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First gay Somali website launched

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Reader comments

  1. mohamed Hassan 21 Nov 2007, 10:03am

    I am so glad to hear this sex is only baned in when it is forced e.g in case of rape. Thus, i am all for it good the keep work.As a Somali translator, i would like to see some metrials written in Somali in this website.Good news after all.

  2. There is already a lot of material in the Somali language on the web site. To go to the Somali section click on the sign at the top right hand cornerwhere the word “afsoomaali” is written. And to go back to English, do the vice versa.

  3. Ahmed Yusuf Ismail 22 Nov 2007, 8:41am

    This is blastphmay gay’s should be killed, even animals don’t mate with same sex,so these homosexuals are worst of mankind and if I ever see or notice a somalian who is gay so help me god I will stick my royal foot up his jack’s!

  4. Ahmed: Nice to see you on this gay website. We always like to see a well-balanced argument. Incidentally, many animals have homosexual relationships besides man, famously the Bonobo monkey. It might be also worth noting that most animals don’t kill others of their own kind, which says a lot about your methods.

  5. William - Dublin 22 Nov 2007, 11:17am

    Ahmed, given you’re on a gay site rummaging around, I would be more inclined to think you want to stick more than your “royal foot” up his jack.You clearly sound like an intelligent chap, so why don’t you run along and go and scratch some random markings on a cave wall, or something…

  6. Ahmed Yusuf Ismail 22 Nov 2007, 11:27am

    Rob Neal, the bonobo monkeys have been cursed by our creator hince the reason which they are monkeys(Historical fact in the Quran) but they have some characteristics of human beings,and that is beacuse they used to do mischef,homosexuality and other perversed acts so god said to them be you monkeys and so they turned into monkeys…so if you do not repent ask for forgivness you shall be cursed also.

  7. Ahmed Yusuf Ismail 22 Nov 2007, 11:35am

    Willaim its amousing to me that i should be the one to scracth some random cave because its quite clear in your history that its your kind who actually lived and hunted as cave men,could it be so that small confined spaces has driven you to the same sex? iam on this site beacuse i feel for my brothers of the same (deen)religion who commit such acts and have now tried to create a blog.

  8. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Nov 2007, 1:34pm

    Ahmed et al, you morons, gay orientation exists in over 500 species on this planet, documented and confirmed by some of the world’s most renowned zoologists. Get back to the caves from whence you came and stick your islamic mumbo jumbo where the sun doesn’t shine.

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Nov 2007, 1:44pm

    William, I’m convinced that the Ahmeds and Hanks of this world are nothing more that deeply closeted gay men. Odd isn’t it how they obsess over our sex lives and how they deliberately seek out gay websites? I believe in the old saying, those who protest too much are the most suspect. Clearly, these men are deeply conflicted and need professional help in coming to terms with their sexual orientation and rid themselves of the oppression that their religion imposes on them.

  10. Good god! who is this man Ahmed? i sudder to think they life amongst us. Ahmed, if you realy feel so strongly to save the world from gay’s why dont you piss back to Somalia! I tell you why you dont – because in Somalia there is just about nothing to go back to! why can’t people just let the sun shine over everyone. There is lots that i dont like about other races or religions but i accept that its due to a diffrence in culture! It does not make me hate them, just dislike certain aspects of them, but it does’nt stop me from greeting my Somaly neighbor on the left or helping my Chinese pensioner on the right.I always say that people are afraid of the things they dont know. But to curse someone just cause he/she’s gay make my bood boil. Since when has killing someone ever solved anything? Ahmed – this is not an islamic state, so i repeat – go back to your people in Somalia and leave the rest of us to get on in hormony. jase

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Nov 2007, 3:55pm

    Jason, well said. Somalia is nothing more than a backward, primitive, regressive islamic state that has no regard for human life, dignity or respect for others along with most other societies of their ilk. Note that all of these third rate societies are governed by corrupt, straight males with a 9th century mentality. They contribute nothing to the world but evil deeds.

  12. Ahmed is clearly a primitive who is to be pitied. The Koran, to which he refers, is a superstitious, primitive document, with some anthropological interest, in that it documents the attitudes of tribes at an early, medieval period of development. It has no place in a modern, developed, sophisticated society.

  13. “i feel for my brothers”Somehow, Ahmed, I find that hard to believe. I’m pretty sure your “brothers” don’t need your kind of twisted compassion.Do you what to know how may of us give a damn what a backward little degenerate like you thinks about our lives? The answer is none. Now, run along you troglodyte, I’m sure you have some rocks to bang together, or a goat to bleed, or something to murder, in the name of allah.

  14. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Nov 2007, 5:17pm

    Neville, I would also think that the Koran has much in common with the bible too, another piece of perverse, conflicted, contradictory fiction.

  15. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Nov 2007, 5:19pm

    William, you are too funny, laughing my arse off! Ahmend et al are all a bunch of neanderthals!

  16. Papa Veritas 22 Nov 2007, 5:28pm

    Ahmed, your “prophet” Mohammed was noting more then a filthy flea ridden goat herder and a whore monger. He picked fights with neighbouring tribes like a common street thug, and founded a religion followed by wife beating degenerates who fuck animals.He spend most of his life neglecting his family while he got high in a cave in some hell hole in Arabia. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  17. Ahmed, would you like to comment on the morals of the islamic prophet mohammed who married a 6 year old girl and consummated the marriage when she was 9 and he was 54?One of the reasons why the age of consent (for girls) is so low in many islamic countries.

  18. “consummated the marriage when she was 9 and he was 54″Really? Euch!The dirty bugger.

  19. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Nov 2007, 6:23pm

    Luke, I always thought islamic societies were degenerate, and now I know why.

  20. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Nov 2007, 6:24pm

    William, Mohammed committed then what is tantamount to paedophilia, the degeneracy of their cultures gets worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if incest were the norm.

  21. Bill Perdue 22 Nov 2007, 9:35pm

    “Ahmed, would you like to comment on the morals of the islamic prophet mohammed who married a 6 year old girl and consummated the marriage when she was 9 and he was 54?” That’s a very good question, Lukie. Now would you like to comment on the fact that what’s his face mohammed jumped a little girl 1400 or so years ago when such horrors were common and you bring that up daily but never seem to have the time or inclination to mention the thousands of catholic and mormon priests and jewish rabbis who’ve been convicted of the same crime recently. Except of course of the ones who escaped to the vatican grounds where they enjoy diplomatic extraterritorial safety from prosecution. Or do you think it’s not a relevant question when roman priests and jewish rabbis rape children or when morrmon priests marry (read rape) pre-pubescent girls because these crimes are committed by jewish and christian cultists. Ahmed Yusuf Ismail – the compulsive superstitious hate filled violence of islamist homobigots will end when GLBT and others revolutionize Middle Eastern societies. In places like Iran, Saudi Arabia, US colonized Iraq and Nigeria they’ll give homobigots and murderers a fair trial and blow their brains out. However there’s no need to waste bullets on such small targets. An air gun should do the trick. – Support group for women and men abused by religious authority figures. – ‘thousands of priests’ Two Reports on mormon fundamentalists – – An eye-opening and thoughtful discussion of rabbinical abuse from the Cleveland jewish News and the Safe Passage Foundation.

