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Army sergeant denies sending texts to lesbian soldier

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 17 Jan 2008, 3:35pm

    Well done, Lance Bombardier Fletcher, you deserve every penny. This clearly sends a message to would be homophobes and sexists everywhere, you can run but you can’t hide any more. Good to see the justice system working the way it should.

  2. Bill Perdue 18 Jan 2008, 4:18am

    Hurrah for Lance Bombardier Kerry Fletcher. Each time corporate, religious or government bigots are successfully sued and punished for abuse or discrimination it’s a victory for GLBT folk and our allies – women, minorities, immigrants, trade unionists, etc. The harsher the punishment the better the result because it sends a signal that such behavior is unacceptable, whether it comes from bigoted fireman, cops, military personnel or anyone else. What kind of a snake in the grass could defend bigoted or abusive behavior?

  3. What kind of a snake in the grass could defend bigoted or abusive behavior?It would appear you with your intolerant attitude toward others

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