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Caribbean island considers ban on gay cruises

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Reader comments

  1. oh no, and I so wanted to pop over and pick up a few slaves. The bible is very clear on slavery you know

  2. henry collier 22 Jul 2008, 1:36pm

    easy solution .. withdraw all tourist activities from the islands that discriminate … do not buy anything from the island states do not support their economies … lobby your government to prohibit investment and travel to the islands … take away their funds and they will choke on their own biases and bigotry …

  3. The carribean islands twisted jealousy and phobieas of intimidation,, but really nosiness and jealousy of the gay communities romantic connections , that they are not welcome to be in nor join , for the pilaging of others that they are off limits too, make them vindictive and malicsous, attackers of other human rights, these ignorant uncivilized foreingn countries in the brush and islands , we cannot allow their bigotry and jealousy, of others private famiilies, to keep launching attacks out of their jealousy and intimidation, they have to be sanctioned the carribeans just like uganda , sanctioned and even taken military action against if they do not stop harrassing the gay families, and starting hate wars with families that are none of their business, no you homophobic assholes are not allowed on the gay cruiees because you are jealous crreeps and just want to mess with the gay peoples women and men, sexually your selves, you are wicked dark people and your jealous, make you the creep

  4. i am from the bahamas and we do not support gays,… it wrong in so many ways,….. thats the way i feel and most bahamians feel,…. ignorance is not base on somebodies opinion, but facts,… STOP TRYIN TO RUN OTHER NATIONS AND STICK TO YOUR OWN !!! @ henry,… your a HUGE idiot!!! this is sad,.. i love america but reading asshole stories like your own,.. sickens me,…. its our beliefs like some america do not believ in god,…. should we cut them off too,…. know what u want to cut us off!!! we do not want u in our country,… KEY WORD ASSHOLE,.. OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!

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