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Ban gays from political office says cardinal

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  1. Clearly this “Cardinal” has the mindset of someone born 500 years ago. What a nasty and wicked man.He’s inciting violence to a minority in the EU and as such the Latvian Government should have him arrested and put on trial.Time the Church was put in its place and all governments stood up to their bullying tactics. This is not Iran or Saudi Arabia but the EU!

  2. This merely underlines the fact that religious faith is a mental illness and that the so-called cardinal should be in a lunatic asylum. It also emphasizes the inherent evil of the Roman Catholic church, making it an institution that should have no place in a modern, civilized country. I would like to see the Catholic Emancipation Act repealed in the United Kingdom, thus making Roman Catholicism a proscribed religion.

  3. Vauxhalldave 12 Dec 2007, 12:35pm

    Voicing religious beliefs or inciting violence and hatred? Unnatural prostitution and corruption eh. Irrational verbal diahorrhea. They don’t even try and explain the bollocks they speak,If they just throw enough derogatory words around some mud will stick. What a blatant grab at political and social control, oh yeah this is the Catholic church isn’t it.

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Dec 2007, 1:03pm

    Roberto, its is THEY who are intrinsically evil, not us. If you ask me, I think religion for the most part is insane, a mental illness, learned behaviour and a choice.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Dec 2007, 1:07pm

    Neville, I’d proscribe all of them if I had my way, state funded religion should be abolished once and for all. Part of the taxes we pay goes to support these bigots and allows them to denigrate, discriminate and promote hatred towards us. Get rid of them and make them get real jobs and contribute to society.

  6. Actually, and re banning all religions. It might interest people to know that our oldest, respected religion, Judaism (with the exception of the Orthodox) does accept Gays and Lesbians.The Reform and Liberal Jews have acceptance as part of their beliefs and accept Gay Rabbis. The Liberal Jews even perform Gay marriages!So it seems that is is mostly Christians and Muslims who have a problem. I have the greatest of respect for the Reform/Liberal Jewish movement and they are well worth looking at.

  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Dec 2007, 3:26pm

    Roberto, you’re right. Here in the states, reform or liberal judaism is mostly the norm. The hassidic and conservative members are of course mostly antigay and have everything in common with their fellow conservative christians and muslims. Overall, Jewish people here in the states are far more accepting of gay people than any other denomination I’m aware of with perhaps the exception of the United Church of Christ with over 2 million members. Actually, one of the three democratic frontrunners in the race for the White House, Barack Obama, is a member of this church. There are over 6 million jews in the U.S., far more than there are in Israel. On the downside, black Americans or African-Americans in the more politically correct terminology used here are not so accepting given their history of three hundred years or more of discrimination against them. They find it offensive that LGBT citizens identify their struggle with our own. More work needs to be done to reach out to them.In Canada, liberal rabbis actually perform legal marriage for same-sex couples. I don’t know of any in the states though in Masschusetts where marriage is permitted, there may be a few who do.

  8. Here’s yet another reason for me to believe that EU enlargement to the East bloc was a mistake. “If they want to take the benefits they have to abide by the rules” – period. Could someone in Brussels spare the time to explain to the Latvian delegation the meaning of the words ‘human’ and ‘rights’

  9. Dominick J. 12 Dec 2007, 4:03pm

    How can anyone take anyone in a religious postion with a name like Riga Janis Pujats serious? I mean Janis?? That’s a girls name and he uses it as his middle name. Is it normal for some of these countries for men to take on their mothers name as their middle name?

  10. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Dec 2007, 6:01pm

    Alan, the reason why eastern bloc countries were allowed entry into the EU communnity was based solely on the economic advantages for the more advanced, wealthier western EU members. Money trounces everything. We would be naive to think that the reason for their entry was based on the western members’ interests in the expansion of human and civil rights. Capitalism knows no bounds, it has it good side and its down side. Having said that, I don’t think any of them should have been allowed to join, simply because the cold war is over. Just look at Russia, hardly a democracy to speak of with an evil quasi dictator Vladimir Putin, a former member of the KGB who has never respected human rights let alone gay rights among others. The only onesamong them that are showing some semblance of civility is Czechoslovakia and to some extend Hungary and Croatia. The rest can all be confined to the cesspool of regression.As for Turkey…..a big NO to that one too!