  22. As usual, comrade Bill goes off on one of his rants.Teeny weeny difference between the antics of mohammed and paedophile priests which you bring up non stop. The civilized world slams its paedophile clerics in prison when it gets the chance. I’ve yet to see any in the islamic world condemn mohammed in any way shape or form. The reason for this (I can’t believe I’m wasting my time with you Bill, but if it helps gets through those marxist glasses of yours, I’ll try) is that mohammed is to be revered for all eternity in all aspects of his life for all mankind. It says so in the koran. So sadly, we can’t condemn his paedophilia to the moral backwater of 7th century Arabia.Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that muslim gays are persecuted throughout the Islamic world in a far more severe way than they are in nominally Christian countries or Jewish Israel.But to a racist marxist, a bishop who opposes gay Christians getting married is as big a criminal as a mad mullah who strings up a non-white Muslim by the neck.The gay Muslim struggling with his last breath may disagree, but hey, what do his views matter?Keep on seething Bill, you have entertainment value if nothing else.

  23. Bill Perdue 22 Nov 2007, 11:36pm

    Luke will continue indicting himself as dishonest and racist until he no longer obsesses over something that happened 1400 years ago and thousands of miles away and begins to address the real problem of pedophilia which happens in western societies daily and in churches, mosques and synagogues right down the street. If he can get over his conservative cult-based prejudices long enough maybe he’ll be able to grasp the essential point of all this. He could start by addressing the real problem of homobigoted islamists and other superstitious cretins like Der Pope. (And anyone who defends the roman cult is a cretin and if they try to excuse the boy raping priests they’re condoning criminal rape.) These ayatollahs, imams and mullahs and the US/English sponsored Iraqi jihadist death squads are exactly and precisely like the Der Pope, Williams, Phelps and Paisley – they all condone the use of religion as an excuse for persecution, discrimination and violence. Sometimes, in places like the American south, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Serbia and occupied Ireland the religious induced violence can be very bad indeed, with thousands of deaths. In other places it’s leads to harassment, verbal abuse, and discrimination accompanied by the occasional beating, nail bombing or lynching that characterize life for GLBT folk in most places, including the US and EU. The only thing you can guarantee is that conservatives and reactionaries will dust off and use racism, sexism, class prejudice and homobigotry every time social and economic conditions worsen and politics heat up. It’s their ultimate divide and rule weapon, which is why prejudiced cretins like Luke embrace it and use it. It’s biased to attack one religion instead of all of them and it’s clueless to endlessly repeat a condemnation of something that happened 1400 years ago. I’m sure that the jewish prophets had at with young girls too since that was common at the time. I’m also sure that priests, popes and even ‘gasp’ saints did too. Read a history of the Borgia papacies. So really what happened with mohammed and his child bride is old news. Very old news. What’s not old news are today’s clerical rapes of children, some as young as 5 and 6 years old, which seem to occur at similar rates in all the cults. The rapes go on every day and just around the corner in the US and the EU.What’s not old news are the awful murders of GLBT folk by conservatives and reactionaries under cover of religion. In the middle east US allies like Saudi Arabia and the US/English armed Sunni police and Shiite militias in Iraq and the ayatollahs in Iran punish and murder women, GLBT folk and unionist without mercy. To attack one and not all religions is just simple minded bigotry. To try to ignore the crimes of today is be complicit in them.

  24. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Nov 2007, 2:15am

    “obsesses over something that happened 1400 years ago and thousands of miles away”. I think that’s the point Bill though isn’t it? It happened (or didn’t) 1400 years ago, but even though the world has moved on, we have a large swathe of individuals still living in the Dark Ages.Possibly Luke hasn’t brought up any or your long list of pet hates, because the original article was about ‘Bill’s Pet Hates’, but true to form you’ve managed to twist the conversation around to them. I mean I think we have to give it to you on that last posting, you managed to get then all in didn’t you – Ireland, jihadist death squads, homobigoted islamists, boy raping priests, Jewish prophets.You are just totally unhinged mate, totally. Society today has really, really gone wrong if it outputs the likes of you. I can only assume that you are unemployable and sit at home all day coming up with this nonsense. Its clear from your postings here that you are very lacking in any sort of social skills, so I imagine you would find it nigh on impossible to interact with others in a work based environment. God help them if you do of course.

  25. Ahmed: I’m new to this “debate” on this site but it seems that your abnormal hatred of things gay is an act as unnatural as that which you seem obsessed to condemn. You should seriously consider getting professional help, or get off gay web sites and get a life of your own.Really.

  26. Bill Perdue 23 Nov 2007, 6:19am

    Mother Superior – “… we have a large swathe of individuals still living in the Dark Ages.” Yes, we call them Conservatives, jihadists, catholic priests and Paisleyites, etc. I mentioned “jihadist death squads, homobigoted islamists, boy raping priests’ because I think they should be on everyone’s list. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to go after them and suppress them. If you think that’s wrong be sure to let us know. If you don’t see the connection between reactionary Thatcherism, the reactionary use of religious bigotry by neo-fascists like the Pailseyites, reactionary sexism and reactionary union busting that’s just a function of your conservative blindness. The Iranian resistance movement certainly gets it because the ayatollahs burn and hang GLBT folk, murder union leaders and stone and burn women who break tradition. Most of the world gets it even if you don’t. Whatever gave you the idea that I hate Ireland or the Irish: I support Irish independence and I understand that the non-Irish in the north are faced with some unenviable decisions but I don’t hate them either, unless of course they’re part of the DUP death squads. As for jewish prophets, I’ve never mentioned them before my previous post. How did that come up? How it get on my list of ‘pet hates’? I did compare them and their sexual mores to that of mohammed. But not in a hate filled way. You do know what comparison means, don’t you. All these lies are counterproductive and yet you do it time and time again. My social skills certainly don’t include aping your fawning attitude towards bigots, or the Conservative Thatcherites pandering to the class prejudices of management. I suppose that’s why I was a successful union griever and was able to make the management monkeys ‘back down’ – it certainly made me a well liked figure in the union. Actually you sound a lot like a management monkey. Get over it Mother Superior, leftists always win arguments with reactionaries like you and we’ve made you ‘back down’ more than once. Move on; your sour petulance and lack of ability to defend your Thatcherite views is boring.

