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Lords debate more rights for same-sex couples

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Nov 2007, 3:45pm

    Minister of God whoever you are, orientation is NOT a choice. Since when did you choose to be heterosexual, you idiot? Come to think of it, maybe you’re another of those screwed up closeted gay males who obsess over gay sex by coming to gay websites to rant and spew your venom. You all have one thing in common……….right wing religious bigotry of which you have the monopoly. Did Fred Phelps pay you?I suppose you believe that its ok to kill your wife for adultery, even your children; that its ok to pluck out your eye if it offends you, cut off your right hand, commit polygamy…..and much more, all of which are permitted in the bible. You’re such an asshole and an ignorant hypocrite. Get back to the caves you neanderthal!

  2. Tom Forrest 22 Nov 2007, 5:21pm

    Happy to note that you are an ex-pat,hopefully you will remain as such.Your language has the stench of homosexual bigotry about it.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Nov 2007, 6:18pm

    Tom Forrest too damn bad, get over it!

  4. Thank you, PinkNews, for such full verbatim coverage of the Lords debate. It is very interesting to see the arguments being made in black and white, and shades of grey.

  5. Here we go again …. Unelected people deciding on laws that effect the electorate of this country. As a secular democrat I am not interest in the views of members of religious cults or members of families who bought titles from past unelected rulers. Our upper house should consist of a cross section of modern society elected by and answerable to us the “citizens”

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Nov 2007, 6:57pm

    Alan, I echo all you say, unelected officials have no place in the democratic system, ever.

  7. Bill Perdue 25 Nov 2007, 3:03am

    The freeloading Conservative parasites of the House of Antiquities are guided by sexism, anti gay bigotry and superstition. That’s why they’re critical of the Fertilization and Embryology bill. Conservative lord Elton rejects the concept of samesex parenthood, families and marriage, saying its “extraordinary” to remove the need for a father. “It seems to me grotesque and unpleasant,” he said. Conservatives believe that anything involving the rights of women and especially lesbians is “grotesque and unpleasant’. Should he be faulted for being a conservative monkey or a relic? It’s hard to say. Lord Ahmed, a former Labour member who now backs Conservative candidates says “Muslims have a profound belief … in the sanctity of human life …” That’s not entirely true; some do and some don’t. As a rule religious superstition and bias are excuses to take lives, not preserve them. Certainly the Iranian state sponsored religious lynch mobs who kill GLBT folk, women and trade unionists don’t adhere to lord Ahmed’s superstitious delusions. Nor do the US/English armed jihadist death squads in Iraq. Nor does the roman cults archbishop Chimoio who claims that condoms are deliberately modified to infect people with the HIV virus. Baroness Paisley, conservative wife and mother of notorious gay bashers Ian and baby Ian, mirrors the DUP’s deep connections with totalitarian christian politics when she says “This proposal totally disregards the biblical law on mixing kinds or species as laid down in Holy Scripture, and would be an offence to the Creator Himself, who made man in His own image….” What species did Eileen mate with to produce a creature like baby Ian? Are these dinosaurs paid with taxpayer monies? If so it should be stopped and taxpayers should be allowed to sue to get their money back..

  8. Keep things in proportion – this rag-bag of bigots is really not typical of the House of Lords.SS Obergruppenfuehrer Graf von Tebbitz and the ranting Northern Irish Christo-fascists always crawl out of the woodwork on occasions like this to try and fight their rearguard action to protect their narrow irrelevant concept of a family.I always think how interesting it will be when these people wind-up finally in their retirement home manned by a large proportion of gay staff.I hope someone remembers to make them suffer in the way that their enforcement of prejudice and bigotry made others,defenceless against them,suffer.God moves in a mysterious way,but he moves.They should remember this. “Oh – you’ve shit in your pants,again,Norman.”

