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Comment: Gay voters could hold the keys to the White House

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  1. Bill Perdue 30 Nov 2007, 8:49pm

    Conservative Rupert Murdoch supports gay bashers like Clinton, Thatcher and Howard. At election time the propaganda about candidates gets hysterical. Campaign committees labor mightily to create self-delusional imagery to cover the grimy reality. In Hillary Clinton’s case the spin doctors (that’s English for conservatives lying about other conservatives) are virtual whirling dervishes. The poll was commissioned by Clinton supporters, a seedy called the Human Rights Campaign. Barney Frank, Grand Vizier to the Heir Apparent wants nothing to do with transsexuals. He and HRC help strip the employment protection bill ENDA of essential provisions at the behest of the very business groups who discriminate against us and underpay us. The problem with their political hype is that it won’t stop wars, suppress bigotry or repair the economy. The real Hillary Clinton, who wanders between the right centrist core and the far right of the Democratic Party, promises to continue the policies followed by both Bushes and Bill Clinton. Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton will mean at least four more years of rightist domination of US politics and war. That’s why christian gay bashers like Pat Robertson compliment Clinton. He said “Well, she’s tacking to the right as hard as she can tack. And you know Hillary’s got some good points.”The central question is the war for control of the Middle Eastern oil reserves. Bush 1’s attack against Iraq was sustained nonstop by Bill Clinton, who lied about WMD’s and used air power, missile strikes and food and medical sanctions to end Iraqi sovereignty and starve Iraqi children. In 2003 Hillary Clinton (and most of Congress) voted to go to war even after the UN refused to. Hillary Clinton is an ardent supporter of Bush’s plans to divide Iraq into three procounsular provinces, to steal its oil and to extend the war to Iran, using nukes “if necessary”. She votes for anti-constitutional measures like the Paytriot act and can be counted on to use them. She refuses to guarantee withdrawal before 2013. If she wins she’ll end up recapitulating Nixon’s role in the Vietnam era. The difference is it’s unlikely she’ll get impeached for the same reason that both Democrats and Republicans refuse to impeach Bush – they want that oil. She gets millions in contributions from big business, although she gets more from multinational law firms because of her long association with and support for NAFTA. She got almost $100,000 from conservative Rupert Murdoch who supports other dismal gay bashing conservatives like Howard and Thatcher. Murdoch is the neo in neo-Nazi. He and Pat Robertson ended up supporting Republican Giuliani but both are admirers of Hillary Clinton as are extremists like conservative religious Senators Santorum and Brownback. Murdoch supports Giuliani but he’s hedging his bets by ‘contributing’ to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and holding fund raising events to introduce her to his ultraright, uberrich friends.Her campaigns Grand Vizier is the same Barney Frank who betrayed the GLBT movement by gutting the employment protection bill ENDA. She’s pigheadedly opposed to samesex marriage. She says it’s a state’s rights question, just as earlier Dixiecrats said civil rights was a states rights question. She’s the godmother of DOMA and DADT, antigay measures run into law by Bill Clinton that oppose samesex marriages and victimize GLBT folk in the military services. The fortunes of the Clintons have risen in part because they’re tied into support for NAFTA and its prime corporate beneficiary Wal-Mart, the world’s largest employer. NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement is used to bust unions, pauperize workers and working farmers and is a rolling environmental disaster. Hillary Clinton spent six years on the Board of Directors of Wal-Mart, her law firm represented them and she and Bill Clinton are shills for Wal-Mart, providing cover for their infamous anti-labor policies and their callous degradation of the environment. Giuliani is the most dangerous Republican candidate because of his record, fundraising and lead in the polls. Ditto for Hillary Clinton and for the same reasons. For now, her lead is a bone crushing 45%, with Obama a distant second at 25%. Of course, no primaries have take place and that can change drastically. The most important reason for voting against Hillary Clinton is that if a lot of people vote for her she might win. Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton = four or even eight more years of grubby right wing politics.

  2. politics is always under the a gay,i suport hila clinton who support profile is on where i look for gay partner

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