  27. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Nov 2007, 8:45am

    “leftists always win arguments”, I think Bill that you mean leftists always start arguments – start them with absolutely anyone. When you’re in a lift all alone Bill, do you start talking to yourself, and then does it turn into an argument. Do you confront people at the check out in the supermarket and berate them for not commenting on the plight of gays in Iran or the illegal occupation of Ireland when they hand you your change.When the postman passes in the morning to deliver your mail, do you rush out of the house and start screaming abuse at him as he fails to scrawl hand written notes condemning catholic priest, boy buggering, islamophoic, US sponsored, jihandist, Iraqi death squads on the back of all your post – you’re right, how will the message get out if he doesn’t?As I have said before, anything you have to say that is worthwhile becomes mired in the total s**t you spout 99% of the time.

  28. William - Dublin 23 Nov 2007, 8:52am

    “Ireland the religious induced violence can be very bad indeed”What are you talking about? Occupied Ireland? My god, man, leave the 1800’s behind and move into this century.Alas, your twisted, and quite frankly rather stupid views, Bill, are from reading right wing propaganda. Why not try to read more diverse publishings on this country. You know, Ireland, the country you know sweet fuck all about. Better again, why not visit Ireland, and see where your stupid and offensive remarks get you. You, sir, are the raciest.Perhaps then you wouldn’t be prone to outlandish and downright retarded statements on “occupied Ireland” and your so called “British imperialism”.You are as blinded from the truth of reality and as narrow minded as the “bigots” you claim to hate. In fact, we could replace you, Bill, with a 5 Euro parrot, it would do the same job more effectively.

  29. Bill Perdue 23 Nov 2007, 9:01am

    William, wander on down to the Sinn Féin Bookshop at 44 Parnell Square and learn about the real Ireland. After you get educated maybe you’ll have something to contribute.

  30. Bill Perdue 23 Nov 2007, 9:53am

    William, “Alas, your twisted, and quite frankly rather stupid views, Bill, are from reading right wing propaganda.” The only rightwing propaganda I’m exposed to on a regular basis is from you, racists who hate all muslim societies and the many aliases of Mother Superior.If you’re like Mother Superior and just don’t understand English, rent a copy of Bloody Sunday, a film that describes the attack by the English Army’s 1st Parachute Regiment. These twisted hate filled murderers opened fire on peaceful Irish civilians, killing 13 and wounding several others in 1972. There a number of other dramas and educational films about the conditions faced by the Irish in occupied Ireland. Maybe they’ll help you come to terms with reality. While you’re at Parnell Street ask them for a coloring book with pictures and simple language that describes the history and the current situation in occupied Ulster. Maybe they can educate you about topics like the Black and Tans, the Troubles, the DUP affiliated death squads and etc. Right up to the present. But, if you’re as dense as you seem in your posts, forget it; they have better things do. Regarding Sinn Féin the people who claim that they’re a tiny isolated group are simply liars. They’re the second largest party in the occupied north and have undergone rapid growth in the Republic. Sinn Féin is a radical, left-wing pro-independence party, in favor of Irish unification. SF rapidly grew from very little strength in the Republic before 2004 to their present strength, which is about half that of Labour in the Oireachtas. They’ll continue to grow at the expense of FF, the Greens and Labour.

  31. William - Dublin 23 Nov 2007, 10:09am

    Bill, oh, please, don’t patronise ME with your lame attempt to show me “you understand Irish history”. You are a narrow minded fool who can barely string a sentence together!You don’t understand Irish history, and you look a bigger fool in our eyes when you attempt to do so. You think a few hours on the net reading some lame as you sit crying over a bygone years of Soviet May Day parades, that makes you “informed” on politics? Get real.You’re a bigger fool than Hank.My advice to you is to get a good dictionary. You have the lexicon and grammatical prowess of a dyslexic 5 year old. Its disturbing.

  32. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Nov 2007, 10:44am

    That’s right every go out and rent a copy of Bloody Sunday to find out all about the ‘troubles’ in Ireland. A film that every reviewer worth his or her salt with tell you does have a slanted view of events. Although most people would agree the British government did act unjustly, it is nonetheless a one-sided account of what occurred.After that can I also suggest you rent U571 for a true to life account of how the Yanks won the war by ceasing a copy of the German Enigma. You might notice a few small deviations from the commonly accepted story, but not to worry, because Bill Clinton did apologise for this to Tony Blair at the time, so no harm done.If you have time afterwards you might want to get hold of a copy of Deliverance, for a fascinating insight into Bill’s world over in the States – “Come on piggy, give me a ride …. I bet you can squeal like a pig”

  33. William - Dublin 23 Nov 2007, 12:34pm

    Bill is American???Oh, now it makes sense. The USA, the one country full of “experts” on other countries they know fuck all about, or never even visited. Would also explain the appallingly remedial grasp on the most basic of sentence constructs.Here, Bill, for an insight on how “enlightened” your people are on history, politics, and geography, have a look at this:

  34. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Nov 2007, 1:15pm

    Sister Mary, actually, wasn’t it the Brits who cracked the enigma code under Alan Turing, assuming we’re talking about the same thing?Also, what many don’t know is, that the turning point in the war (WW2) was the Battle of Britain im 1940. America wasn’t even in the war until December 7, 1941. Had the UK not won won that battle which gave it supremacy of the air, we would probably all be speaking German today including America.

  35. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Nov 2007, 1:28pm

    Yes Robert, that’s my point, what is portrayed on the silver screen may not always be exactly how things are in reality.The U571 film resulted in a diplomatic incident between the US and the UK as a result of the poetic licence employed.

  36. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Nov 2007, 1:33pm

    Although to be precise Robert the code was actually broken by the Poles in 1939 (I think), however the British captured the first working machine (from a submarine).

  37. William - Dublin 23 Nov 2007, 1:35pm

    Well, Sister Mary, Robert, I doubt our friend Bill gives a damn as to actual historical fact. He just seems to extract any thread of truth and them blow it out of context to fuel his rather poorly informed pet-hate diatribes.In a way, he’s no different from the right wing religions nuts we see in here regularly who rant endlessly on twisted versions of their belief system.Have you noticed the vague reference in his last rant that we are all the same person? How wonderfully paranoid.A good starting point for Bill would be a passport.

  38. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Nov 2007, 2:18pm

    William – Bill and I seldom see eye to eye on things – apparently I’m also Luke (which I take as a compliment as his postings are usually both intelligent and witty), Steve and a couple of others).Usually the nutters come and go, but Bill’s probably been blocked from most other forums were you can give a view, so mostly likely has nowhere else to go.Whilst he irritates me incredible, I do feel a bit sorry for him. I can’t imagine he makes friends easily.

