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PM pledges more money for HIV/AIDS

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Reader comments

  1. One just hopes that Mr Brown’s pledge doesn’t result in dreadful undemocratic, unaccountable ‘charities’ such as the appalling Body Positive NW receiving funding.It’s not a problem that simply needs ‘money to be thrown’ at it. Rather increased funding is required, for example: to organisations that combat segregation and foster inclusion; for public education and awareness; and, even for ‘safer sex policing’ by the gay community itself (eg in saunas etc) – is needed.Honesty about sexual practices (particularly amongst ‘men who have sex with men’, often without their female sex partners awareness) would also be desirable but sadly in the UK probably would require a major social revolution. Too many ‘straight’ men appear to have ‘meetings on the way home/at lunchtime, darling’ – sadly the wife/girlfriend does not realise a euphemism for a visit to a gay sauna or cruising spot (often for less-than-safe sexual practices).