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Stonewall question Radio 1’s inconsistency over gay language

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Reader comments

  1. given that the people who are speaking in the Pogues song are less than educated, not prone to political corectness and would probibly use the term ‘faggot’ like the rest of us use ‘and’ then the claim by Peter Thatchel that it’s homophobic is laughable.Not al lthe world is sunshine and light and if a writer was seeking to discuss the mindset of someone scooled to hate Jews and/ or Black peopel then the use of ‘nigger’ or ‘yid’ would be aceptable.

  2. I think gay people can live through hearing the word faggot in what is an absolutely wonderful song.

  3. Interesting that Peter Tatchells own website uses the word faggot in relation to an attack on eminem – so why does he have a problem with what is a relatively innocuouse use of the word in the pogues song. Further, he goes on to say would people use the word n*gger – equating that to faggot – but he spells faggot in full – and censors himself in the use of n*gger. Seems to me he doesn’t really know what he thinks – just that he seems to hate heterosexuals – guess he’s just a typical staightphobe!

  4. These characters are drunk, they are arguing and trying to hurt each other using the worst insults they know, how can the singers convey this properly with nice language?And yes if he was black you can bet she would be calling him a niggerDoes anyone really care what Peter Tatchell has to say? Please go ask someone else for a comment on a gay story once in a while!

  5. elizabeth veldon 19 Dec 2007, 11:39am

    i care what old Pete says but he does get it wrong some times

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