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Murphy-O’Connor: plans for easier lesbian IVF “profoundly wrong”

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Reader comments

  1. William - Dublin 19 Nov 2007, 8:14am

    Great comment there Kate, so deep and insightful. I just love the half arsed effort you make to speak English to produce this thinly disguised advert.

  2. always the same from these “celibate” churchmen. They neither bear nor raise children, though many have carnal relations with them, but always telling people hoe they should live regards children.I don’t hear anything from them aboutmarrieds desperate for kids spending time and money on it fruitlessly.

  3. There was some rightwing wfemale peer on the radio this morning ending her diatribe with the fact that “lesbian nand gay relationships are less likely to last than heterosexual ones”. Bearing in mind that CP only started less than 2 years ago, there hasn’t been time to compare like with like, but there haven’t been too many break ups as far as I know,(and the red top rags would have broadcast the numbers far and wide had they been significant!)

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 19 Nov 2007, 1:18pm

    apYrs, if that ingnoramous were here in the U.S., she would be very surprised to know that virtually one in two marriages fail. The right wing, including Bush, once said that allowing gay people to marry would harm the institution of marriage and send the wrong, confusing marriage to the nation’s children. Well, since we only have marriage for gays in one state so far, I fail to see how an idiot like Bush can say that our marriages would harm his and others given the dismal divorce rate here. If you ask any of them to provide the evidence, they can’t.As for religious, bigoted clergymen who are neither married and who do not produce children yet use procreation as a negative strike against marriage equality, I wonder what they would say to a straight couple intending to marry but who do not want to have children? The relgiouis rabble all scream that marriage is solely for procreation. Well, ho hum…maybe they should ban straights from marrying who choose not to have children or cannot because of medical reasons.

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