  39. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Nov 2007, 2:26pm

    Sister Mary, thank you for clarifying that. I had no idea the Poles were involved, I must do some more reading on that.As for the Battle of Britain, most Americans and others know little of the implications or significance of that battle, definitely the turning point.

  40. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Nov 2007, 2:34pm

    William, would you say that the majority of Irish people in the south tend not to dwell on the past and would you say most support Sinn Fein? I was only ever in Ireland once several years ago. I didn’t find this to be the case. Irish people in Ireland are drastically different from people of Irish descent in the U.S. who really aren’t Irish at all if they’re born here.Over here in the states, Irish Americans as they are called seem to have a very different attitude towards the UK and its relationship with Ireland which seems to be one of animosity with a degree of bleary-eyed romanticism, always painting the UK as the villain. I remember seeing St. Patrick’s day parades in New York with many anti-british banners and demonstrations outside the UK Embassy in Washington and consulates across the country. It was always a onesided view here unfortunately. I’m glad its changing, for the best.

  41. William - Dublin 23 Nov 2007, 4:29pm

    “Irish people in Ireland are drastically different from people of Irish descent in the U.S. who really aren’t Irish at all if they’re born here.”Absolutely. The US is full of these 3rd-plus generation “plastic paddies”. Basically any twit who drinks Guinness, once saw the film “Far and Away”, and has a little drunken weep at a piece of Shamrock (or anything green for that matter), and hey, they’re apparently Irish! Of course, their vision is that we, back in the “old country” are still washing our clothes in a lake, eating famine ravished potatoes, and throwing stones at the local British Garrison as a means of spending a drunk fuelled Sunday afternoon.You are quite correct in saying that most Irish have no ill will to the British. Regardless of the past, the British are our closest neighbours, fellow EU citizens, and more like us than any other nation. Most of our trade and tourism has historically been with Britain. And most of Irish people in the Republic feel that way to our neighbours, regardless of their aspirations for a united Ireland. It would be like holding the war against the Germans, no one remotely rational does that.The Sinn Fein sweeping the Irish parliament that Bill mentions is 4 seats out of 166. That’s less than 2.5% of the Irish parliament… hardly the unstoppable dreadnought that Bill refers to. In the North, its different, but that’s their democracy. There are a few fools that still think a united Ireland will come about by propaganda and murdering innocent people, but, like Bill, thankfully, they’re are a dying minority.Bill reads a few words in some right wing news paper and he thinks he knows my country and its “troubles”. Given what I’ve seen, Bill has problems spelling words, let alone understanding them.

  42. Very good post William

  43. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Nov 2007, 4:50pm

    Well done William, hopefully that sets everyone straight on the situation with Ireland, our neighbours and good friends.

  44. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Nov 2007, 6:59pm

    William, many many thanks for you detailed response. I sort of felt that’s the way the people in Ireland felt. Thank you again.

  45. Bill Perdue 23 Nov 2007, 10:56pm

    The struggle for Irish unity and Independence didn’t end in the ‘1800’s’. William betrays his profound ignorance of Irish history and isolation from contemporary politics with such idiocies. The powerful radicalization in the occupied north and matching growth of Sinn Féin are proof. Since supporting the Peace Process Sinn Féin’s seen a dramatic increase in their political power in the occupied north and the Republic. Even Mother Superior says she likes that way they’re heading. In spite of Williams’s delusions they’re hardly a tiny and fading party. Sinn Féin is the second largest party in the assembly in the occupied north with 28 seats out of 108. In the occupied north Sinn Féin has gained popularity and political clout because it’s the only party that defends the Irish and GLBT folk against the Paisleyites and the English. In the Republic of Ireland Sinn Féin has 4 seats in the Dáil, one Senator, 2 Members of the European Parliament nationally and 118 councilors. Their politics revolve around Irish independence and unification and a democratic socialist perspective. Sinn Féin’s two MEP’s are part of the European United Left–Nordic Green Left alliance. Only a dunce like William could mistake that for right wing politics. No one can say how they’ll evolve because their politics are in flux but if they continue to move to the left and appeal to working people they have a very bright future and will probably achieve their goal of full independence. Then they can go on to expropriate the wealth of the bloated rich. It’ll be fun to watch. Irish unity and independence will reduce the pathetic rump of the English empire even further and no doubt enrage those who look back to the days when the ‘sun never set’ etc. Too bad. It means more groaning and teeth gnashing for the Thatcherites and English nationalists but that’s all they have to look forward to in any case. Mother Superior, it’s hard to know who your aliases are, Robert exPat was sure that Stevie was one and others have suggested more names. In the end it doesn’t really matter because you politics are why you’re losing, and silly subterfuges won’t help.William, my suggestion to you remains the same. Go on down to the SF bookstore on Parnell Street and get an education. You’re ignorance of history and contemporary politics is inexcusable

  46. Sister Mary Clarence 24 Nov 2007, 1:53am

    “Sinn Féin has gained popularity and political clout because it’s the only party that defends the Irish and GLBT folk against the Paisleyites and the English.” Bill please!Do you really think issues around the gay community are what are really causing people to vote for Sinn Féin? Whilst equality issues have been a cornerstone of Sinn Féin’s agenda, that agenda has been somewhat wider than the gay community. You really are full of s**t. Yet you have the bare-faced cheek to say to William “You’re ignorance of history and contemporary politics is inexcusable.”Priceless mate, absolutely priceless! Have you any idea how stupid it makes you look?I’d move on to something else if I were you because the politics of Ireland is clearly not a specialty of yours. With every posting you show yourself to be more of a f**kwit.And as for other personalities, there is and only ever has been one of me. Anything I write on here, I’m more than happy for you to know its me that wrote it.

  47. Bill Perdue 24 Nov 2007, 4:41am

    Mother Superior, every time you comment you go through the same grubby gyrations. And my answer will always be the same. You’re a Thatcherite. You and your politics are relics of an age when class prejudice and imperial pretensions counted for something – that period has been over for decades. In today’s world being identified with the Cliveden Set is political suicide. Your politics are loser politics, and as long as you continue to regurgitate them you’ll keep on losing, getting exposed as a Thatcherite monkey and a dunce. And you’ll have to keep backtracking. Creating straw men, xenophobia, personal attacks and dishonesty are the desperate tactics of losers. You’re a loser. Get used to it. .

  48. William - Dublin 24 Nov 2007, 10:23am

    Well, Bill, MY suggestions still holds.Get a passport and a dictionary, and maybe then you can comment on a country you’ve never been to!You are a fool to debate the historical and political situation with a native of a country you’ve never even been to. And fools need to be pitied.

