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Dutch to study gay bashing incidents

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Reader comments

  1. Alan Dawe 3 Dec 2007, 3:52pm

    It would be interesting to see an investigation or report on how the changing attitude to gay people in Amsterdam coincides with the influx of new immigrants into the city.

  2. Alan – I second that. I suspect the massed herds of ignorant Eastern Europeans and Holier-than-though Muslims will do their usual of pleading asylum, pile into Holland, and then start the usual complaining about Western moral standards. Anyone who bites back will be then branded a racist. They’ve got it sewn up.

  3. William - Dublin 3 Dec 2007, 5:38pm

    Yes, we have had some similar problem s in Dublin. A few Eastern Europeans were known to hang around gay bars and beat up people coming out… makes you wonder why don’t they just buy a TV instead, but hey, its hard to understand the hate in people sometimes. I am personally for immigration, especially within the EU, but these people should be kicked back to their country of origin until they learn to behave like humans.

  4. You must remember that the majority of Muslims and a high proportion of east European Roman Catholics are ignorant, primitive people who should not be admitted to a civilized, western country.

  5. Generally I think immigration is a good thing but if people can’t fall into line with the country they choose then what’s the point, I understand a lot of immigrants to western Europe are fleeing great poverty but they need to compromise, particularly Eastern Europe the EU needs to put its foot down take some real action to prevent prejudice in new EU states, it needs to force the governments of Eastern Europe to take action to change people’s attitudes, reluctant legal changes are not enough, then at least new immigrants might be better educated, and the old immigrants won’t change but their children and later generations will for the moment there’s not much we can do about immigrants already in a country apart from arrest them when they make a homophobic attack, however back in the countries they left people can still have their minds changed and it’s up to their government to help it happen, whether they want to or not.

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