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Catholic adoption agencies seek ways round gay rules

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Reader comments

  1. Ashley Nenninger 26 Nov 2007, 9:56pm

    I believe this law is absolutely ridiculous. If an adoption agency is funded by the Catholic Church and run by its regulations and beliefs then that is how it should be run. The government should not have the right to change the beliefs of an agency funded by a church that is completely against the idea of a household being run by a gay/bisexual relationship. Adoption agencies allow families to adopt according to its standards of stability of the adopting family. The Catholic Church believes gay/bisexual relationships to be unstable and if that is the standard of any such agency then they should be allowed to reject that “couple”.

  2. The Catholic adoption agencies are funded by UK taxpayers, and would be able to exempt themselves from the new regulations if they were funded by the Church. The Church has refused to fund them, but still expects gay taxpayers to pay for a service that discriminates against them. Also, for the record, in the 1970s Cardinal Albino Luciani (later Pope John Paul I) addressed the Italian parliament in favour of gay adoption. Apparently, in the past 30 years, the official line has changed direction.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 27 Nov 2007, 3:56pm

    Olly, you are correct. The RC church’s government funding should be stopped if it can’t comply with the laws of the land. Let the Vatican fund it. It has one of the world’s largest collections of art and huge investments in real estate, stocks and bonds. Let it sell off some of its assets and do what its supposed to do by giving to the poor who really need it including adoption agencies.

  4. William - Dublin 27 Nov 2007, 5:40pm

    Well Ashley, if you want to “stick to your beliefs”, then the Catholic agencies should also do background checks to ensure children are not adopted by people who have been divorced, had sex outside marriage at any time in their lives, dis-honoured their parents, wore garments out of two types of fabric, ate shellfish…. shall I go on?Perhaps if the RC refused to let black people adopt, based on belief, would you be so shrill in your defence of their beliefs? The fact of he matter is that apart from a lame reference in a bible stuffed with contradictions and rules that hypocrites like you pick and choose which to follow, there is no scientific reason why two gay people could not successfully raise a child. In fact, if you get off that pedestal in the clouds, you’d see all the evidence is to the contrary.

  5. Sister Mary Clarence 27 Nov 2007, 6:14pm

    That’s right Ashley “If an adoption agency is funded by the Catholic Church and run by its regulations and beliefs then that is how it should be run.” and if the BNP opened up one they could send all the little black orphans back to Africa and gas all the little Jewish ones.Does someone have to dress you in the mornings mate?

  6. The Catholic Church has never done anything useful for this country (or this planet for that matter)it’s time it took a back seat in politics and obeyed the law without exemptions, re-annex the vatican into Italy and charge income tax. The Pope is completely out of touch with reality, the decadent lifestyle has gone to his head. No Church of any kind deserves any special protection from laws that everybody else has to follow. If I want to adopt and a random Catholic adoption agency is the easiest way for me to do that, at the moment it wouldn’t be but if it was, I should be able to. Their like a back seat driver, they shouldn’t have anything to do with politics and yet they can’t help themselves.

  7. “The Catholic Church believes gay/bisexual relationships to be unstable and if that is the standard of any such agency then they should be allowed to reject that “couple”.”We should be dealing with facts, not emotions and beliefs. The Catholic church is one of the more regressive organizations on earth. It operates on the terrorism of telling you that you go to hell if you don’t do as they say, and the scam insurance policy that death isn’t death if you “really believe” . It is also the organization that was behind the crusades that killed up to 50 million muslims during the period 900-1500, no wonder in their culture there is a pre-disposition to hate, just awaiting madmen like Bin Laden to take advantage of it. And for the Pope, anyone who had the least connection to the Nazi’s – he was in the hitler youth core, choice or not, should be ineligible to be head of a church.It is damn bloody time that we kick them out of influencing the government and our laws, and teach the children what is wrong with this institution. Only dust on the pews, and bankruptcy will bring them into the 21st century, for they feel they can never admit they were wrong, or else the people begin to question them, and the whole “house of cards” and lies will come tumbling down.

  8. Robert, ex-pat Brit 28 Nov 2007, 1:13pm

    David and SteveMD2, I so concur with both of you. The only intrinsic, morally evil behaviour is that of the RC church. In fact, its more a cult than a church. Ratziner should get his own house in order and look to the upper echelons of his clergy, rife with closeted gay men and philanderers. Who are they to pass judgment on us? They’ve cornered the market on hypocrisy, self-righteousness and bigotry. I can’t wait for the next big sex scandal to emerge…and its coming!

