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Help young homeless gays this Christmas

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  1. 13th July and Alan Duncan still hasn’t signed it

  2. This EDM should be signed too:

  3. Paul Wood MBE 14 Dec 2007, 4:36pm

    What a great Christmas gift idea – do support the fantastic work of the Albert Kennedy Trust, my previous employers GLBT Network raised money to help this really worthwhile charity which gets very little funding – so please help them – every penny spent is a great investment.

  4. Bill Perdue 15 Dec 2007, 1:29am

    It’s indecent that a nation ruled by a so-called Labour Party would permit homelessness among GLBT (and other) youth to become a major problem. Everywhere that society is swayed by religious and conservative political bigots parents abuse their gay and lesbian children and often throw them out. In Iran they hang them but in the US and the EU when they hit the streets they’re prey to violence, prostitution and substance abuse. Suicide rates are much higher for GLBT youth. Their age makes it difficult for them to find work and disqualifies them from military service. The Trust’s work is excellent but it should be supported by no strings’ attached funding and cooperation from government agencies to provide all the services these youth need. They need assigned legal advocates and police to protect them and jail their parents and any cultists whose bigotry led to their abuse or abandonment. They need dedicated housing, guidance, job training or free education in college or university and medical care. They need to know that if they’re discarded by their parent’s they’ll have friends.

  5. Malcolm Lidbury 15 Dec 2007, 7:44pm

    Just watch this youtube video about a homeless gay youth in Cornwall and the GROSSLY homophobic attitudes of Cornwall Police! The Cornwall police in 2007 CONTINUE to be GROSSLY HOMOPHOBIC!PS:- The youth in the vid has a job and a home

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