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10% of London’s gay men have HIV

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarence 1 Dec 2007, 6:24pm

    Robert, it could be argued that by having the HIV+ (barebacking) room it it allows more transparency than exists in bars and clubs. If you hook up with someone in the HIV+ room, it is pretty certain that you are hooking up with someone else positive.Similarly there is an opportunity on every profile to state the users position with regard to safer sex, so again you have a pretty good idea what is coming with someone who identifies themselves as ‘never’, ‘needs discussion’ or ‘sometimes’.As long as people are educated to understand that if you do not engage in safer sex, you will contract HIV.People are not at the moment and tight budgets are being cut back further. Young people are at an enormous risk, as are I suspect the hundreds of thousands of gay Eastern Europeans who are flocking to London from places where the HIV situation is often very different (particularly an issue from Catholic countries). We also have a responsibility to tourists visiting the capital to make them aware of the situation.Ultimately it is the responsibility of every individual to ensure their own safety against infection, in my view, and each individual will make their own decision about how safe they want to be, BUT this only works if those individuals are aware of the risk.We reap want we sow and our failure to education can only result in death and disease for many people that could otherwise be spared.

  2. I fully recognise the need for education, however, I said “barebacking” which does not necessarily equate with HIV+ rooms. Many +ve guys are careful, but I am refering to people that don’t even disclose their status, and give some strange attitude that it’s not important, and that safer sex is unimportant.

  3. Sister Mary Clarence 2 Dec 2007, 12:59pm

    If everyone is well enough educated to know that they should assume that EVERYONE that they are, or potentially are, engaging with sex is HIV+ and take necessary precautions then the risk is reduced.I think the article makes very well the point that 50% gay men leave GU clinics without knowing they are HIV+, so someone telling you they are, or more importantly they are not, is worthless.I grew up in the days when we were taught to always assume the worst. I don’t know when or why that changed.

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