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Third of young New York homeless are LGB

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Reader comments

  1. Omar Kuddus 18 Dec 2007, 4:10pm

    I am afraid to say that Britain is not that far behind in allowing its LGBT’s to be in dissimilar situations and fates, despite our so called laws in protecting the “homeless “ and “Venerable”, from which somehow homosexuals are excluded as they don’t fit the normal “priority” needs for assistance (that is dependants /children/ pregnancy) that requires local government/councils to assist.Society and culture demands that we ”look and act” in a certain manor and stereotyping homeless people would make one think twice of associating with them, or god forbid let them into our home, in case they behave unacceptably.For they must have done something “dreadful or wrong” to be in the position they are in. Or could it be that they are just down on their luck, had a domestic break-up with their family or lover / partner and cant face burdening their friends with their problems.Be good and Generous for it is the season of good will to all, and who knows, you may by the stroke of bad luck be in their shoes, god forbid, one day.

  2. Malcolm Lidbury 18 Dec 2007, 8:01pm

    Its not just a problem in the cities, its a rural problem too!Watch this ‘youtube’ video about a homeless gay youth in Cornwall.The Social Services Police in Cornwall were/are DISGUSTINGLY HOMOPHOBIC!The youth is now 18yrs old WAS a member of the Cornwall Gay PRIDE group before it disbanded through fears concerning continuing Cornwall police homophobic practises.

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