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Tory MEPs disrupt Euro treaty ceremony

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Reader comments

  1. What?No breathless, vein popping defense from Sister Neva Meta Torisheedidnlike?

  2. Bill Perdue 13 Dec 2007, 11:47pm

    Mother Superior is unusually hushed about stories exposing how reactionary the Conservative Party really is. These stories peel off the layers of hypocrisy and lies that Mother Superior liberally slathers on the Conservatives. He prefers to ignore them. When cornered Mother Superior babbles on in a uproarious parody of Orwellian DoubleSpeak that has to leave poor old George giggling in his grave. Perhaps Mother Superior’s afraid of getting fired because he’s such a totally inept paid hack for the Tories. First Labor, then the Tories – next the BNP. In this case two of the most rabidly rightwing parties in the EU aligned to oppose human rights being codified into law. The English Conservative Party, true to their Thatcherite traditions want to bust unions and cut the standard of living for working people. They pretend to be for GLBT rights but their pigheaded opposition to samesex marriage exposes them. The other party is the Polish Platforma Obywatelska (Civic Platform) which also busts unions but doesn’t even bother to hide their homobigotry. On that question they’re much more honest than Tories.

  3. Sister Mary Clarence 14 Dec 2007, 6:28am

    Very confused here boys (as I see you are). Labour has agreed to sign the new treaty and some opposition MPs (including Tories) heckled a bit and made their wishes for a referendum known.The Labour government after signing will opt out of the treaty because it will likely guarantee workers the right to strike (amongst many other things), but you suggest now that it is the Tories that are trying to bust the unions.Although the Irish have opted for a referendum (obviously Thatcherites too), Poland is the only other country to opt out, so you therefore liken the Tories to the Polish governement. Athough quite clearly the Tories have not been involved in the process at allI think you need to focus more

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