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 21 Jan 2008, 7:32pm

    Gendy, don’t you find it revealing that we have this kind of bigotry overhwelmingly within the conservative parties worldwide? The Church of England hierarchy are overwhelmingly conservative too. Its the same in America, republican politicians (conservatives) have the highest proportion of prejudice and bigotry to go around, but then these parties traditionally have always engendered and fostered it. I don’t think section 28 would have happened had Labour been in office, do you?

  10. William - Dublin 21 Jan 2008, 10:52pm

    Well, Robert, its not necessarily revealing, just a sad reality. And its also a sad reality that most of the peoples of the world are conservative in nature… usually born out of fear of change, or the wish to force others to do what they do to make themselves feel better about their choices in life, but its mostly because they are ignorant. Most of the US is conservative, simply because they spend their life in fear. Of what is probably better answered by a sociologist. But this is a fear that is easily exploited by the republican party and religious right wing groups. The majority of the world’s population is unfortunately uneducated in that they can’t think beyond the dogma they are fed by the one thing that feeds on ignorance and fear:- conservative religion.It’s ignorance that need to be addressed… education removes ignorance. When ignorance goes, so does fear and bigotry, and then equality for all people, in all countries, will have a chance to thrive.

  11. Bill Perdue 22 Jan 2008, 1:58am

    The Pollyanna conception that ‘Education’ is going to cure the Conservatives’ deep rooted bigotry is a pretext to divert attention away from their bigotry. Conservatives combine absurdities like that with a few soothing words and a patronizing pat on the head by David Cameron to try to solve an insoluble problem, which is that people detest them. The majorities that elect Labour and Lib Dem candidates hate them for Section 28, for opposing the hate speech measure and opposing this law, for islamophobia, and for imposing regressive taxes on consumers and working people and for attacking unions when they were in office. That’s why they’ve been out of office for so song. The only way to protect GLBT folks from the Conservatives, and their allies in the DUP and among the otherwise unemployable christian clergy is to keep them out of office. For us to vote for Conservatives, Republicans, or other reactionaries is political suicide.

  12. William - Dublin 22 Jan 2008, 8:16pm

    Ah, Bill. Your pathetic attempt to insult me with a cheap reference to “Pollyanna” aside (a reference that is obscure enough no doubt to make you think you are actually clever) I suppose expecting you to actually READ the post I wrote is too much. Again you descend into petty insults simply because your can’t see the woods from the trees… my dear chap, you’re even in the wrong forest most of the time.I said, to simplify for you: education removes ignorance, and this removes the power base of the conservatives. We live in a democracy here in the EU, which means that people vote these conservative parties into power. Educate those people and the conservatives don’t have their “fear” to convince the masses that homosexuals are a “threat”. It’s a simple fact, there is a clear correlation between education level and prejudice. And to quote some research Bill (something you seem adverse to doing):“Empirical studies have shown that it is not only the vertical aspect of education – the duration – which affects prejudice and racist attitudes, but that also the horizontal aspect of education- the subjects studied and whether these are of general or professional orientation – affects these attitudes. This suggests that greater insight into how education as a mechanism can be used to fight racist attitudes is required.” ERCOMER Conference, Utrecht, October 20–22, 1997But I know you’re not big into free speech, as you have clearly demonstrated before with your disturbing racists’ attacks on the various nationalities and countries of people who don’t agree with your repetitive rhetoric, but democracy, with all its flaws, is system we choose to uphold in spite of people like you. In fact, we uphold that system to STOP people like you taking charge and imposing their one ideology upon us. Listening to an opposite point of view, allowing other free speech, tolerance for other nationalities, cultures and ways of life:- these are all traits as part of the goal of equality.Unfortunately, and ironically, you demonstrate the opposite, Bill.But no, that was all too much for you, wasn’t it Bill? I’m sorry, I do expect too much from you sometimes. No doubt you will follow up with another blaze of stupid, dull, tired and predictable references to all manner of 18th century prejudices and pet hates:- Catholics, conservatives, people who disagree with you are all the same person (now THAT’S paranoia for you), blah bloody blah… dear lord, the only thing you are good at is being boring.Anyone that has to lie about their qualifications as you have been proven to do Bill, I can only assume your aversion to education is because, as you clearly demonstrate at every turn, you don’t have one. Then again, trying to rationalise a logical argument with you, Bill, is as pointless as trying to fuck for peace.