  49. William - Dublin 24 Nov 2007, 10:30am

    Sister Mary, of course Bill neglects to mention that Sinn Fien are the only party in Ireland (both north and south) that have their own paramilitary “army”. What sort of democracy would my country have if Bill’s vision of a Sinn Fein majority were to become a reality? Ring any bells with the SA and 1933 Germany?If Bill were to come to Ireland, with his appalling grasp of global history and his Stalinist “political” outlook on “Irish independence”, he would have no friends. But as you quite rightly pointed out, foolish old Bill Mussolini here is probably quite well used to that.

  50. Unfortunately Bill is one of those lefty, Hush-Puppy wearing, socialist, Guardian-reading pseudo communists that sees anyone slightly right of centre as a Nazi. They see Margaret Thatcher as the destroyer of worlds and that we should all live i9n peace, happiness and equality together because ever man deserves a chance.WELL WAKE UP AND SMELL THE NAPALM, BUDDY.Life isn’t like that,Tories may well screw people over, but they look you in the eye and tell you you’re gonna get taxed to the hilt. Labour and all the other nest-feathering socialites just continue to pull public services, use more stealth tax, cripple the ones that cant answer back, suck up to other countries and then stab you in the back, whilst telling you “Its for your own good” and keep a smile on their faces. Then they do a runner to some tax haven that they been complaining about for years when the Torys were in power.People keep telling me about George Orwells “1984” and how close the police state we are becoming. I say “Animal Farm” is closer. “We are all equal, but some are more equal than others”. Socialists are nothing but a bunch of fucking hypocrites.

  51. Bill Perdue 24 Nov 2007, 12:33pm

    William, who pretends to be Irish, started out by claiming that Irish resistance to colonialism ended some time in the 1800’s. He’s backed down from that bizarre suggestion but then he said that Sinn Féin was a tiny party with dwindling base. That got debunked. Now, getting a little more desperate and silly with each post, he says “… Bill neglects to mention that Sinn Fien (sic) are the only party in Ireland (both north and south) that have their own paramilitary “army”. I didn’t mention it because it’s a lie. Only a brain dead apologist monkey for the DUP would deny that after a long period of intense conflict in defense of the Irish the IRA fought the English army to a standstill. Only an imbecile would deny that after successfully defending their people from the English Army and police and DUP death squads that the IRA disbanded and decommissioned their weapons two years ago. What kind of spaz could live in Ireland and not know how to spell Sinn Féin. Perhaps William lives in the cloistered life of the convent. No one knows or cares, but we do know that what I said earlier is true. He’s utterly ignorant of Irish history and the current political situation. William has now gone beyond absurdity and entered the disturbing realm of delusion. He claims that Sinn Féin has private armies, and that they’re Nazis. Nobody except a few extremist Paisleyites – and William – vomit out this kind on nonsense anymore because the truth is so well known. It’s easy enough to debunk this as well and as usual I’ve appended hyperlinks to take you to the source if you want to research the subjects yourself. 2005 “Joint Statement by Bertie Ahern, then Taoiseach, and Tony Blair, then British (sic) Prime Minister, on the Decommissioning of IRA weapons, (26 September 2005).” “The two Governments have today received a report from the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning (IICD).”“The report states that the IICD has overseen a further and final major programme of arms decommissioning by the IRA. It is the IICD’s assessment, based on the information available to it and the two Governments, that the IRA has now placed all of its arms completely and verifiably beyond use.”“We warmly welcome this landmark development. Having sought to achieve this outcome for so many years, its significance now needs to be acknowledged and recognised. It is the clearest signal ever that the IRA’s armed campaign is over.” 2006″BLAIR REJECTS DUP CLAIMS ON IRA DECOMMISSIONING”06/14/06 “British Prime Minister Tony Blair today rejected claims by the Democratic Unionist Party that the full decommissioning pledged by the IRA has not happened.” “The Independent Monitoring Commission has reported that the Irish Republican Army has undergone major changes within their military structure and shows that the IRA Army Council wants to put its military campaign behind it. The Commission consists of John Alderdice, a former Alliance Party leader; Joe Brosnan, former Secretary General of the Department of Justice, Republic of Ireland; John Grieve, former Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and former head of the Metropolitan Police Anti-Terror Branch; and Dick Kerr, former Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Agency.”“The report states the IRA no longer has the capacity to mount a military campaign anymore or return to one. The units that have been shut down were responsible for weapons-making, arms smuggling and training. The IRA decommissioned their arms last year.” William, have you ever read an Irish newspaper or watched RTE? What Dublin are you from William? There’s one in California, one in Ohio, and twenty five more in the US. There are six in Australia and two in Canada. Even if you’re from one of those Dublin’s AND live in a convent that still wouldn’t excuse your ignorance and conservative politics.

  52. William - Dublin 24 Nov 2007, 12:51pm

    “William has now gone beyond absurdity and entered the disturbing realm of delusion.”Its you my dysfunctional friend who is disturbed. I am Irish. You are not. You are some backwater fool who knows nothing about the world he lives in. The IRA are the paramilitary wing of Sinn Fein. If you deny that, then you you have shown what we all know, you know nothing about Ireland. And people who know nothing about something, are better to shut their trap. As Sister Mary said, 99% of what you type/say is utter crap, albeit you say it with the skill of a dyslexic 5 year old. Just the rantings of an angry man who has no power, or outlet, to change the world around him that he can’t understand.Tell me this, fool, when did I say “that Irish resistance to colonialism ended some time in the 1800’s”? Show me the quote.How dare you presume to know more about Irish politics or history than an Irishman? You don’t even live in the EU. Just a small little American with smaller understanding of the world, and even smaller grasp of the most basics of the English language. The appalling grasp of English can only mean you never attended school. An angry littler man without a passport or an education, and the political convictions of a drunk soviet of a bygone era. Do you think ONE person in this forum gives a damn as to your small rants?You are indeed a pathetic person, very similar to our friend Hank. Run along, and line up your toys for your bedroom May Day Parade.

  53. Bill, you really do have serious social skills problems. Most people on here are capable of disagreeing with others while maintaining a civilized dialogue.You, however, spew bile at anyone who does not see the world according to your rose tinted Marxist ideology.Incidentally, I doubt the irony of you living in the USA and being able to spout this nonsense freely ever registers with you. I wonder how long you’d last living in one of your Marxist paradises spouting your drivel. Somehow, I doubt Che Guevara, Mau Tse-Tung or Stalin would be quite so tolerant of your rants as these evil capitalist societies that you clearly despise (but continue to live in). They weren’t known for their tolerance of gays either. Perhaps you should remember that on the next Workers Revolutionery-Anti Imperialism-Bedwetters Alliance march where you chant your idiotic slogans: “Down with the evil USA, England, Israel, Christians. Up with every crackpot failed economic theory and any bunch of lunatics, murderers and psychopaths that share our hatred”Rob just mentioned Animal Farm. The sheep chanting “Four legs good, 2 legs bad” had a better grasp of world politics than these anti-Western nutters.