  11. We must always remember that religion is the opiate of the masses – well, at least some of them in the modern world. Therefore let people have their beliefs – albeit in the form of a mental illness. But the extreme religions – Roman Catholicism, evangelical Christianity, Islam and ultra-orthodox Jewry – should be proscribed, simply because they attempt to deny equal rights for all. A good example of this is the Bishop of Rome’s Christmas message to the world. This man’s message oozes with hatred of gay people. The Roman Catholic church, in particular, reveals a worrying trend, that is in its attempts to influence politics and to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. This is evidenced in the United Kingdom by the meetings between Paddy O’Connor (Archbishop of Westminster) and the 45 Roman Catholic members of parliament in an attempt by O’Connor to bring their political actions in line with Roman Catholic doctrine. Further disturbing trends during the course of the past two weeks include the scandal relating to the attempts of the RC church to influence the treatment – or rather the refusal of it – to both Roman Catholic and non-catholic patients in a leading London, Roman Catholic hospital. Similarly, in Italy various cardinals from the Vatican are intimidating Italian members of parliament into resisting anything to do with gay rights. It must be remembered that, as far as Italy is concerned, the Vatican is a foreign state, and that any attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of Italy should be seen as an unfriendly act.

  12. William- Dublin 12 Dec 2007, 11:38pm

    “Ban gays from political office”???Is this man for real? Who’s his role model in life, Pol Pot?Sure, after the gays, lets also ban divorcees, people with criminal records, people who once masturbated and anyone who has read a Harry Potter book.Why not just ban democracy?Nice one cardinal, beautiful demonstration of how you’d like us all back in the 12th century digging in the mud and buying indulgences from you fat greedy bastards.This man should try read the bible once and a while, the bit about Jesus would be a good start, and maybe he’d be less prone to stupid remarks like this.

  13. Opium of Masses how very Marxist of you Neville. The Vatican for some reason feels it has a right to meddle in politics, the EU starting with Italy should just start saying listen right back off. But remember, for comfort, religion is in decline, it is falling apart and will not always be a source of pain for the world, a rise in rationality and socialism will cause the collapse religion – Sort of muddled Marx/Weber paraphrase.

  14. Bill Perdue 13 Dec 2007, 12:37am

    The states of the former Soviet bloc are hotbeds of gay bashing. The unfairness and raw inequities of the Stalinist system were breeding grounds for superstition, racism, reactionary nationalism and gay bashing. The EU is more properly styled the Economic Union of multinational corporations. That EU wants social peace to insure profits. If they get it from gay bashing conservative parties like the Polish Civic Reform Party, the Paisleyite DUP or the Turkish Justice and Development Party it’s of no import to them. That makes the work of the ILGA, the IGLHRC and GWB all the more important. Our GLBT brothers and sisters need our support and our example to cope with the constant barrage of gay bashing they face. In the US the main obstacles to GLBT equality are conservatives and christians including most protestants, catholics and a virulent new strain imported by Slavic immigrants. I think we have to use whatever law is available to sue them when homophobic violence occurs because they directly cause it. That was a tactic that broke the back of the KKK here and it can work anywhere. Neville, you have sound ideas about religion but your racist comments contaminate everything you say. Racism is a huge problem here and in the EU. It’s a tool used by reactionaries to divide the GLBT communities from our natural allies. In the US the conservatives deliberately use religion to divide and conquer by poisoning relations among working people, African Americans, Native Americans like myself, Latinos and the GLBT communities. That’s why we have justifiably harsh views about racism, no matter who it’s directed at..

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