  13. Bill Perdue 22 Jan 2008, 11:51pm

    Wsilliam – dublin clearly needs a new scriptwriter. Otherwise he may have to stop posting out of sheer embarassment. He might even end up in posting purgatory like the other Dunce Tomas who had the same scriptwriter.

  14. William - Dublin 23 Jan 2008, 8:23am

    Oh, fantastic comeback, Bill. Simply fantastic. What I love about you is the well balanced arguments and logical discussion, mixed with a singular wit! A real testament to those degrees you never actually earned. Looks like that Tom chap got to you… Makes me more sure he was telling the truth. And no, I won’t stop posting, no second rate bottom feeder like you has even the remotest chance of running me off this site. Unlike you, I believe in equality.You’re a paranoid buffoon, Bill. Simple as that. And your petty insults and your racism has no place here. Run along there… Or you’ll miss out on that cardboard box you sleep in.

  15. Linda Harrington 23 Jan 2008, 8:30am

    Actually, Bill, William makes a good point about education. So, whats your problem? Why react so aggressively to a fair point? Is this site not open to fair points?

  16. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Jan 2008, 8:31am

    Bill, I think we’ve all had enough of this Animal Farm-esque reality that you seem to be living in.Any chance that you could tune back into the real world?

  17. William - Dublin 23 Jan 2008, 5:46pm

    Linda, SMC thanks for the comments, but Linda, Bill won’t respond to you. You’ve sided against him by daring to question his right to abuse people, so now you’ll suffer the following humiliations, usually in this order:(1) He’ll change your name to “Lsinda” or something equally stupid like that with the hope you’ll cry. Of course it could simply be dyslexia, he’s shown not to be too intelligent.(2) Then he’ll abuse your race, your culture and your democracy. Bill doesn’t agree with democracy or your right to elect a representative of your choice.(3) Then he’ll call you a conservative. He’ll also accuse you of being against gay rights and equality. Pay no attention to this, he gets cranky when his banjo breaks a string.(3) And finally, accuse you of being the same person: i.e. me, and Sister Mary, and Luke, and I believe two versions of Steve and, the latest addition, some poor guy by the name of Tomas he accused of paedophilia before. Welcome to the club of the Dissociative Identity Disorder:- population one. Apparently. Sorry Linda to have embroiled you in this, but Bill’s just a sad small minded bully with fuck all power in life other than to abuse people on an English gay site (apparently he’s been barred from most American ones).

  18. Linda, that’s a valid point. Unfortunately Bill has a history of launching personal attacks on anyone who don’t share his view of the world. Some people got fed up at this and replied in kind.Bill has attacked William for his views on Ireland. Bill’s seems to have an understanding of the issues no deeper than a 5 year old would have gleaned after watching “Far and Away” with Tom Cruise. Add in a rabid dislike of the evil English colonialists (or is it imperialists?) and well, you get the picture.Sister Mary in particular has come in for a lot of his vitriol. Simply for the crime of not thinking the Labour party are the greatest thing since sliced bread.If you stick around, and I hope you do, you’ll see that William, Sister Mary and most others are perfectly capable of having an exchange of views without descending into personal insults or the ludicrous “straw man” arguments that Bill attributes to anyone not sharing his views.Regards,

  19. William - Dublin 23 Jan 2008, 9:16pm

    Thanks Luke, and very well said too… although if you’re supposed to be me, and I’m you, then is thanking myself the ultimate in self gratification?

  20. Linda Harrington 23 Jan 2008, 9:34pm

    Well, I have noticed that Bill hasn’t bothered to respond to me. I’ll accept that as proof that he knows he’s just being a bitch.Thanks Luke and William… Especially William, you’re wasted here man, you should be writing for a magazine or something, some funny stuff there! You Irish and your charm!

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