  54. William - Dublin 24 Nov 2007, 1:22pm

    Well said Luke. There’s little difference between this insulting fool Bill and the other extremist religious nuts who regularly visits here.The only real difference is that Billy here claims to be on our side, one of us. I shudder at the though. That kind of help we could do without.

  55. Sister Mary Clarence 24 Nov 2007, 4:51pm

    Luke, I’d like to commend you on your posting not just on this thread, but in general. What you have to say is worth reading and often very witty. I seldom have the patience that you clearly have to respond to the comments of certain individuals in such n erudite and articulate way.Bill, I was going to run through your last posting and respond to each of the inaccuracies and biased opinions individually. I soon realised that the whole thing was total shite though, so I have given up.Despite what you obviously think, you bring absolutely nothing whatsoever to the gay community and have probably done more to damage to Anglo-American relations on this site than George Bush.

  56. Thanks Sister Mary and William. There’s no reason why we should all agree on religion or politics, but it becomes a bit tiresome, when certain individuals constantly go off at a tangent from the initial topic, huffing and puffing about their irrational pet hates.

  57. I totally go with Luke and Mary. It’s strange how all these Irish-supporting “top ‘o’ d’ morning to ya” yanks always claim their Hibernian birthright with St Patrick’s parades etc.I remember getting very dirty looks when I refused to donate when someone rattled a NORAID tin at me on the Staten Island ferry a few years ago. “The IRA are just people trying to get their country back from those bastard English” they all cried. That was until some towelheads flew a couple of jets into the middle of Manhattan, and Americans finally realised what it was like to live in the shadow of terrorism. Much that I would never condone the deaths, in some ways 9/11 was a good thing in that it finally woke up a complacent bunch of idiots into awareness. That said, 3000 people died. The Nazis were gassing more than that every day at the height of their power.Think on that.I have long suspected the whole reason the Anglo-Irish peace agreements came about was simply because American support and funding for the IRA dried up after 9/11, and the murdering bastards couldn’t use political reasons to justify what was actually not much more than gangsterism. Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness were all part of that and have blood on their hands, so they may feign acceptable politicians credentials, but to many people they are still simply murderers. If anyone thinks that by saying they are only “the political wing of the IRA” and distancing themselves from the violence, I think it’s a bit like saying “We are the vegetarian wing of the Waffen SS”Anyway, how did we drift from Sudanese gay men to Anglo-Irish politics? Oh yes, American Marxist dickheads spouting rhetoric. Move to Moscow or Bejing, sunshine, then tell us all how good it is.(If you can get an Internet connection out, that is)..

  58. Bill Perdue 24 Nov 2007, 11:16pm

    I am certainly not on the side of racists of any sexuality. Rob Neal and Luke are racists, pathetic little creatures who have a compulsive need to feel superior to ‘towelheads’ and muslims. I strongly advise them to read from the works of Frantz Fanon, a world famous psychoanalyst specializing in the psychopathology of colonialism. Perhaps his works will help them come to grips with the loss of empire and their aberrant racism. But I doubt it. It’s not particularly clever to expect GLBT activists or socialists or antiracists to be concerned about damaging or improving ‘Anglo-American relations ‘with racists, oppose same sex marriage or dunces who don’t know what happening in their alleged homeland or those whose only claim to fame is that they defend bigots in the Conservative Party. However you can expect to be justly criticized for those views. Too bad if you don’t like it. Get used to it. As for William, I repeat, learn to read newspapers. If you must be a hand puppet for Paisley and the English at least do us the favor of getting caught up on current events. It’s undoubtedly difficult for an illiterate dunce like you to get the facts straight, but you have to try. Read what Blair and Ahern say about the IRA. I provided the hyperlinks and even quoted them to make it easy on you. When you’ve digested that then you can pretend to have a smattering of knowledge about Ireland. Maybe people won’t laugh so much if you don’t betray you ignorance so often.

  59. Sister Mary Clarence 25 Nov 2007, 12:03am

    Ah Bill, I see you do listen sometimes don’t you. You’ve avoided including me in your little diatribe about racism and colonialism (Rob and Luke only). As we’ve discussed my family benefited from your hated colonialism, as did many millions of others, including I suspect yours. I’m disappointed my goading hasn’t elicited a more personal attack though. I hope you’re not warming to me.Luke has already made the point that just because we are gay does not mean we will necessarily all agree on things but the numbers agreeing that you are unhinged seems to be growing every week.I’m a bit confused as well why you would imagine that anyone is laughing at William. There were three posting thanking William for his update on the political situation in Ireland. I notice however there were none following yours. There may have been some laughing, Bill, but I think it unlikely that is was directed at William.Again you have hijacked another story and turned the conversation to you. Rob and Luke have underestimated your debating skills I fear, because we are no longer even debating the Anglo-Irish political situation, and it certainly isn’t a tangent we have gone off on. Why of course, you’ve done it again and plotted a course for Planet Bill, where Bill’s word is law. In fact the Gospel of Bill is the only word, and in the way of gospels, when you actually read it, is comprised solely of made up shite.Well Bill I for one has heard your shite just about enough. You can sling as many names at me as you want – your opinion to me is worthless. I used to worry that people would actually take what you say, or some of it at less, to be true. I really should have more confidence in my fellow man. Reassuringly it appears that no one does.Get another hobby mate.

  60. Bill: Likewise, if you are determined to resort to bouts of mudslinging and name calling when you are beaten into a corner, then it is not entirely surprising that we consider your argument well and truly pummelled into the ground, When you can come up with a convincing barre, then we might have a lucent and enlightening debate. Until that point I suggest you refrain from quoting erroneous statements from Wikipedia and actually try talking about things you actually know about.It seems every regular on this website comes up against you sooner or later, so who do think is out of step? (Don’t answer that, we’ve already surmised your answer.)I am about looking after my country, from power-mad lunatics like USA, or religious zealots like Iran. I have no agenda but myself, and the country in which I reside, and if that means kicking out anybody that threatens that status quo, then so be it. You are a sad little fuckwit with nothing better to do than argue on some backwater website that doesn’t even concern you, living in another country with an entirely different political perspective and a capitalistic, profiteering and moronic mentality that you choose to adopt, and think that fact gives you the Goddamn right to hold court in this one. I think the words “Stones” “Glass houses” and “Throw” spring to mind.Now fuck off and leave the rest of us to discuss matters you wouldn’t understand.

