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Euro governments “must do better” on hate crimes

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Reader comments

  1. Malcolm Lidbury 18 Dec 2007, 10:39pm

    The additional problem with ‘HATE CRIME’ is the HOMOPHOBIC reluctance of police to investigate fairly properly where the victim is gay and ESPECIALLY when the crime is COMMITTED by POLICE OFFICERS…or is it just the CORNWALL police who are that HOMOPHOBIC in Britain?Cornwall Police: Probably the most HOMOPHOBIC police force in Britain!

  2. William - Dublin 18 Dec 2007, 10:55pm

    Okay, Malcolm, you’ve managed to get a few cheap ads in for your art and books. We get the point, now go advertise elsewhere.

  3. Sister Mary Clarence 19 Dec 2007, 12:04am

    Malcolm, my experiences regarding the police and hate crime have been very different to yours I think.I have to say the local Safer Neighbourhoods Team were fantastic from my first contact with the police until long after the successful prosecution of the little tossers I had a run in with.I cannot fault them at all, extra patrols outside my flat, the offer of CCTV, checking my car was okay every night, regular phone calls to update me on the case, statements taken at a time and place convenient to me, private witness room at the court.So, certainly looks like it might just be Cornwall, or maybe just you.

  4. Bill Perdue 19 Dec 2007, 7:32am

    Malcolm, I’ve actually linked to some of the sites you provide and I think it’s safe for you to ignore the unimportant party line idiocies of William the Dunce and Mother Superior. It no longer seems odd that these two (?) always seem to show up and without exception agree on everything. Is it a case of multiple personalities, or worse, multiple pathologies? One of their favorite tricks is to attempt to blame bigotry on its victims instead of on it perpetrators in cults and rightwing political parties like the Conservative Party and their inbred cousins in the Paisleyite DUP. They’re simply lying when they imply that bigotry and it accompanying violence harassment and discrimination have disappeared in England. Unfortunately those problems exist everywhere. GLBT folk aren’t going to give up our fight for full equality because it scares a rightist toady.

  5. Sister Mary Clarence 19 Dec 2007, 10:18am

    Well pardon me by the way for saying something positive about the police, I completely forgot Bill, this is a war and establishment=enemy irrespective of if they do actually do their job and help us out sometimes when we’re in need.I keep forgetting that you’ve bought us all into the notion that there is nothing worth living for in this country for gay people.It must just be the mind-bending love drugs they are pumping me full of that dupe me into thinking I’m living happily in an increasingly egalitarian society.

  6. William - Dublin 19 Dec 2007, 11:05am

    Oh, well done again! Ireland. Superb. Where DO you get the ability to make everything you say so utterly relevant! The repetition is simply staggering…. your like a little record stuck on the same track, and yet you make it all sound so interesting, don’t you? Truly, you are a wonder. Now, back to the Ritalin bottle, Billy, there’s a good chap.If I agree with the good sister from time to time, is because I will agree with anyone who can make a sensible argument without the recourse of a hissy fit. Sister Mary is from the UK, our neighbours in the EU, and contrary to your lies and ill-informed propaganda, we are of a similar culture, democracy and legal system. Countries you clearly know nothing about apart from a few misread and misunderstood lines in wikipedia, isn’t that true Billy? Also, and this is important Billy, she’s not an insane fool like you. Ah, as much as I do enjoy the demented rantings of a drunken fool like you Billy, you’re a crushing bore. (I’m assuming here you DO drink. And Heavily. Its a strong possibility, isn’t it Billy? Be honest now) You, Billy, are the human equivalent of a room full of monkeys with typewriters… only the monkeys are blind.

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