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Lib Dems choose Clegg as leader

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Reader comments

  1. Seems like a decent sort. Let’s hope he has some conviction, rather than the usual Lib Dem flippy-floppy agenda.And that Tory hair-do has to go!

  2. Actually, it’s a Ruth Kelly hair-do, I always thought she was an undercover Tory.

  3. Lib Dem flippy-floppy?Let’s see… gay rights, the Libs were the only party to oppose section 28 from day one (they’d like us to forget it but the same Labour party as backed Miranda Grell in 2007, back in 1988 tripped along meekly behind the homophobic Tories bringing that in); the Libs were reliably against illegally invading Iraq rather than several years later going “DOH!”; and they were consistent from the start on ID cards being a blooming stupid idea… Now, one quick compare and contrast of those as the first three issues to come to mind with Cameron’s 180 degree turns on each, and I think I know who’s flippy floppy!

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Dec 2007, 12:43am

    The Lib Dems can support what they like, they know they’ll never have to honour any election promises because they’ll never by running the country.Its a (wasted) protest vote.

  5. Bill Perdue 20 Dec 2007, 8:09am

    Mother Superior’s just a little bitter. The Tories keep losing election after election so in desperation Cameron tried flirting with the Lib Dems who promptly told them where to shove it. Hell hath no fury like a Thatcherite scorned. That explains Mother Superiors sulk. The Lib Dems are right to want to avoid being tainted by the rancid islamophobia of the Conservative Party which recently has been straying across the border into BNP territory. An article by Seumas Milne in The Guardian for Thursday December 20, 2007 is headlined “”CAMERON MUST REIN IN THESE TOXIC NEOCON ATTACK DOGS…THE EXPOSURE OF FAKED EVIDENCE IS A WARNING OF THE DANGERS OF BRITAINS ANTI-MUSIM MEDIA CAMPAIGN.” Noting that “Last Saturday, Ahmed Hassan, a 17-year-old Muslim student, was stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack by a gang of white youths…” the article reports that racism “translates into Islamophobic violence on the streets: Asian people are now twice as likely to be stabbed to death as a decade ago, and four out of five convictions for religiously aggravated offences last year involved attacks on Muslims.”The article goes on to describe the openly racist campaign of the BNP and the clumsily deceptive but equally dangerous fabrications and deadly hatreds spread by Conservative Party thinktanks. .

  6. The Guardian recently employed a journalist who was a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, an Islamic group which openly advocates hatred of gays. Thay shows how clued up that dhimmified newspaper is about Jihadism.Bill, the clueless muppet, is happy to shriek “Islamophobia!” at anyone who dares question these nutters who openly want us dead.Any murder of a young man is a terrible crime, but there are also many attacks by Asian (read Muslim, but the media doesn’t like to point out it’s not Hindus or Sikhs) on non-Asians.25% of attacks on gay men in the UK are commited by Muslims who make up about 3% of the population.And don’t play that pathetic racist card. Islam is not a race. The biggest victims are gay Muslims.While ranting about the Conservatives, he neglecats, as always, to mention the far-Left-Islamic-Fascist alliance which threatens us all. The Left pretend to be gay friendly, but refuse to condemn any of the homophobia and anti-Jewish hatred hatred spewed in mosques and by Islamic leaders as a matter of course. Never a peep of condemnation from the “moderate” muslim spokesmen either.Perhaps Bull (sic) would like to take up his issues with “gay friendly” ken livingstone, the next time he entertains Yusuf al-Qaradawi while the learned cleric is debating the best ways of killing us. Hypocisy, is barely the word for this craven, blind appeasement of these modern day Nazis.Hell, even the Nazis tried to hide their murder in remote death camps. These Islamic clerics want to make our murder a spectator sport.Seroiusly Bill, is there anything that will wake you up to this threat? Or will you still be whining about your Marxist perceived injustices of the evil capitalists up to the moment you are beheaded by whatever mad mullah has decreed your life must end because of what some nutter said 1400 years ago?

  7. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Dec 2007, 10:09am

    Nothing like a little reading between the lines Bill, but I see you’ve done away with the lines altogether and just fabricated utter shite again.And by the way ….“Thankfully not all Conservatives are rightwing apologists for bigotry”Bill Perdue | 12.19.07 – 8:37 am |Your fractured personality seems to be disagreeing with itself.