  61. The only thing stopping comrade Bill’s posts losing all grip with reality is his Word grammar and spell checker. I’m sure it has a higher IQ.Bill, you are an incredibly stupid man so I’ll explain this slowly.Islam………not…..a…..raceCriticism of Islamic clerics who want to kill us here in Europe (and who do kill gay Muslims in the Middle East) can in no way be described as racist.Is there any part of what I’ve written so far that you don’t understand? If so, read it again s..l..o..w..l..y.It must be galling for you to note that in all these evil nominally Christian countries of the capitalist West gays have far more rights that in the countries where the mad mullahs (whom you can barely bring yourself to criticise) hold sway. Or indeed Jewish Israel.Bizarre how Marxists can just about tolerate Jews when they’re being murdered in gas chambers, but when they dare have their own country, you seeth and whine about them to the near total exclusion of any other country.As I’ve said before, you and your fellow Marxists are the real racists. Putting a moral equivalence on the kinds of minor discrimination we face in the West with largely non-white Muslims getting beaten, imprisoned and strung up in many parts of the Islamic world.Or consider the fact that your communist ideal States of the USSR (as it was) and China persecuted gays when communism was the order of the day.Both of these countries (Russia as it is now) have decriminalised homosexuality in recent years: When Yeltsin was dumping communism and when China started to embrace the free market. Of course, they have a long way to go, but decriminalisation was the first step.That’s a few bases covered and it just leaves Ireland. Your support for Sinn Fein has been noted. Can we assume that you also supported the IRA and their terrorist bombing attacks on civilians or would you like to condemn them unreservedly?Oh and please don’t chant “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” (though I doubt you could remember that many words if they had to be spoken). That really is a 6th form debating point which even you must have outgrown.

  62. William - Dublin 25 Nov 2007, 12:57am

    Sister Mary, thanks for your very kind words, much appreciated. Cheers.As for Bill, the award for “Ironic Posting” goes to him for his astounding accusation that another here is “illiterate dunce”. Simply classic.Bill, have you actually tried to read one of your “postings” AFTER you hit the enter key??? A goat with a laptop could come up with a more eloquent grasp of the English language than you. To think there are grammar and spell checkers so readily available, and yet you still produce grammatical constructs worthy of a room of monkeys with typewriters.Not only does it appear you just learned English this morning, and failed miserably at the attempt, it seems you cant even use a PC correctly.You should try to get your pet cat to do your next posting, I can only imagine the cat will make a better attempt at literacy than you hammering on the keyboard with your fists and screaming former soviet propaganda slogans at the screen.I’m not even going to attempt to discuss the content of your last posting, no more then I would try discuss logic with a lunatic.

  63. William and Luke (and Sister Mary), thanks for supporting the cause. I am still trying to visualise “a goat with a laptop”, let alone a marxist one. ;o)Maybe when this cretin realises that there is a third world war looming that will probably destroy the planet if global warming, China, Russia, Iran, Korea, USA, EU, Hollywood scriptwriters, Godzilla, Evangelists, UFO’s, the Loch Ness Monster or the ghost of Elvis don’t do it first, he might find something worth arguing about.Now, who takes it up the bum? ;o)

  64. This whole site seems to be dominated by three or four people who have apparently decided to have a personal slagging-off match with each other, and as a consequence have lost any objectivity they might otherwise have had.Get less personal and political and we might get some fresh points of view for a change. Please.

  65. Bill Perdue 26 Nov 2007, 6:17am

    Luke, still trying to disguise his racism says he’s not biased against muslims, just their religion. He doesn’t agree with the need for a concerted GLBT struggle against the conservative Iranians who murder GLBT folk, women, students and trade unionists. He refuses to support the intensive GLBT campaign to stop the US and English colonial military forces who supply arms to jihadist death squads. Instead he restricts himself to pathetic stabs at belittling muslims and their culture and identifies with the zionist swine who murder Palestinians. He uses the same lame justification as bigoted swine like Paisley, who rants about the danger of ‘papist inquisitors’ to justify the beatings and murders of the Irish in occupied Ireland. Luke’s attack on muhammads decision to have a child bride 1400 years ago is symptomatic of his racist approach. But, like most Conservatives he denies being a racist. He can prove it one way or another by answering a few questions. Luke says it’s “… bizarre how Marxists can just about tolerate Jews when they’re being murdered in gas chambers, but when they dare have their own country, you seeth (sic) and whine about them …” Zionists don’t have their own country, and only conservative racists imagine they do. Zionists stole part of Palestine after English colonialists promised it to them in return for help during the first World War. Their attempt has been a disaster, and not just for the Mideast. That’s why Jews around the world are in agreement with columnist Richard Cohen who says that “Israel itself is a mistake. It is an honest mistake, a well-intentioned mistake, a mistake for which no one is culpable, but the idea of creating a nation of European Jews in an area of Arab Muslims has produced a century of warfare and terrorism of the sort we are seeing now.” It produced 9-11 and dozens of similar incidents in the EU and the ongoing carnage in the muslim world. What precisely does the tortured phrase “just about tolerate” mean? Who tolerated death camps? None of the anti-Nazi powers lifted a finger to save Europe’s Jews before or during the Second World War. On the contrary, the English and French cooperated in the Nazi takeovers of the Rhineland, Austria, and Czechoslovakia. The Stalinists cooperated with the Nazi invasion of Poland. The US refused to allow mass immigration of escaping Jews, refused to bomb the rail lines leading to the camps and recruited many Nazis and SS men in the decades after 1945. And the gutless zionists abandoned European Jews to their fate and went of to steal land and build kibbutzim. So now we know some of those who tolerated death camps? Luke didn’t mention them or the notoriously anti-Semitic, pro fascist sentiments of many members of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family and among pro-Nazi Conservatives like the Clivden set. Was he thinking of them when he mentioned those who “just about tolerate Jews when they’re being murdered in gas chambers”. That would make a lot more sense. Was his neglect to mention who really was in collusion with the Nazi’s a symptom of the onset of senescence? If he admits it maybe we’ll understand and let him off the hook. But don’t count on it. So which is it, senility or dismal lies? Please, Lukie, answer the question. Perhaps Luke’s referring to Desmond Tutu as someone guilty of the crime of criticizing zionist murders and land theft in Palestine. Is Tutu one of you alleged whining anti-Semites when he says that his visit to the apartheid zionist state ” reminded me so much of what happened to us black people in South Africa… the humiliation of the Palestinians at checkpoints and roadblocks, suffering like us when young white police officers prevented us from moving about” He went on to say his criticism of the Israeli Government did not mean he was anti-Semitic.”I am not even anti-white, despite the madness of that group,” he said. Is Tutu also whining when he roundly condemns the bigotry of most of the anglo catholic cult? Answer the questions. Luke, can you answer these questions? If you refuse to answer them or continue hiding behind your religious prejudices you’ll have given us all the answers we need. Rob Neal doesn’t bother to deny his racism. He’s unrepentant about his sociopathic racist behavior disorder and refuses to follow my advice to seek psychiatric help. If he personally attempts “kicking out anybody that threatens that status quo” by visiting his local mosque he’d get an real education about the dangers of being a racist. Maybe the paramedics will be able to save his sorry ass, or many not. More likely though he’s just a coward who blows hot air and waits for the skinheads to act. But that’s dangerous too: skinheads aren’t very gay–friendly so maybe he ought to just invest in some binoculars. Mother Superior, there’s no need to get insulting by asking if leftists are ‘warming’ to you. Especially me. You know full well that I have nothing but contempt for toadying apologists for Conservative gaybashers. As you settle into pluymp complacency you’re internalized homophobia and wealth distorts your politics and continually drives you to the right. Toe tapping US Senator Larry Craig is a wild eyed militant queer compared to you. But don’t worry, if you ever do let you guard down and expose your ‘inner racist’ we’ll make you back down again – count on it. There’s no closet deep enough for you to hide. “…hopefully that sets everyone straight on the situation with Ireland, our neighbours and good friends.” Mother Superior and other reactionaries can delude themselves all day and all night but the fact is that the victims of English colonialism suffered greatly from colonialism just as their descendents suffer from its aftermath. Chief among them are the Irish victims of some 700 of years of English murder, land theft and induced famines. Only delusional dummies and retarded DUP hand puppets think otherwise.

