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THT campaign targets HIV risk from using poppers

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  1. Hank Wilson 18 Dec 2007, 8:15am

    Bravo for the Terrance Higgins Trust focusing on poppers. Another factor to consider is that poppers suppress the immune system. The immunosuppression may increase susceptibility to infections, HIV and other infections.This is a controversial view however the body of published research makes it worthy of mention and consideration.The good news seems to be that the immune system is not permanently suppressed. The danger is that the immune suppression occurs immediately after sniffing which would be almost simultaneous with getting exposed to HIV if a poppers user had unprotected anal intercourse. One human study has been conducted to assess the impact of poppers use on the human immune system. The results were that natural killer cell function was immediately suppressed about 30% and that it took 96 hours/4 days to return to baseline. Everyone exposed to HIV does not get infected, luckily. The concern is that if you reduce your natural defenses, natural killer cells is a prime defender against infections, you increase the likelihood of the virus entering and getting lodged into the body. has listings of published research for review. There is no claim that the research is definitive. Researchers acknowledge limitations and pose questions for follow up research. Many people are unfamiliar with the published research. The poppers industry debunks the research which is not surprising. The research is from multiple respected institutions and spans 2 plus decades.

  2. Steve Cole 31 Dec 2007, 5:09pm

    Popperstoppers was a campaign formed in the 1990’s by HIV positive gay men to ban the retail sale of poppers. It was co-ordinated by Cass Mann, CEO of the gay men’s health charity Positively Healthy. For years Mann had argued that poppers are highly immunosuppressive and carcinogenic, and were a key facilitator in HIV transmissions among gay men. Indeed, AIDS pioneer Dr. Robert Gallo had long voiced his opinion that poppers was the primary cause of Kaposi’s sacoma – the so-called “gay cancer” that introduced AIDS to the world.In 1996, The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, aided by Mann, successfully prosecuted a poppers retailer at the Crown Court, resulting in the UK-wide ban of poppers under the trade name amyl nitrate. Delivering his compelling evidence to the Court, Mann had not reckoned for the sheer force of vitriol from HIV charities, including the Terrence Higgins Trust, who defiantly defended the right of gay men to continue using poppers, which subsequently continued to be sold as the poppers derivatives butyl and n-isobutyl nitrites. THT Chief Executive, Nick Partridge, told the gay press at the time that poppers were just “a harmless bit of fun.”Now that a scientific study has proven the link between poppers and seroconversion beyond a reasonable doubt, it seems that these same charities have been forced to change tack and channel HIV prevention funds into a gay press campaign warning that “Poppers increase the risk of HIV being passed on when fucking without condoms”. Had they not wasted their energies trying to obstruct the ban in 1996, and instead acted on the weight of evidence and launched this campaign a decade ago, there would undoubtedly be fewer HIV positive gay men today.Tragically, this is but one of many examples of their negligence and mismanagement of the HIV prevention budget that continues to this day: lame, uninspiring HIV ads with double meanings and dubious messages that are clearly contributing to the mainstreaming of the virus and fuelling the barebacking craze; the frittering of resources into two ongoing PEP campaigns at the expense of graphic shock campaigns that, a) depict the true consequences of living with HIV, and, b) express zero tolerance towards those in open pursuit of unsafe sex; the total void of information regarding the latest – and most dangerous – known facilitator of HIV transmission, crystal meth (will it be another 11 years before we finally see some action there too?); and so on…Do we as a community really despise ourselves so much that we refuse to hold these agencies to account for their failures, yet rally to save their precious, misspent prevention funding? Since we condone and enrich stores like Clone Zone and Prowler that openly sell gay snuff movies and HIV enabling highs, perhaps it’s reasonable to conclude that we have the HIV agencies we deserve…

    1. Gallo is also the purpetrator of the biggest crime of the century in ” claiming the Nobel Prize for the ” new virus” which to this very day has never been photographed under an electron microscope has never been properly isolated according to very rigid standards of ” virus isolation ” to which he admitted 15 years later to having never isolated the virus ” but that it was enough ” to prove.
      The only images ever presented ,ever published of the very questionable hiv virus are computerised drawings in bold colors of what it would look like if in fact it had all the specific charactereistics of a virus which could only be photographed and identified if it were isolated and the ” particles they have found donot in any way represent in any way a virus .

      Heinrich Kremer ‘s ” The Silent Revolution in Cancer and Aids Medicine ” is a 600 page precise explanation of the ” ? hiv, ” and the ” poppers affect ”

      Google ” The Perth Group ” and ” Virus Myth, ” for simplified explanation.

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