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Anglican gay rows harm relations with Rome

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Reader comments

  1. This merely underlines the inherent evil of Roman Catholicism. It has always been a wicked organization. It should have no say or, indeed, any place in a secular society which is what the United Kingdom should be.

  2. Vauxhalldave 12 Dec 2007, 9:23am

    With American political candidates saying that their stand on homosexuality is that of the Catholic church it shows that this bigotted church and it’s ridiculous pronouncements on sexuality have political sway and affect the lives of gay and lesbian people. What is driving homophobia if it is not religion , given the level of media reporting and the debate on sexuality in mainstream press and government. The most strident voices against sexuality are the religious. They would deny us our sexuality and sexual express and the tools with which to protect ourselves from harm. They cause misery, exacerbate hate against us and smugly believe that they are doing us a favour and actually love us while hating any expression of who we are and our most basic drives, desires and needs. I am sick of being told we should respect people’s ridiculous religious beliefs when they show no respect for us. Scum

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Dec 2007, 1:01pm

    Vauxhall Dave and Neville, I totally agree, scum is just a polite term to say the least. They’re all a bunch of hypocrites, bigots and liars, none of whom practice what they preach. I’d abolish the lot of them, they’re irrelevant, anachronstic, useless and nothing more than parasites and a drain on the taxpayer. Enough!

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