  66. Bill, seriously, what is it about everyone’s posts you don’t understand? Is it the words of more than 2 syllables or just those posts written in English?English eh Bill. My how it must grate to have to express yourself in the language of the imperialistic, colonialist Brits. How much nicer it would be if you could put your thoughts (I use the word loosely) down in the language of those bastions of Marxism ruled by Fidel Castro and Kim Jong-il. Trouble is, they may not allow Internet access to such decadent, immoral sites as Gay rights tend not be too high on the agenda of these Marxist utopias. Persecuting gays yes, but not letting them live in peace.Still, don’t let the thought of all those non-western gays being persecuted put you off enjoying your cappuccino while plotting the overthrow of the capitalist system. You know, the one you can replace with a Marxist one like they have in, errrr, North Korea.You suggest Rob visit a mosque. I take it you haven’t seen the Channel 4 documentary “Undercover mosque” in which assorted clerics were recorded openly advocating killing gays and preaching hatred against Jews as well as everyone else. Gosh, I guess that’s a cue for you to ignore that issue and start ranting about Catholics.Nice to know you’ve confirmed the Jewish State of Israel has no right to exist. My support for Israel has never gone beyond noting their good record on gay rights but in your eyes that makes me a neo-con-imperialist-Zionist (or whatever is the choice of words for foaming at the mouth Marxists this month). Most moderates, within a 95% spectrum of those with an opinion, advocate some kind of two-tier state solution. Not you though Bill. Those pesky Jews eh?You say that Israel “produced 9-11 and dozens of similar incidents in the EU and the ongoing carnage in the Muslim world”. Yep, it’s all the fault of the Jews again isn’t it Bill? Those Russian schoolchildren gunned down in Belsan by Islamic terrorists were really asking for it weren’t they? Those Thai Buddhists getting their heads lopped off in Southern Thailand by Islamic separatists really helped the Palestinian cause. Madrid bombing? It was the Jews fault. London buses on 7/7? Must be a Zionist there somewhere.My reference to Mohammed and his status in the Islamic world today, completely went over your head didn’t it? That’s why we can’t consign it to 7th century Arabia.You mention World War II, but curiously omit the fact that Yasser Arafat’s uncle, the grand Mufti of Jerusalem, spent most of the War as a guest of Himmler in Berlin, giving them advice on solving the Jewish problem.Oh, and would you like to comment on the Palestinians barbaric treatment of gay Muslims? You know, the ones who are so desperate they seek, and are granted, asylum in Israel. Perhaps they should stay and be murdered by the police in Palestine rather than offend your blinkered view of the situation. But like I’ve said, you Marxists are the real racists. You don’t give a damn about non-white gay Muslims, just so long as their persecution allows you to rant about, well, the rest of the world.

  67. I repeat: will you small bunch of people stop monopolising this site for personal mudslinging. I imagine I’m not the only reader who is fed-up with this childish ranting by people who just can’t let go.This is probably why there seems to be so few new contributors. Please get a new hobby horse and some fresh issues so that once again this site can be of interest to those other than this irritating little clique.

  68. I’m afraid I have to agree with Martin RYou remind me a lot of a debating society or pressure group. You’re so inwardly-focussed, slagging each other off and bitching, that you forget that the real fight is us (LGBT community and our friends) against them (the elements of the straight world that would gladly see us dead or in camps).In the UK we have this luxury, but it is an indulgence that diverts energy away from the substantive issues.Focus people: we will always have disagreements on things, but need to combat the fundies et al rather than get tied up in internal squabbles.

  69. Sister Mary Clarence 26 Nov 2007, 10:56am

    Martin, clearly as a new arrival you have not seen a certain individual and his cronies for all intense and purpose run individuals off this site because they have a differing from someone’s deluded and rather partial take on UK/world life.As I am sure you will find out to your cost if you express the ‘wrong’ view about a news story, it can be extremely unpleasant. Although to be fair whenever the individual becomes involved the topic of comment is soon shifted from the original news story to some unique brand of creationism, which for the purposes of this posting I will hence forth refer to as utter shite. The temptation is always to response to slurs like Nazi or racist and I’m afraid I would defend a person’s right to do so where such allegations are completely spurious.I think for the first time a number of people have acted together and stood up for themselves and each other to stop this barbaric bullying. The utter shite is bad enough, but the bullying of any individual that questions the relevance or accuracy of the utter shite has gone on too long.

  70. I think people are getting pissed off with this internal squabble. The fact is though, it is three or four people just rather sick of Bill Perdue’s incessant opinionated ranting.I for one am not going to say any more, and I suggest Luke, William, Mary et al do the same, and maybe Bill will put a sock in it. (Although I think it unlikely)Oh, and Aprys, in my opinion, there is no such thing as a “gay community”. Just a bunch of selfish men that get sex any way they can and frankly don’t give a damn about anyone or anything else.

  71. anyhoo – getting back to the original posting. Bonobos aren’t monkeys. They are apes.

  72. Bobo – Sorry. Bonobos are actually Chimpanzees. I had been under the impression they were smaller.

  73. Rob Neal I’m sorry you are so dismissive of the “gay” community.No doubt CHE, Stonewall, TUC LGBT and all the other groups will prove to have been illusory, and we got what we did through the benevolence of various Govts. Sorry to sound acrid, but having put some time into this myself, in a small way, I see that there ARE a lot of people not fixated on the scene trying to do something

  74. Rob Neal,Bobo knows Bonobos are Chimpanzees. And Chimpanzees (common and pygmy) along with Gorillas, Orangs and Humans are Great Apes which along with the Gibbons constitute the Apes or to give them their proper name the superfamily Hominoidea.

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