had socialized medicine and a humane policy towards imported workers (many, if not most enter with the connivance of US companies interested in low-priced non-union labor) we could eliminate these bureaucratic homicides. Only a few debased conservative apologists support this sort of treatment.

  2. “Thankfully not all Conservatives are rightwing apologists for bigotry.”Just 99% of them.

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