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Donations to Harman were secret to avoid “Jewish conspiracy”

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Reader comments

  1. jerry pritikin 7 Dec 2007, 5:58pm

    Jews are no different than any other lobby group… when they donate funds for political causes, it is to gain favor and consideration. However, just because a person is Jewish, gay, black brown or white… does not mean they represent all people with that similarity. Back in the 1970’s, my friend Harvey Milk was running for public office in San Francisco… even though he was both Jewish and gay like myself, I supported someone else who I thought was better qualified to represent all the people in that district. Some gay newspapers actually said I was “gays for homophobia!” I have found, within a few gay political organizations here in the states… that some of their members are “heterophobics”… but the fact is… no one is perfect. I feel the last reasons to vote for a politician, is based on their religion or sexual preference , and to support them based on their qualifications for the office they are seeking.