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Uruguayan parliament passes civil unions law

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Reader comments

  1. OMAR kUDDUS 28 Dec 2007, 3:11pm

    Mr (Gordon) Brown, Uruguay’s even letting ALL its citizens’ form cavil partnerships. So why cant you?Its bad enough that we cant get married but have to settle for civil partnerships instead, but you still deny this to all British citizens, despite your government being beaten in the Court of Appeals in May this year, this basic human right (article 12 EUHR); THE RIGHT TO MARRY.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 28 Dec 2007, 6:17pm

    Omar, I agree with you. Imagine, Uruguay allowing all its citizens the option not to marry. We should have done it from day one and provided even more equality for everyone. They wouldn’t do it because it wouldn’t have been politically correct and then there’s the wrath of the Church of England and others who would have ranted on about how the insitution of marriage was being watered down. As it is, they think civil partnerships are bad and send the wrong message. No government should be in the business of saying who can and who can’t marry. Its a civil issue not a religious one, but bother major parties are scared to confront them. As taxpayers, they should be told to shut the f–k up or else there will be no more state religion interfering in the political system. Its done enough damage as it is.

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