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Morocco pressured to drop gay convictions

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Reader comments

  1. Omar Kuddus 4 Jan 2008, 4:07pm

    When is the world going to get to grips that regardless of our sexuality, we are human beings and JUST as entitled to they same rights and statutory (and EUHR law’s were applicable) as every one.Why does sexuality make such a big difference, for if the “couple” were heterosexual would it have even gone noticed? Doubt it.The Islamismist and clerics need to constantly show their fear of a subject that they know little about or are afraid of, and view their own interpretations as the gospel and what the teaching of the Koran means, which is normally far from the truth, of what it actually says or intended.And yes I am gay and a Muslim.

  2. Terry Floyd Johnson 29 Sep 2008, 7:19pm

    Homophobes across the world feel they have the right to place judgment on gays and bis. This insanity comes from their belief sex is for making kids; this is ludicrous but they still try to force this dark ages look at sexuality on the world today.

    They are insane; clerics and priests and ministers are the hatephobes and drip with the sweat and drool of passion to kill what they don’t or refuse to understand.

    Morroco may give homosexual rights within 50 years. To hell with that- do it now, and their neighboring arab countries, need to see the light of their hate, or face consequences which will eliminate the problem they cause by their insanity.

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