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Comment: Is Renee Richards a trans hero?

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  1. heshe double speak is a rather problamatic form to use.

  2. Letter to the Editor in response too – Comment: Renee Richards is a trans hero/18th December 2007…/Dear sir, As a well-known trans athlete, I was stunned to read this article published online by your paper – and demand a retraction and/or clarification of that article as being completely inaccurate and a total misrepresentation of reality you presented to your readers -1. Richards has regularly expressed regrets about her transition, “If there was a drug that I could have taken that would have reduced the pressure, I would have been better off staying the way I was — a totally intact person.” – Renée Richards, Associated Press, February 1999.2. Richards has proclaimed that others should be stopped from transitioning, for their own good, etc.: ” – – – you better get on Thorazine or Zoloft or Prozac or get locked up or do whatever it takes to keep you from being allowed to do something like this.” – Renée Richards, Associated Press, February 1999.3. Furthermore, Richards has spoken out strongly AGAINST (not for) participation by trans athletes in competitive sports. “she calls the 2004 decision of the International Olympic Committee, which allows transsexuals to compete, “a particularly stupid decision”” . . . “Better to be an intact man functioning with 100 percent capacity for everything than to be a transsexual woman who is an imperfect woman.”” – Renée Richards, as quoted in “The Lady Regrets”, New York Times, February 1, 2007As a result of such transphobic pronouncements in major national media, Richards has become a pariah in the trans community. She is even routinely used as an example of gender-transition failure, in warnings to those who seek transition for the wrong reasons:goto as further reference -Richard’s has NOT been a figure in sport of which she created a break through in sport, regarding transitioned athletes, she is not engaged in programs with experts in sport and is not recognized on inclusion of women and men worldwide in sport -Here a few URL’s to get properly educated and engaged – I ask next time, please speak to those who are in the know, as it can have incredible downstream effectson those you write about -Globe Mail – September 12, 2007Sports Canada – November 14, 2008 San Francisco Bay Times – Athlete Fights For More Than a Spot at 2008 Olympics… October 11, 2007 Canadian Athlete in the Press – In the India press this week -CBC -Canadian mounts fight to have medal returned to runner who failed sex testKind regards, Kristen Worley

  3. This is all very interesting stuff. Do we really need heroes anyway? I think Rene Richards’ life shows the struggle of trans people in general. The prevailing medical model in Rene’s time was to “correct” the defect through surgery. In other words, we are either one sex or the other. I think times have moved on and we are approaching a different mode where it is actually alright to be a trans person defined by the individual. It appears Rene Richards has struggled with finding a place in the world. Maybe all trans people are heroes because we cause people to move beyond their comfort zones and learn to accept one another in spite of our differences.

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