  8. Bill Perdue 20 Dec 2007, 11:00am

    The mere mention of the proven connection between racist islamophobia and racist murders summons bigots like Luke shrieking his compulsively venomous hatred, which has unhinged him and contaminates everything he says. What Luke and other conservative bigots share is their eagerness to scapegoat minorities, particularly if they have darker skins. (Bigots in the US are currently targeting immigrant Latino workers and African Americans.) The same Guardian article reports that the evidence of the Conservative think-tank was a political hoax, a fabrication, much like Luke’s lies that muslim leaders are all jihadists or their sympathizers. He sounds as if his main sources of ‘news’ are the BNP paper, The Voice of F(ascism)reedom or the Sun. Hysterical islamophobia and gaybashing by the Pope or ‘reggae artists’ like Buju Banton both lead to murders of innocent GLBT or Middle Eastern victims. If Luke and other conservatives who pretend to be opposed to the murder of Middle Eastern GLBT folk were serious they’d be protesting every day with Outrage against the jihadist murders in Iraq and the unspeakable policies of some EU nations and the US. Those policies immorally deport gay and lesbian Iranians back to certain torture and death. But those people have dark skins and were brought up as muslims so he probably won’t be demonstrating. But for others who want to work to protect our brothers and sisters please link to or or

  9. Bill Perdue 20 Dec 2007, 11:33am

    Mother Superior, you can be certain that when I said “Thankfully not all Conservative are rightwing apologists for bigotry” I was NOT talking about you. You’re a classic example of a lying rightwing apologist for bigotry and a hand puppet of the Conservative Party. I was speaking in reference to a Tory MEP who’s putting pressure on the conservative Bush Administration to end its bigoted treatment of people with HIV/AIDS who want to enter the US.My agenda is the same as that of most people who read pinknews; we’re for GLBT equality. Unlike you I am not a paid political hack and don’t have to spin party lies and propaganda in my comments. I’ve criticized and supported actions of the Labour Party and criticized most and supported ONE action of the Tories. Your party pretends to be for GLBT rights but so fora the only equality legislation was enacted by Labour with Lib Dem support. Moreover, those two parties combined to toss many of the Conservative Party’s antigay laws in the garbage, where they belong. Oddly, you neglected to copy the reply by Mave to the effect that 99% of Conservative politicians are “rightwing apologists for bigotry“. Mave’s right of course, but adding a decimal point and a few more ‘9’s would be even more accurate.

  10. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Dec 2007, 9:23pm

    Bill, I’m a fully paid up member of the black and minority ethnic community in this country, I certainly don’t feel in anyway scapegoated by Luke. In fact the only person I really feel scapegoated by is you, and yet you have the bare-faced cheek to call him a bigotThe reason I have been the subject of your ongoing venon and bile is that you identified me some time ago as a Tory voter. Since that point you have accused me of being a Nazi (although oddly the Conservatives held government during the fight against the Nazis), a racist colonialist (but oops turns out I’m black and from the colonies), a Thatcherite (turns out I was still at school in her day) and f**k knows what other shite.I will vote for whoever the f**k I want to, as I am entitled in this country. Everyone else on here will vote for whoever the f**k they want to. We will likely not all support the same party, but fortunately people in this country have the decency to respect other people’s differing opinions. I can scarcely express how grateful I am that when my parents left Africa they came to this country rather than yours. I live in a country where I am not persecuted for the colour of my skin, for my sexuality, for my religion (or lack of it), my political beliefs, or for that matter anything else.You are so wrapped up in your own small-minded bigotry to see it and yet you hurl this very insult at others. You are an ugly person through and through. You are the worst possible advertisement your country could have and you bring shame on it.My mother brought me up to believe that I am no better and no worse than anyone else in this world. I’m sure if she every came across you though she would make an exception.

  11. Bill, as usual you construct “straw man” arguments rather than address any points made.I no more judge people by their race or skin colour as I would do if they were left or right handed. Heck, as a gay man, I’ve seen enough prejudice based on something I was born as, not to want to judge others on the same basis.And for your information Bill, one of your pet hates, the UK, has a long tradition of welcoming people from all corners of the world including every religion and race imaginable. Whether it’s the hard working Asians who were chucked out by Idi Amin or assorted Chinese communities now scattered across Britain, both of which groups assimilated quite happily into the UK.I will however, condemn anyone, regardless of race, religion, sex, nationality, political persuasion etc if they advocate killing me. If they use a political or religious ideology to justify their hatred, I feel perfectly justified in condemning those beliefs too.And yes, I’m a teeny weeny bit more concerned about people who openly advocate killing me than I am about whether the word “faggot” is used in some Christmas song on the radio.Just to emphasise again Bill, gay Muslims are the biggest victims of these mad Mullahs. Not that it would bother you. And criticism of their homophobia, and the silence of their spoksemen when asked to condemn these clerics, is no more racist than criticism of Christianity or the Pope.But rest assured Bill, if a Thai Buddhist monk, American Amish preacher or even on orange robed Hari Krishner chap starts preaching hatred, I’ll condemn him too.

  12. Sister Mary, thank you for your comments and post. The fact that Bill accuses you of being a Nazi, me of scapegoating people with “darker skins” or William of being an evil colonialist who wants to oppress every Irish person, simply for taking issue with his views says more for his inability to construct a rational argument than anything else.