  9. Bill Perdue 12 Dec 2007, 8:02am

    Mother superior, your typical dishonesty in defense of catholicism isn’t going win new voters for the Tories. You think that since no one died when your precious “Father” Lee tried to infect them with HIV that he’s off the hook; thankfully his intended victims were very lucky. At least the ones we know about.Fathers Lee’s depraved attempts to infect his partners is just the latest chapter in a long series about the spread of HIV/AIDS by superstitious and depraved priests. There is no difference between their spreading if by lying to their victims or spreading it by lying about how to prevent HIV/AIDS. The epicenter of the pandemic is Africa where the roman cult, other christians and the Bush administration have combined to stop efforts to slow down the spread of the plague by spreading lies and superstitious. Their solution, abstinence is a green light for infection. They go so far as to claim that condoms and antivirals are infected with HIV/AIDS and untrustworthy. That’s what your precious archbishop Chimono did with his pastoral letter that lied to tens of thousands of his sheeple. Africa has an untold number of AIDS deaths directly attributed to their callous lies. Most of us understand the connections between the thousands of priests who rape children, the number of priests who spread HIV/AIDS because of their superstitious denial, and the catholics use of fear and superstition to foster the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Not everybody is a retarded Thatcherite..Bill Perdue | 12.12.07 – 8:01 am | # ——————————————————————————– Bill, I’m not sure the entire Catholic church is raping boys or infecting them with HIV (to clarify, you can’t ‘infect’ anyone with AIDS). Not sure either whether this particular priest infected anyone with HIV as according to the National Examiner “Marine Corps officials said after Thursday’s hearing that nobody is known to have actually contracted HIV from Lee”. Also, despicably as they sometimes do behave, I think Father Lee can hardly be used as a benchmark for the entire Catholic faith.With regard to these “upholders of ‘traditional values’ and ‘right thinking’ are busy with lies and slanders against GLBT folk”, it appears thus far that ironically you seem to be the one busy with lies and slander.Then I’m afraid it all just turns to s**t. No idea how or why you are pulling Mozambique, Archbishop Francisco Chimono, Europeans, Africans, and George Bush into this.Not one of your longest postings but still a rich vein of utter shite, so well done, clearly you’ve not lost it – or maybe you have depending on your point of viewSister Mary Clarence | 12.10.07 – 2:14 am | # ——————————————————————————– Why criticize just some of thir bigotry, Father Luke, why not all of it? Superstition driven people are pathetic.Bill Perdue | 12.09.07 – 11:58 pm | # ——————————————————————————– And comrade Bill spews more of his bile. Most on this site can legitimately criticise some of the bigotry of the Catholic Church without resorting to your foul, rancid, over the top, Marxist hatred.Luke | 12.09.07 – 10:57 pm | # ——————————————————————————– The clergy of the catholic cult are a cesspool of depravity. When they’re not raping boys they’re murdering people by infecting them with HIV/AIDS. In between rapes and manslaughter these upholders of ‘traditional values’ and ‘right thinking’ are busy with lies and slanders against GLBT folk. They promote abstinence and go so far as to issue ‘pastoral’ letters to their sheeple like the one sent to all parishes in Mozambique by archbishop Francisco Chimono who claims that condoms and antivirals are infected with the HIV virus by Europeans to kill Africans. How many are dead because these immoral swine have successfully imposed their superstitious views of the public, supported by conservatives like Bush? We can thank our lucky stars that they’re not allowed to marry and further pollute the gene pool.Bill Perdue | 12.09.07 – 9:32 pm | #.

  10. Sister Mary Clarence 12 Dec 2007, 12:47pm

    Bill, all I was defending was the truth. Once again you’ve managed to twist things beyond recognition. You cannot infect anyone with AIDS, first and foremost – I’m surprised with all your flicking through crap on the internet you haven’t come across this. Secondly, the guy is not actually known to have infected anyone with anything.By filling these pages with your customary ‘utter shite’, you detract from the terrible things that the guy actual did do. Strip out the exaggeration and the hyperbole and maybe underneath all that you may have some interesting to say and valid points but at the moment everything you post is so mired with fabrication any thing meaningful is lost.Just for the record, I’m a bit too young to be a Thatcherite. I was still at school during her time in office. Its the little details Bill, the little details ….

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Dec 2007, 1:12pm

    Lets us not loose sight of the fact that the Catholic missionaries in Africa and elswhere are FORBIDDEN to distribute condoms to prevent the spread of the HIV pandemic. Condoms are considered immoral and a sin. If that’s not condoning murder, I don’t know what is and the RC Church has blood on its hands. This church actually believes that abstinence is the only solution. Does it really believe that the majority of uneducated Africans will abstain? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease! The bigotry it espouses surpasses anything in the name of religion.

  12. What a vulgar, little woman the sister is!

  13. Sister Mary Clarence 12 Dec 2007, 5:04pm

    Vulgar maybe Neville, but I’ve never had racially offensive comments removed from this site or any other.Not sure where you are (although I could hazard a guess) but in this country racist, like homeophobic, comments are widely considered to be offensive.So, vulgar? Pot, kettle, mate.

  14. What a profoundly distasteful thought – the idea of being the ‘mate’ of the vulgar, little woman!

  15. William - Dublin 12 Dec 2007, 7:23pm

    Neville, you really should avoid histrionic statements like that against Sister Mary in defence of Bill. There’s no other way to put this, but Bill Perdue is insane. At best very, very deeply disturbed and a fool. Maybe you’re new here. Perhaps you never witnessed (endure would be a better word) one of Bill’s deeply offensive, paranoid and racist rants against countries and peoples he knows fuck all about and nerver bothered his arse to visit.I have always found Sister Mary to be upfront and true to her personal conviction. Yes, they may not be everyone’s and sometime others might not always agree with her, but isn’t that the sort of diversity and acceptance for other points of view we gays are seeking? Tolerance for all beliefs, all creeds, all walks of life without being victim to attacks or demands for silence, like Bill does to others on a regular basis? I have witnessed Sister Mary skilfully avoid being bated by the lunatic rantings of Bill Perdue MANY time before, and its not her you should be making those silly camp attacks at.Wait until Bill starts attacking YOUR beliefs and YOUR country, we’ll see how quick you are to have a Quentin Crisp inspired “moment”…

  16. And I’ll second what William has said about Sister Mary and Bill.

  17. Sister Mary Clarence 12 Dec 2007, 10:34pm

    Cheers William

  18. Sister Mary Clarence 13 Dec 2007, 12:28am

    Bless you too Luke – or is that an unfortunate turn of phrase on here.

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