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MEPs call on Poland to approve human rights charter

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 26 Nov 2007, 4:25pm

    So Poland refuses to sign the Human Rights Charter? Its about time the EU Commission seriously considered rejecting member states who don’t comply with EU laws and directives. These laws should be a prerequisite for acceptance into the EU, prior to signing. The same goes for Russia, Latvia, Estonia among others, including Turkey’s request for membership.

  2. another country saying give us the money, and the rights to go anywhere in the Union we want to, but don’t expect us to sign up to your decadent rules.And the politicians in the UK will stand back and just look at the increased size of the Union and giggle

  3. The problem is that the UK is one of those states that “don’t comply with EU laws and directives” – they have not signed up to this Fundamental Charter of Rights and remain opted-out of nearly every significant piece of unifying EU legislation.Until the UK complies, smaller EU states like Poland will feel justified in following that lead.

  4. If you read between the lines, there’s no way Mr. Tusk’s government can pass this Treaty. The votes are not there. Therefore, it’s not him – it’s the opposition. It’s like the Iraq war vote in the US – The minority REPUBLICANS are obstructionist, same thing here but call them Law Justice. We must wait and see about Mr Tusk’s government. It’s better than the Left Side Alliance (Former communist) who abandon homosexuals this past election. Give the man some time – he disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle because of his Catholic origins – remember 95% of Poles are Roman Catholic and 70% of the people are FARMERS – I believe Mr Tusk is a pragmatic leader and wouldn’t support discrimination in any fashion. One could be wrong but since I know that he’s a student of history I’d submit he’s mire intelligent than most.

  5. LMGTS, thank you for that. I hope he makes the right decision over time. I doubt if he can be any worse than those awful twin brothers.

  6. Paulo Castro 27 Nov 2007, 12:14am

    Dear All,Well, we cannot put the EU Reform Treaty in jeopardy, just because of a few opt-outs. The most important thing is the Ratification of the Reform Treaty by all Members States, and Poland’s approval is very important. Besides Poland is not the only country “enjoying” the opt-outs, the UK (which is also opting-out for the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights) and Denmark have them too and these two countries are not giving the best example to new Member-States. To note that Poland is not singing up for the Charter as the Polish Government is lacking for the two third majority to overrule a Presidential Veto. To finalise, both the UK and Poland can sign up for the Charter in Future. One could say “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. Let’s take thing easy.

  7. Maciej Skiba 27 Nov 2007, 6:19pm

    Thank God they are not signing up to the Charter. Poland is a predominately Catholic country and the gay community must respect that. I am not saying that gays should be harassed, however I think they should keep their orientation in the bedroom instead of flaunting it. What bothers me is that in America we had several instances were you had hetrosexual people being discriminated by the gay community. They call them breeders. If it was not for the breeders you would not be alive today. What is the world coming to if a gay person is making fun of someone that is straight. Its messed up. Good for Poland

  8. William - Dublin 27 Nov 2007, 6:47pm

    “Thank God they are not signing up to the Charter. Poland is a predominately Catholic country and the gay community must respect that.”So, by your statement, being catholic means you don’t support human rights? Indeed. Tell me something we don’t know. Maybe Poland would be better off looking for membership if the Russian Federation, you clearly haven’t the level of civility to be in the EU in the first place… but you’ll take the money okay, won’t you?Oh, and here’s a big shock for you, Maciej, we might call you breeders, but we have to endure “queer”, “faggot”, “puff”, “piedophile”, “benders”, “degenerates”…. Do I need to go on? Spare me your “hurt” at us gays having some dignity and rights, it doesn’t compare to what we have to endure from sanctimonious idiots like you.I’ll keep it “in the bedroom”, my mud digging friend, when you keep your twisted religion in the church, and not ram it in my face all the time, fair enbough?

  9. Surely a FUNDAMENTAL Charter of Human Rights should not be opt-outable, why is the UK opting out anyway…we all know why Poland is, the EU needs to throw it’s weight around a bit.

  10. Poland is just another sick example of how the Catholic church distorts and lies about values while it is full of hatreds. It gave the world the 1000 year dark ages, when all progress stopped, the muslims lost 50 million in the crusades – when the Christin, which then meant catholic hordes, with sword in one hand and cross in the other invaded muslim lands, supposedly in the name of God, but really just to steal the treasures of the mid east for the God of Greed. Someday, if humanity survives despite conservative religions of which the catholic church is one of the worse, but not the worst, the History of the Period of Religion, Superstition, and hatred will be written, and it will be a sad story of humanity.Our job on earth during our lifetime is to help not only our family but the whole human race to live a reasonably comfortable and meaningful life. If there is something beyond for us, I’m sure God will reward those who help others. If there isn’t, well we can be comforted in our waning days that we made the world a little better for others, and that will be a reward in itself.

  11. @Maciej Skiba – I am a Westerner – the worst combinations, American national of French – Italian ancestry. For me HUMAN RIGHTS is UNCONDITIONAL. And this sir, has nothing to do with my loving to suck a cock occasionally! (“Breeders” are a speciality!) By your name I am assuming that you are indeed POLISH – To other posters I submit this as evidence of the very deep divide between the civilized West and the post-Communist mentalities of the East. Although, one must also understand that much of the allegiance to the Roman Catholic Church by Poles is do in part to the fact that during communist rule and other points of Poland’s unfortunate “occupoed” history the Roman Church was the peoples only refuge. Polish Roman Catholics, have a “different” mentality than their Western Catholic peers. Thier loyalty to the church is Medieval-esque for lack of better adjectives. Polish gays are also to blame for their situation. They are an absolute “mess” completely dysfunctional. The various camps infighting destroying each other, and their mentalities of status-quo. Surf this link – Its just an opinion perhaps slightly biased but none the less it gives insight. Also if you read the popular Polish blogs for example(suggested: Poland’s homosexuals exhaust more effort fighting each other than the people and institutions that oppress them! The European Union should consider an “opt-out” of subsidiaries until the POLES fully embrace human rights human for all its citizens regardless of social dispositions.

  12. Maciej, I’m guessing you are American, and that you don’t know or understand what the european union is about…European Law states that discrimination against homosexuals is illegal, biggoted countries whether predominantly catholic or not KNEW that, when they applied to join, but they wanted our money, and our help to develop backward economies. That’s why they cannot later opt out of European anti discrimination legislation. And if try to, ALL financial and community help should STOP. You say the gay community should respect Catholicism….about as much as i respect Nazism or Al Quaeda…pretty much the same when you get down to it, you all have the same opinion about homosexuality after all. Nice to know the Pope, Hitler and Osama Bin Laden have so much in common!

  13. I thought the Pope, Hitler and Osama Bin Laden were the same people, they are or were all incredibly rich and incredibly religious.

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