  13. Bill Perdue 21 Dec 2007, 6:23am

    From all the squealing you’d think I’d been gutting pigs, not just hand puppets for the Conservative Party and their cousins the islamophobes. They can’t refute the Guardian’s facts so they lie and dissemble. They really have no choice. The same thing happens when we attack islamophobes, other racists and anti immigrants in the Republican/ Democratic party in the US. Most of hysterical evasions from these two can be safely ignored but I do want to comment on two things. The color of ones skin has nothing to do with their politics. We all should know by now that the very concept of ‘race’ is a discredited and unscientific tool invented to justify the slave trade, apartheid, colonialism and the mindless racism of groups like the KKK, the South African Nationalists and the BNP. Skin color is not a guarantee of honesty or a safeguard against bigotry. Roberto Holden, Thabo Mbeki, Peter Akinola and US conservative Alan Keyes and others are testimony to that. Secondly it’s self defeating to pose a choice between supporting the GLBT movement or supporting conservative islamic jihadists and other rightwing gay bashers like the pope or Ian Paisley. To survive we have to oppose all of them. Those who apologize for conservative gay bashers or conservative islamophobes play into their game of divide and conquer and endanger all of us.

  14. William - Dublin 21 Dec 2007, 1:54pm

    And, Bill, people like you who blindly rant about the same old rubbish are playing into the hands of the religious freaks we are trying to oppose. every time you rant at so called “colonialism” or conservatives in countries you know nothing about or have never visited, you only confirm in the mind of those who hate us that we are all a bunch of bitchy idiotic freaks who need to be put down. And no one here needs to explain them self to you, an uneducated leftover communist from darker times suffering from some tedious kind of verbal OCD. Not to mention you never actually visited the countries they rant about.You Bill, whether you like it or not, are working against our cause, so do the entire gay community a favour and shut the fuck up, and go find another site in America to rant on… No one here cares. You are the type of person that shouldn’t advertise their sexuality, becuase you make it more difficult for the rest of us by association.

  15. William - Dublin 21 Dec 2007, 2:06pm

    Hey Luke, I did laugh when you said “William of being an evil colonialist who wants to oppress every Irish person”… you hit the nail on the head. If does baffle me why some idiotic American (as if they’re hard to find) like Bill thinks he knows Ireland like I do, a born and bred Irishman? Of course, if I disagree with anything that buffoon says, I MUST hate my country and be anti-gay. What a load of old nonsense. Me thinks the very concert of democracy, not to mention a good education, eludes that moron to such a level that he gets into those histrionic screaming sessions out of frustration. No doubt Bill has a very small job, fuck all friends in life, and no partner… so ranting in here like a demented soviet polit-bureau wannabe is his only outlet

  16. Bill Perdue 21 Dec 2007, 4:03pm

    Enter William, the Dunce of Last Resort, conjured up by Mother Superior when as usual he’s lost the debate and is dsperate to deflect the discussion. So instead of debating the Guardians assertion that the Conservative Party’s racist islamophobia can have tragic results we have to put up with another of “Williams’ repeated descents into the gutter. Rancid Paisleyites like ‘William” and Thatcherites like Mother Superior have the right, even the duty, to be brainless. How else could they qualify as hand puppets for the Conservatives? In the case of William the Dunce if I believed he was anything other than one of Mother Superiors alternating voices I’d ask if its parents were siblings or just first cousins. But that’s a question that only applies to real people.

  17. William - Dublin 21 Dec 2007, 4:34pm

    Bill, you actually have to support Ian Paisley and the DUP to be called a “Paisleyite”. As I am neither, that makes you a babbling fool who conjectures statements on arguments of ignorance.Also, your deep “insight” that I and Sister Mary are the same person only adds paranoia to your repertoire of stupidity. If you bothered to read up on the geography of the countries you attack in your hissy fits, or actually left your festering hole to visit them, you’d know that Ireland and the UK are unique and separate countries. Sister Mary is in the UK. I am in the Republic of Ireland. Also, here’s something a little more difficult for a buffoon like you to understand: Ian Paisley is a representative of Northern Ireland, while Dublin is in the Republic of Ireland. Hence, he doesn’t represent me. Dublin isn’t in the North of Ireland.YOU, Bill, I’m afraid, are the dunce. And a stunning example of one too.Not to mention a moronic and small minded buffoon. Your lack of intelligence and awareness of the world is, as you bore us all to death, stunningly demonstrations again and again on this site. Pathetic.

  18. Sister Mary Clarence 21 Dec 2007, 8:16pm

    According to you Bill, I’ve been just about everyone that’s had an opposing view to you. Consider for a moment perhaps the possibility that more than one person doesn’t like you on here, finds much of what you write nonsense, factually incorrect and stupid. The week before last I was also Luke I think and a few weeks before that Steve.I can happily confess to being flattered that you are accusing me of being some of the more articulate, erudite and witty contributors to the site. I think I’ll be more bothered when you accuse me of being some of the twats.

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